1-Cauac: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

1-Cauac (asterisks mark Portal Days)

(To read Part 1 click here)


The sign of the Serpent on the previous day inevitably brings spiritual death and transition on this day of Cimi. In this trecena, Cimi is coupled with the number 8, which represents infinity and balance. From this we learn that a true rainstorm at its peak brings infinite change. The storm uproots old trees, causes streams to overflow, and floods the landscape. 8-Cimi guides us through this transition, and shows that every change elevates us to a new level of harmony. Regardless of the extent by which old patterns are disrupted during the cleansing rainstorm – equilibrium is always regained between the old and the new.

The 8th day of the trecena is also the day in which the theme of the previous trecena reappears to balance the effects of the current one.

Born on this day: Bill Gates, Robin Williams


Like its predecessor Cimi, Manik is also a highly spiritual sun-sign, but its energy lies in the healing craft, that is always called for after the death and change which Cimi invokes. The healing hand of Manik dispels negative aftereffects of whatever was lost forever in the storm, and together with the divine number 9 – provides a bird’s eye perspective of the entire process so far. 9 is the final stage of action before manifestation, just like the nine months of human pregnancy. In the growth process stage 9 is when buds begin to appear on the mature Tree.

Born on this day: (I couldn’t find anyone famous yet, but maybe you will, so please let me know!)


The stormy trecena Cauac manifests on the 10th day, and those who see the first star Lamat in the night sky know that the clouds have finally passed. Like any southern sun-sign (colored yellow in the chart) Lamat is a sign of abundance, and thus the star abundantly shines in all directions and stands for the many gifts that the manifested rainstorm has left in its wake. Apart from Manifestation, stage 10 of any trecena also means beauty and responsibility. Beauty reveals itself as a newborn on the 10th month following patient gestation, but it’s obviously just the beginning, since caring for the newly manifested baby carries a great deal of responsibility. The same goes for those left to rebuild at the wake of the Storm.

Born on this day: Kate Winslet, Julio Iglesias, Morrissey (The Smiths)

What’s a Portal Day?

10-Lamat is a Portal Day, which means that it’s particularly potent compared to non-Portal Days. So, what are Portal Days?

Each frequency wave has points of reference, which allow synchronization with the entire wave. In a typical frequency wave there are 3 such points: the highest, the lowest, and the mid-point, where the frequency crosses the axis of reference. In the Tzolkin Calendar there are 52 Portal Days, which stand for the lowest/highest junctures, and 20 Core Days, which represent the plateau at the very center of the 260-day cycle.

Practically speaking, Portal days are uniquely potent in the way the external world comes at you, while the consecutive 20-day Core period of the 7th uinal are equally potent from within. Experiencing the Portal and Core days consciously allows you to synchronize your concept of Time with the entire Tzolkin cycle.


The 11th stage of each trecena stands for resolution and adjustment. The newborn that manifested on the previous stage needs to adjust to whatever’s already manifested. On this trecena, day 11 is coupled with Muluc – the sign of water and an offering of thanks. Following the storm, streams of running water carve the landscape and wash debris away. On this day we let go of the old refuse and offer it in appreciation downstream to complete the entire process of cleansing. In the growth process this is when flowering takes place, and the tree gloriously blossoms.

Born on this day: Neil Young, Saddam Hussein, John Ritter


Oc is the Dog, loyal and loving, and in the Cauac trecena it appears on the 12th day of Understanding. After the waters of Muluc resolved the storm’s effects we come to a complete understanding that the rainstorm, although devastating and unsettling – is ultimately a blessing of Love. On this day the final piece of the jigsaw puzzle is placed, and we can finally understand how each stage of the trecena contributed in its own Time to the entire process. In this trecena, the loyalty and unconditional love of the Dog guides us in this process of retrospection and closure.

Born on this day: David Eigenberg (Sex & the City)


Fruition comes on the 13th and last day of the trecena, and in this process the crafty Monkey Chuen represents the ripe fruit which carries within it the seeds of the next step of Creation. On 13-Chuen artistic expression and innocent curiosity is called for to carry the successes and failures of the past to the benefit of future endeavors down the Road.

The rainstorm has passed, old patterns have been washed away, and the Road to Life (Eb) can now begin to unfold.

Born on this day: Barbra Streisand, Missy Elliot, Ray Romano, Jeremy Irons

Link to next trecena: 1-Eb

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    • Hello Vigant, and welcome!
      I looked up Andrejs Pumpurs and he was born 22 September 1841. This translates to 13 Ben according to my calculations, not 9 Manik.
      If I’m wrong, please let me know and I’ll update accordingly.


  1. hey eagle..here is a great dawg for 12 oc..Sammy Davis jr…..

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