1-Eb: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Eb (asterisks indicate Portal days)

Link to previous trecena: 1-Cauac Part 2

1-Eb is a southern trecena, since it begins with a southern sun-sign (Eb), and it has more southern sun-signs (4) than any other direction (3 of every other). The southern sun-signs in this trecena appear on the days 1, 5, 9, and 13, and they are contrasted by 3 northern signs on the days 3, 7, and 11. If you draw a line connecting the yellow (southern) signs in the above figure, a trapezoid is formed, which gives the trecena a stable southern base. If the contrasting white (northern) signs are connected a perfect triangle is formed, with 7-Edznab at the apex.

Being a southern trecena, 1-Eb’s theme is abundance: plenty of Roads (1), plenty of Wisdom (5), plenty of Suns (9) and plenty of Seeds (13).


“Every day is a winding Road” sings Sheryl Crow, and this is the main message of 1-Eb. Every day a winding road is taken, while countless other roads are inevitably forsaken. The sun-sign Eb is called “the Road to Life” and it stands for abundance through humility, stewardship and simplicity. Another famous saying which applies to this day is “there is a difference between knowing the Path and walking the Path”. This trecena accentuates the presumed conflict between trying to make everyone happy and dwelling on the compromises that result from such expectations. This is the day when you begin walking the path AND knowing it.

… And the signpost at the side of the Road says “Express your feelings; don’t hold them in.”

Born on this day: Friedrich Nietzsche, Billie Holiday


The sun-sign Ben is translated as “Reed”. It is a conduit between heaven and earth. On 2-Ben the duality between these two extremes stands out, especially since this is a Portal Day (more details on Portal Days in the previous post, under the previous Portal Day: 10-Lamat). When the journey is underway a fateful question arises: “Will this Road lead to heavenly aspirations or earthly needs?” This question is not easily resolved, since it arises from a preconception that previous roads we’ve taken led us either up to the Spiritual or down to the Material. However, on a broader scale, which cannot yet be fathomed so early in the journey – a Road is simply a road, and it always takes you exactly to where you need to go.

Born on this day: Julian Assange, Heather Graham, Cate Blanchett, Terry Gilliam


The 3rd day of every trecena is a day of rhythmic action and communication, since it comes right after resolving the duality and indecision of the 2nd day. Ix is the Jaguar/Shaman, and its energy is somewhat elusive, indirect, and feline in nature. Combined together, 3-Ix is like an inquisitive cat that wants to know everything and can’t stand still. The Jaguar’s element is nature, and it appreciates the scenic road, regardless of where it leads.

Born on this day: Josef Stalin, Enrico Fermi, Iggy Pop


The sun-sign Men is the Eagle that soars high above the Road and sees dead-ends and insurmountable barriers that cannot possibly be foreseen by its predecessor – the Jaguar – at ground level. The 4th stage of the journey is when boundaries are placed and the entire process is stabilized as a result. The Eagle’s vision on this day helps to avoid taking the wrong turns on the Road, and teaches us that, although there are always countless Roads to take, you must use Vision to define your overall destination, and as a result – maintain freedom of movement.

Born on this day: John F. Kennedy, Woody Allen, Diego Maradona,


After getting the Eagle’s-eye view of all the Roads that should and shouldn’t be taken, at the 5th stage of the journey Wisdom (Cib) pinpoints the best route to take. Ultimately, only one Road is traversed, and on this day the silent introspection of Cib reveals the one true path which seems to lie right in front of us. However, the second Portal Day of the trecena is also a day of serious pondering and deep self-consciousness, which borderlines insecurity: “Is this truly the best route?” Well, you better just keep on walking and make it the best as you go!

Born on this day: Pablo Picasso, Chris Rock, Robert Redford


Caban stands for the deep and slow rhythms of Earth itself, and on the 6th day of the trecena it provides confidence and flow. This is the day in which you take off your shoes and walk barefoot on the Road. The soil relays the Earth’s deep frequencies through your bare feet and reassures you that the one path that was chosen yesterday will lead you exactly to where you should be. Elephants do the same as they migrate over thousands of miles to arrive at a dry basin just before an abundant flood rushes in.

To read more about Caban click here.

