1-Eb: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

1-Eb, end of 5th uinal, beginning of 6th

Link to Part 1

The second half of any given trecena revolves around a process of manifestation. In the first half an energetic wave of change is gathered below the surface of existing reality (stage 1 through 5). It then reaches equilibrium around the crest (6 through 9), crosses the breaking-point of stage 10 (Manifestation), and finally resolves and completes the cycle (11 and 12), before the next wave begins to gather (13).


The 8th day of the trecena is the day in which the theme of the previous trecena reappears to balance the effects of the current one. The previous trecena was 1-Cauac, which is the blessing of the cleansing rainstorm. On 8-Cauac an activating and balancing change takes place, as a direct result of facing the stark reality of yesterday (7-Edznab). In the context of this trecena, when the Road to Life (Eb) is chosen, and the point of no return (7) is crossed – a storm breaks out, and the old skin of the past is shed and washed away.

The lesson of this day is that even when a true path is chosen, storms of change are always a possibility as you actually walk the path. It also shows that meticulous cleansing, which takes place at the everyday mundane level – invariably transforms the whole (and vice versa).

Born on this day: Lenny Kravitz, Christopher Lee, Ravi Shankar


An Ahau day is the final day of the 20-day uinal, and it represents enlightenment and the realization of all potential. 9-Ahau is the day when the 5th uinal of the Tzolkin ends, which means that on this day the entire 260-day process of gestation completes its 20-day cycle of Empowerment (5), which began on 3-Imix.

9-Ahau is when the memory of our great ancestors guides us on the Path of Life and provides patience, perseverance, and peace of mind. Although it seems that today is much more challenging than yesterday, on this day we are reminded that those who came before us also had to choose the one true path and to leave all other paths behind. Like us, they too walked the Path to wherever it led. On 9-Ahau this realization is an abundant source of comfort and insight, and it allows for enlightened completion and realization of the process thus far.

Born on this day: Steve Jobs, C.S. Lewis, Steve Miller, Randy Johnson


The end of every Road is the beginning of the next. Imix (the crocodile) is considered by many to be the first sun-sign, since everything begins and ends in the Womb of Creation – the primordial swamp that is the crocodile’s domain. The previous day (Ahau) is also called “The Master”, and in this respect, every master eventually becomes a novice of the next higher level of evolution.

Therefore, 10-Imix means that the one true Road manifests when we find ourselves back on square one. But this is scarcely a regression, since the journey itself has transformed us. Equipped with the nurturing instincts of Imix, and the responsibility that stage 10 invokes – it is now time to go “Back to School” to guide and show our fellow companions how the Road to Life can be chosen and travelled.

Born on this day: Janis Joplin, Woody Harrelson, Kobe Bryant, Tilda Swinton


11-Ik is a gentle breeze which refines the newly manifested path and perfects it. Ik is the essence of intellect which distinguishes between one thing and the other and enables us to communicate with our fellow travelers. Coupled with the wind, the energy of stage 11 can be described as a wise teacher who doesn’t try to change his pupil’s nature, but instead makes subtle corrections and upgrades, so that he may better fit whatever’s already manifested without fundamentally changing his essence. In other words, 11-Ik is like a compass which shows how not to go back, and where to go from here.

Born on this day: Krishnamurti, Richard Pryor, Whoopi Goldberg, Tammy Wynette


12-Akbal is a day of profound understanding that, no matter how well-travelled and planned a Road may be – the way you experience and walk it always remains unknown. We come to realize that during the previous days of planning, walking, and charting the Road it was always intuition that guided us. The destination doesn’t wait at the end of the Road, it is formulated step-by-step by the bravery of the traveler, who walks the unknown path into the Night, and emerges at dawn to inspire future adventurers.

Born on this day: Chevy Chase, George Carlin, Jeff Beck, Tom Morello, 2008 Tsunami


Stage 13 represents the duality between the current process and the consequent one. As a metaphor, stage 13 can be equated with an Ace on the Blackjack table, which can either be valued as 11 or 1, depending on its surroundings. It’s completely present or altogether absent.

In the growth process, stage 13 is called “Fruition”, and the fruit holds within it the seeds of the next process of evolution. Since the sun-sign Kan means Seed (among other meanings), 13-Kan is the only day in the Tzolkin when the concept of seeding and future growth is present in both the sun-sign (nature) and number (expression).

In the context of this trecena, 13-Kan shows that once the true Road to Life is manifested and perfected, countless other roads can be charted and traveled. One seed makes many seeds, and one road leads to many roads. When this concept is realized the stage is set for life’s drama to unfold, as the Serpent 1-Chicchan begins.

Born on this day: Jean-Paul Gaultier, Michel Petrucciani, Marty Feldman, Alfred Dreyfus

Link to next trecena – 1-Chicchan

7 responses to “1-Eb: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

  1. Beautiful description and very precise. As a 4 Storm I feel it very straight from the first thing this morning focused on cleansing and balancing to get going the right way after some turbulent days – all fits together – there are no coincidences. Life is truly a blessing often disguised as a tough lesson. Thank you anf stay tuned. In Lak’ech.

  2. Oh goodness ..oh my great goodness..!

    • Eileen, I’ll be glad if you would be willing to elaborate some more on your reaction, please. It “sounds” wonderful albeit a bit of a surprise.
      What’s up?

  3. The small bit of knowledge I have on the subject matter, comes from this site. I understand the small bit I have read, but otherwise, I am less than a novice. I will go to the library,read and generally gad-about this ancient and transcendent thread that notably rises beyond the limits of all possible experience and knowledge.

  4. Thank you so much for the opportunity to deepen into this trecena. I have been sitting with the energies daily and it was such a joy to be led by such clear guidance. I hope you offer this as often as possible…thank you…Lak’esh…7 cauc…

  5. Beautiful… joining in on 9 Ahau, as I give thanks to my greatest teachers and experience profound depth today… before reading your words…
    in Lak’ech

  6. I to am reading this on 9 Ahau. I find the descriptions of the interactions between the day sign and galactic tones interesting. I have found that for some weird reason that the day before is often when i seem to be doing or having experiences that match the tzolkin. Yesterday was an exception. I was very emotional most of the day as the storm of energy flooded me. I’m not sure what or how any cleansing occurred just that I felt emotional and a bit cranky.

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