A note to all American readers

From my half of the Earth it looks like things seem grim at your end, as I’m sure it must seem to be the same here from where you are. However, desperation is always a choice before it’s taken. After it’s taken, it invariably becomes a topic at the bottom of the Damage Control list.

If you follow the Mayan Calendar in some way, and even if you don’t, my sincere message to you is: go out and play Baseball, or go watch it somewhere. I’m dead serious, folks. It’s either that or Jazz.

The game of baseball is closely connected to the way the Mayan Calendar charts time. Also, the way you experience Time playing or watching the Game is the same way Time is experienced when following the Mayan Calendar.

Here is a link to a previous post with more details.

You can play it on PlayStation, Wii, or even dare to go outside with your family and friends. It doesn’t really matter. The time for talk and lengthy analysis will soon be behind us. The only thing Real left will be reality.

When you draw a baseball diamond in your back yard you are resonating with an ancient Mayan and Native American concept of the four Cardial directions. A.K.A. The Tree of Life (Ik). Also, the direction in which baserunning takes place is counterclockwise: 1st Base – East, 2nd Base – North, 3rd Base – West, and Home Plate – South.

The Mayan Calender works in the same way: 1st comes Autumn, 2nd comes Winter, 3rd is Spring and then Home for the Summer.

Then there’s another at-bat.

Final thought: This note applies to all the Children, whether American or not.

Play Ball!

P.S. Thank you John G. for an inspiring exchange of ideas!

One response to “A note to all American readers

  1. Elohim Channeling

    Great analogy. Love it.

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