Baseball and the Mayan Calendar: Two things I thank America for

(Today – 13 CABAN)

According to the studies and writings of Dr. Carl Yohan Calleman, Creation is now at the bottom of the 8th, there is 1 out, 2 runners in scoring position, and the count is 2 and 2. If you’re a Baseball fan, this usually means excitement. This is usually when you’ll be up on your feet cheering/booing or sitting on the edge of your seat biting your nails and hoping for a miracle.

A Far-Away Fan

Although I was born and raised in the suburbs of Haifa, Israel in the late seventies, I was always fascinated by the American national pastime. When I was around the enthusiastic age of 10, I remember following the Tigers, A’s, and Cubs playing (on TV or reading newspapers), and keeping track of score and statistics. I admit I’ve played baseball for the first time when I was already 18 in New Jersey, and then again near Tel Aviv when I was in my twenties. My lifelong dream has always been to be a pitcher, and I try to manifest at least a facet of that idea when I’m busy doing Sales and pitching for my company.

Since around last year I have been studying and teaching the Mayan Calendar to groups in my home town and in Tel Aviv. Only recently, when I started playing Baseball again on my PC, I realized that there is an amazing Philosophy that runs in parallel between my two hobbies.

What’s the connection?

According to Calleman, there are 9 levels to the evolution of Consciousness. Each level represents a step upward on a 9-story pyramid towards a unified level of Consciousness. As the levels progress, and get built one on top of the other, our perception of time undergoes transformation, and we can perceive an acceleration of Time. This transformation directly affects the way we perceive the world around us, and how we see ourselves fitting in Creation.

Right now, we are at the last stages of the end of the “8th Inning”, which Calleman calls the 6th Night of the Galactic Cycle. The next phase, which will begin around November 2010, is called the 7th Day of the Galactic Cycle – the last phase before we move into the “9th Inning”, which will be the 9th Cycle of Creation – the Universal.

In Baseball, the bottom of the 8th is when things begin to become really interesting. You lose track of time, and every play counts. This is when you usually hear the Home crowd cheer for every ball taken and the away fans quiet down when the ball is hit hard on a line.

I’d like to elaborate and present more examples of the similarities I see between the two hobbies, but I’m going to leave them to future posts. There are many examples, each meriting a separate discussion. For the time being, I’ll try to show the foundation of this viewpoint.

So what’s in common?

Well, the obvious ones would be:

The number Nine

  • Nine Underworlds in the Mayan Cosmos[1]
  • Nine levels of Consciousness[2]
  • Nine players in a baseball lineup
  • Nine innings in regulation time
  • 162 games in a regular season – this number can be divided by 9 twice

The concept of Time

According to the Mayan calendar (specifically, the Sacred Tzolkin and prophetic Tun calendars), Time, and specifically historical time, is subject to a universal rhythm and music (similar in the Aboriginal culture). Time makes sense only within the parameters of Evolution. Therefore, when time seems to speed up (let’s say, in the last 20 years or so) what is happening is that we become more and more aware to everything’s that happening. And – as a direct result – we perceive and can realize that, actually, more things are happening in less time.

In Baseball there are no time limits.

(Let me run that one by you again.)

In Baseball there are no time limits. Talk about a typical Mayan viewpoint.

The game evolves through hits, base running, runs scored, outs, and errors. The Manager or Pitching coach (or any infield player, for that matter) can take time, visit his pitcher, and there is no official clock ticking (at least as far as I know and think should be). You can have your favorite team leading in a two-out rally, and your concept of time would undoubtedly be transformed. Your attention to every pitch and every hit would affect your experience of time. If the rally goes on and your team pulls ahead with a good lead you’ll cheering your head off. But on the flip side, that final third out is a nightmare to the Defense.


So how is Baseball different to other Sports?

In soccer, for example, there are 90 minutes of regulation time. When the game is tied and the clock runs out it means a draw, and both teams head back to the locker room. Had they had no time limits, it is reasonable to suggest that both teams, and each individual, would run until they either fall down exhausted, or score to decide the game.

In baseball there are no draws. To continue the last notion – time means nothing in Baseball, only evolution or extinction (to be a tad dramatic). If the game is tied after the third out of the bottom of the 9th inning it means Extra Innings, in order to decide the game. This is when Home advantage really makes a difference, since the home team gets to have the last say.

Final thought

What is intriguing to me when I try to combine my two hobbies is that, like in the Fantasy Leagues – I get to decide the situation that I’d like to be in when it’s the Bottom of the 8th with 1 Out. I might decide to be on DEFENSE or OFFENSE, in the lead or behind, playing at home or away, pitching, fielding, base-running, or actually at-bat.

It’s all a matter of which Trip I’d like to have, playing my favorite game.

[1]Kenneth Johnson – Jaguar Wisdom, page 24

[2] Dr. Carl Yohan Calleman – The Mayan Calendar

3 responses to “Baseball and the Mayan Calendar: Two things I thank America for

  1. I’m thrilled that Mike Shore sent you onto me. I love your analogy. right on, brilliant.
    looking forward to reading more of your writing.

    In Lak ech

  2. Thanks for your positive feedback!
    As I already told Mike in our correspondense – Any American voice who has any comments on my Baseball-Mayan blog – I deeply appreciate his/her opinion.
    People back here in Israel don’t know the first thing about neither the Mayan Calendar, nor Baseball.
    I’ll post some more Baseball-Mayan stories in my upcoming posts.

    Thanks again, and In Lak ech!

  3. When It Comes To The Nine ,Don’t Forget the Cycle Of The Nine Dark, The Bolan/9 Te Ku,The 9 Maya Spirits,Earth Lords That Dwell In The Maya Mountains Of Southern Belize.There Powers Are Becoming More Activated As The Kundalini Serpent Power Is Switching To The Backbone Of The Americas,Andes,Rockies The Maya Mountains Are Itz Heart Center.

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