1-Chicchan: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Chicchan, getting closer to the Edge

Link to previous trecena: 1-Eb Part 2

The 260-day Tzolkin round can be divided into 5 equal periods of 52 days each. Each period begins with the first day of an eastern trecena, like 1-Chicchan, which begins today (26 May 2011). The first 52-day period in the Tzolkin begins on 1-Imix, then 1-Ben, 1-Chicchan, 1-Caban, and finally 1-Muluc. As such, an eastern trecena marks a period of initiation and new beginnings, to various degrees.

There are four eastern sun-signs in the 1-Chicchan trecena (colored red), and three of every other cardinal direction. The dominant and nurturing eastern energy of 1-Chicchan, 5-Muluc, 9-Ben and 13-Caban is balanced by three western sun-signs (blue) that provide transformative energy: 3-Manik, 7-Chuen, and 11-Men.

What’s obviously special in 1-Chicchan is that there are ten consecutive portal days between 2-Cimi and 11-Men (indicated by asterisks). During this period it is recommended to consider and reconsider how the outside world can be interpreted (if at all), and more importantly – how to react (if at all). This powerful sequence of potent days will be experienced one more Time in this Tzolkin: during the 1-Kan trecena, as the flip-side of the Tzolkin unravels.


Imagine you’re playing tennis against Andre Agassi, and he’s serving. Somehow, you manage to return one of his super-fast serves. This is the energy of Chicchan (The Serpent) in action. Had you been thinking about returning the serve chances are the ball would be by you before you’d know it. Rather than from the pondering mind – this is an instinctual energy which knows exactly what to do as it travels from the Base chakra up the spine. Chicchan is also known as Kundalini. The Sanskrit word “Kundalini” means “coiled”, as the Serpent lies coiled in potential at the base of the spine.

In everyday hospital dramas the medicinal Serpent on the doctor’s attire represents the physician’s ability to cure illness, as well as the patient’s innate ability to cure him/herself. Therefore, the theme of this trecena is the dramatic nature of life itself. The Serpent gives life but can also take it away. It is a time of extremes, of exposed secrets and swift justice.

Born on this day: Oscar Wilde, Natalie Imbruglia, Hillel Slovak


“To be or not to be?”, or, to put it in the parlance of our times: “To Be or to Become?” On this day of stark duality the essence of Cimi (transformation) expresses the fork at the beginning of the winding serpentine path. Choice is the offspring of separation between self and other, mind and body, evolution and extinction. Even though Cimi literally means Death and loss, it is also a comforting and guiding force through transitions, which smoothes the effects of past choices. Rather than confronting the arresting dilemmas offered by 2-Cimi head-on, this is a good day for allowing the Serpent to continue creeping stealthily below the surface. Remember that this is just the first of 10 consecutive Portal days, so whatever choice is made today – in retrospect it can always be “meant to be”.

Born on this day: Andrea Bocelli


Among many other interesting meanings, Manik (the Deer) represents the acquisition of skills and tools, as well as striving for accomplishment. During the course of life’s drama, skills are perfected and tools are acquired in order to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals. When coupled with the rhythmic and unbridled expression of stage 3, 3-Manik can be equated to a busy handyman with an overcrowded toolbox. He knows what needs to be done, wants to succeed, but has trouble deciding which tool to pick, so he leaves it for tomorrow. Therefore, on this day wisdom can be found in avoiding clutter, indecision, and procrastination.

Born on this day: Dr. Dre, Guy Ritchie, John McCain, Meryl Streep


Lamat (Star) is a busy and multi-talented sun-sign which, on this day, meets the stable stage 4 of establishing boundaries. This combination is like the four-hand compass which appears on every map. It provides parameters of orientation, much like the overhead stars which also indicate your actual location. Understanding where you are and where you might go is the essence of this day. The Serpent’s intuitive power must have established limits in order to be truly free.

Born on this day: Laurence Fishburne, Bette Midler, Hugh Laurie, Jennie Garth


Water (Muluc) is the medium by which the Serpent’s “body-lightning” courses through the body and makes it alive. Like the Earth, our body is mostly water, and it is the offering of water which electrifies and empowers us on this day.

All eastern sun-signs express a level of fluidity, from the crocodile (Imix) to the earthquake (Caban). The Serpent’s movement is known to be fluid and adaptable, but Muluc is the fluid itself. Therefore, 5-Muluc is the empowerment of the life’s ability to adapt itself and rise above limitations.

Born on this day: David Icke, Bill Clinton, Jarvis Cocker, Bobby McFerrin


On the day 6-Oc the extreme nature and drama of the Serpent is refined by the Love and loyalty of the Dog. The title of the 6th stage of the trecena is Flow and Responsiveness, and thus, through life’s dramatic trials and tribulations, flowing Love and steadfast loyalty seems always to be the answer. The 6th stage is also considered to be traditional and habitual in nature, and when it is matched with Oc – the territorial Dog, it becomes even more so. Therefore, 6-Oc is a perfect day to spend time with family/friends and guide each other with love through the trials of this period.

Born on this day: Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi


“All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players” – William Shakespeare

The world is like a ride in an amusement park, and when you choose to go on it you think it’s real because that’s how powerful our minds are… But it doesn’t matter, because it’s just a ride. And we can change it any time we want. It’s only a choice. No effort, no work, no job, no savings of money. Just a simple choice, right now, between fear and love.” – Bill Hicks

At the midpoint of the serpentine rollercoaster ride of Life the artisan monkey Chuen appears just in Time to turn us around and remind us of the true nature of our tenure on the grand Stage. Although the extreme instincts of self-preservation seem to always get us tangled up in life’s dramas, the visionary artist 7-Chuen is ever present. At the very peak, the thrill of the Ride turns from sheer Terror to irony and wholehearted laughter.

Born on this day: Ed Harris, William H. Macy, Christopher Lloyd, Vanessa Paradis, Marcus Miller

Link to Part 2

3 responses to “1-Chicchan: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

  1. Michael Hartigan

    Thank you for the great blog!

  2. Talking about connecting the spiritual to the material plane in this wonderful Serpent period. It’s quite interesting to observe and feel how it is all unfolding right now. My speciality is the deeper understanding of how the mobile phones and the wireless society interact with the human consciousness and really change it and bring people in a hypnotic state where few are able to think coherently. And during the first 7 days many things happened – the Council of Europe came forth with a message of taking the biggest precaution about children, youngsters and schools and the WHO stated the radiation is a “possible carcinogen” – and at the same time 50 people in leading positons are received a DVD tomorrow from here and they already got a book some months again. I feel that this period is so beautiful, since it is like all which I have done in this field during the last 7-8 years are being connected to a crystal clear wholeness now which then reach people so they understand how simple it all is. Creation is unfolding magically and I am infinite grateful for the challenges and possibilities and do my best to be the co-creator I AM. Blessings to you for your wonderful co-creation with this blog – super work.

  3. Tony Robbins 7 cheun..ha ha..”welcome to day 7…..”

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