1-Cauac: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Cauac (asterisks mark Portal Days)


The cleansing and activating trecena of Cauac (Rainstorm) began last Saturday. At the beginning of each trecena a seed is planted deep inside the womb of consciousness. From its surrounding “soil” it draws the substances it needs to take root and grow. This “soil” is whatever’s already manifested in consciousness, and the most immediate soil in its vicinity is the previous trecena – in this case 1-Cimi, and more specifically its fruit – 13 Edznab.

Born on this day: Princess Diana, John Wayne


The day after the seed of Cauac is planted is 2-Ahau. The sun-sign Ahau (Sun/Flower) is the last in the 20-day period the Mayans called “uinal” (pronounced “wee-nal”), and it represents flowering enlightenment. In the Mayan Calendar, an Ahau day always marks the last day of the uinal (and of other, longer periods of growth). Therefore, 2-Ahau presents us with somewhat of a dilemma, since the final sun-sign appears at the beginning of the process, and also because the second day of each trecena always presents us with a dilemma. This dilemma, which presented itself last Sunday, can be phrased: “will the cleansing process enlighten or disappoint?” It will probably do both, and the choice on what to focus remains subjectively yours.

Born on this day: Shaquille O’Neal, Anna Nicole Smith, Kate Hudson, Sharon Jorgenson


3-Imix marks the day the seed begins to germinate, when the dilemma of the previous day is resolved, and the process begins to pulse with the rhythm of growth. The seed is cracked open as roots begin to delve into the ground and the trunk makes its way to the surface. Above the surface, however, nothing is yet visible. 3-Imix is also the beginning of a new uinal (as Imix always is), which means germination takes place on the most basic and material level. The Imix (crocodile) pushes the trecena process uphill with its primordial strength and nourishment.

Born on this day: Tom Hanks, Howard Hughes, Frank Sinatra


Since the action of 3-Imix is unbridled and almost out of control, the following day of 4-Ik comes along to stabilize the process. The wind of communication and good ideas blows in all four directions on this day, refines the raw intensity of the Imix, and sets the boundaries required to establish freedom of speech and movement. In the context of this trecena – no rainstorm can take place without the Wind to take it wherever it is needed. In the growth process, this is when the surrounding soil needs to react and make way for the new plant that’s obviously here to stay.

Born on this day: Michael Jackson, Natalie Portman, Mathew Broderick, John Cusack


Once the process is stabilized, and the soil’s reaction allows growth to continue, 5-Akbal comes along (this was yesterday). Akbal means “Night/the unknown”, and it stands for transformation through intuition (among many other meanings). 5 is the exact crossing point that is achieved when connecting opposing corners of the rectangular cube (which is 4). It is the apex of the pyramid, and is also considered to be an expression of the masculine aspect of creation. In the growth process it is the moment in time when the trunk breaks through the surface and sprouting takes place. Combined together, 5-Akbal is empowerment through intuition and the courage to concentrate growth through the potential that lies within the dark unknown.

Born on this day: Jack Nicholson, Steve Buscemi, Penelope Cruise, Anne Hathaway, Peter Gabriel


Today (6-Kan) marks the stage in growth when the balancing effects of the crest of the trecena begin to unfold (stages 6 through 9 represent balanced energy). Kan is the seed of basic abundance, and it always comes after traversing the unknown Night/Akbal sun-sign. The seed sun-sign is coupled with the number 6, which represents Flow and responsiveness. Therefore, the cleansing rainstorm of the current trecena bring flowing abundance on this day.

Born on this day: F. Scott Fitzgerald


The apex (stage 7) of the gathering rainstorm Cauac takes place when lightning tears through the skies. The lightning is Chicchan – the Serpent, and it stands for sensuality, flexibility, and the blood-lightning coiling up the spine (a.k.a. Kundalini). This quintessential dramatic aspect of creation stands at the absolute mid-point of the Cauac trecena, separating the stages of gathering (1-6) from those of release and manifestation (8-13): planning – execution, inhale – exhale. In the growth process, this stage is when leaves begin to take form and the plant grows in height and matures. On this day we are reminded of the seed that was planted on 1-Cauac, and the journey gains purpose because at the top of the “mountain” (see chart) we can see for the first time the fruits that the final stage of ascension (13) promises.

All-in-all, it is no wonder that 7-Chicchan is a Portal Day (what’s a Portal Day? Tune in next time).

Born on this day: Tom Clancy, David Letterman, Matt Damon

Click here for Part 2

9 responses to “1-Cauac: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

  1. This is a very interesting analysis of the trecena. I haven’t seen this type of analysis before. I think that we more of this to help begin to live in the flow of nature.

    As a musician(Native American Flute) and activist for the disabled being part of our larger world rather than being housed and made to feel bad. this kind of thing might be useful for the process of showing that even the severely disabled persons can be immersed in the flow of the Divine Creation.

    Thanks for sharing this analysis and I hope to see more in the future.

    • Hi Gary,
      Thanks a lot for your kind comment and for sharing your take on it.
      I’ll definitely post more of the same down the road, and it’s nice to know you’ll be around to read and share it. The work you do with music and the disabled sounds like pure grace. I know that every soul is part of the flow of Divine Creation.
      BTW, I’m also a musician (bass guitar). For me, experiencing each day of the Tzolkin consciously is just like playing the grandest piece of Music.


  2. Where do you get your knowledge from?

    • Wow. Thanks. New to your stuff. Nice trip, reading your take on it. You really flesh things out. High point of the day [night?] via Mayanmajix. Again, thanks! ————- More?

      • Thanks Michael! This is just the beginning, and getting your positive feedback puts plenty of wind in my sails.
        Most appreciated,

    • Hi Kalendarz,
      I’ve been researching and experiencing the Tzolkin for the past two years or so. I’ve gathered most of the material from MayanMajix.com, and from books I’ve purchased and read. In addition, I’ve been giving lectures, workshops, and readings to individuals and groups.
      Thanks for reading and commenting, and tune in for more down the road.

  3. WOW! Eagle

    I’m so blessed by your explanations. A true visionary!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Awesome forecast – have updated my link to this on my tzolk’in page. 🙂

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