Born on this day: Alfred Hitchcock, Kelsey Grammer, Arnold Schoenberg, Thora Birch


Edznab is the Mirror of reality, and 7-Edznab is the only day in the Tzolkin when the Mirror meets the reflective number 7. This is a powerful day of stark reality right in your face. There is absolutely no room for deception or second guessing. Edznab is the knife that cuts through illusion, and when it appears on the midpoint and apex of the journey it reflects both the humble and hesitant beginning of the first step (1-Eb) and the abundant ascension that lies in promise at the end of the Road (13-Kan). It is the proverbial Point of No Return.

Born on this day: Goldie Hawn, Ralph Fiennes, William Butler Yates

Link to Part 2

13 responses to “1-Eb: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

  1. Day 7 truly mirrored reality and a lot of veils were clearly removed and some letters were written and impulses were flowing in to be put into a Danish video today about if people really have a choice with the coming electrion here, since most are blindfolded and empty vessels – I just feel that this might shaken the Danes a bit to start reclaiming their true path instead of living deep in the illusion (Matrix). Many things cleared up yesterday and an enormous not being here this week has been the case. Thank you dearly.

  2. hey eagle..hope this last trecena was as purifying for you as it was for me..these people are literally finding me in my sleep..beautiful example of 1 eb is ban ki-moon..sec gen of the un..also taking the high road is julius irving “dr j”..6 caban is joseph mccarthy..that’s where thinking too much get’s you..7 etznab bruce lee of course and mila kunis (that 70’s show )..8 cauc cnn’s “out front” erin burnett and the equally out front and hilarious sarah silverman..and 10 imix is the mythical and mystical philosopher jean houston ..also last trecena’s 7 chicchan is martin luther..peace eagle..

    • Hey Brett,

      Thanks for all the extra-cool names you added to our list!
      I had to double-check, and found that Sarah Silverman is actually 9-Cauac. This makes her a better comedian, being on the Chuen trecena.
      I once had a department manager who is 9-Cauac, and he was hilarious.

      Have a great week,

  3. Sharon Jorgenson

    Hi Eagle,

    As you know I just completed my purgatory (process 13 days before/after tzolkin birthday) and pleasantly but inadvertently may have locked in where i’ll be during the Venus Transit. I’m flying to Atlanta on June 1 for family fun, but the 1st week i’m on my own which includes the evening of June 5th. Thought i’d just view the passage from my Mom’s back deck…but then I got a MUCH better idea only after I decided to make the trip on 1 Eb. View it on top of an enormous granite boulder! Announcing a gathering at Stone Mountain in Georgia, USA: http://www.stonemountainpark.com/outdoors-recreation/outdoor-detail.aspx?AttractionID=396
    Since the sun will be setting practiced sungazers won’t require the usual eye protection in the final hour or so. See her naked in all her glory

  4. Thanx eagle..gangaji a teacher of mine is 9 cauc too..beautiful..

  5. hey eagle..new one for 11 ik..lisa ling..5 cib today..don cornelious 6 cib from “soul train” committed suicide ..harsh road apparently..peace

    • Brett – thanks again. You’ll notice that many of your contributions have already been incorporated into the updated posts.
      Did you get my email @ yahoo? I sent it some days ago.

      Keep surfing, dude,

  6. 7/tajix is my wife’s cholq’ji birthday,There is know fooling her she will see right through it.
    she works in mental health And Recently had a pacient who was discovered to be a murder/cannibal.His inner-voices drove him to his hideous crime but my wife still saw the glimmer of stardust.
    I like the recycling.

    • Hi Corn,

      7/tajix? What’s yours? I’m married to a 12/tajix, so you can bet you can never fool her… She works in physical and cerebral health.
      Thanks for the feedback on my recycling. I wasn’t sure it was a good angle, and I do put a lot into the new ones to keep the format and media.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  7. I’m Keb/Toj,I Know There Is A Great Effort To Keep Your Site Fresh And Resonate.Keep-up The Good Work.Tijash Always Seems To Get To The Point.

  8. The Glyph For Tijash Is Very Simmular To The Symbolic Representation For Alom The Celestial Mother Also Visualized In The Number 4 And The Square.
    At One Of The First Churchs Built In The New World In Antigua Guatemala There Is A 7 Step Maya Alter Leading To The High Alter Of The Cathederal.The Fret-work On The Exterior Is A Continous Band Of The Glyph For Tijash/alom Perhaps For The Holy Mother.The Reduction Of The Maya People To The Christian Was Fascilitated By The Morfhing Their Symbols Into Those Of Their Subjugators.

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