Do you have enough TIME? 4-Chicchan

Recently I had a chance to take stock and see what I have on my (time)table. I am a CEO of a struggling company, I play in two rock bands, I go for my weekly Bass lesson 1 hour away from my house… I think that’s enough for this post, but there’s much more. I’m not boasting here, on the contraty – I feel pressurized and I want to find out why and then depressurize.

How do I have enough time for all this and ask for more? Well, the answer is TIME and how I relate to it.

Time can be experienced in so many ways, like smoking your favorite brand, or waiting for your favorite vacation. The key to controlling the way you experience Time is having multiple points of view on reality.
So what’s the first step? Try a different “watch”

One response to “Do you have enough TIME? 4-Chicchan

  1. captain mission

    time is natures way of stopping everything happening at once

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