1-Edznab: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Edznab (Core Days indicated)

Link to previous trecena: 1-Chicchan Part 2

The 7th day of the 13-day trecena is the absolute midpoint of the process (the crest of the wave). Likewise, the entire 260-day Tzolkin is divided into 13 equal periods of 20 days each (uinals), and the 7th uinal constitutes the midpoint period of the Tzolkin. The 20 days of the 7th uinal are called “Core Days”, and are indicated by gray circles in the above figure. These 20 consecutive Core Days begin in the current trecena (1-Edznab) on 4-Imix and end in the following trecena (1-Chuen) on 10 Ahau. Unlike Portal Days, which appear on every uinal except the 7th, Core Days appear only on the 7th uinal.

If the first half of the Tzolkin is inhaling, the second half is exhaling. If the first half is accumulation and planning the second half is release and execution. In between we have Core Days. The way this heightened period is experienced is very subjective and subtle, but the main theme is introspection and reflection. It is the silent eye of the storm that has been slowly gathering since 1-Imix (11-Feb-11), and it is a time to come to terms with whatever’s been sown and planted since then.


Alanis Morissette, who has her Tzolkin birthday on the day before 1-Edznab
(13-Caban), sings: “These precious illusions in my head did not let me down when I was defenseless, and parting with them is like parting with invisible best friends“. 1-Edznab is when we begin to part with illusions, preconceptions, and whatever’s unreal – regardless of how precious and loyal they may have been in the past. Illusions and programmed ideas about who I am or who I’m supposed to be inhibit my ability to consciously experience evolution at this very moment in Time.

Edznab is the sharp Mirror of Reality which reflects truth and dispels fallacy. When we begin facing it on this day we come to realize how defenseless and naked we truly are.

Born on this day: Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis, Jude Law


Facing the Mirror of Truth is a process of purification, which is represented today by the rainstorm Cauac. The storm is both devastating and rejuvenating, and when you’re caught up in it you can either run between shelters or sing in the rain. The inherent duality of 2-Cauac means that when today’s reality dawns and yesterday’s illusions are cleansed – there is no turning back. 1-Edznab is a one-way Mirror, and when you walk though it 2-Cauac washes false skin and make-believe makeup away.

Born on this day: John Coltrane, Courteney Cox, Tony Williams, Cristiano Ronaldo


After the storm the Sun (Ahau) shines and blossoms as a flower to illuminate whatever’s reflected by reality’s mirror. Since the Sun of enlightenment appears at the early 3rd stage of the trecena, it provides the process basic rhythm and serves as an energetic driving force throughout. In other words, the mirror is useless without turning the Light ON. When fully realized and attuned, the 3rd stage allows us to visualize and predict where the process is taking us. Thus, 3-Ahau means that when the light of truth is reflected in reality’s mirror – everything is illuminated and our potential knows no boundaries.

Born on this day: Wayne Rooney, Frida Kahlo, Victor Hugo, Ariel Sharon


The first of 20 Core Days begins on 4-Imix. The process of reflection and introspection must be defined in order to penetrate the superficial, achieve depth, and become truly meaningful. A mirror without boundaries eventually reflects itself and becomes infinite illusion. The primordial crocodile Imix provides a strong and radiant energy source which thrusts us into the Core period, and defines the outline of the mirror’s rectangular frame (4). The crocodile is also known as the Universal Mother, who knows best how to set limits and sometimes enforce them, since she knows her Children more than they know themselves.

Born on this day: Gary Sinise, Mao Zedong, Mark McGwire


5-Ik is a day to communicate and share with others what you can personally see reflected in reality’s mirror. Reality is there whether we dissect and discuss it or not, and it sometimes seems that our different languages and interpretations contradict and divide us. However, communication is a reciprocal exchange which allows each participant to realize things s/he couldn’t realize by his/her own personal introspection alone. 5-Ik is the day in which the process of introspection is empowered by the disseminating Wind, reminding us that communication and communion primarily take place behind the words. Each small reflection we share with another is true in itself and a valid piece of the whole.

Born on this day: Wes Montgomery, Nina Simone, Eric Clapton, Will Smith, Joe Pesci

Here is a link to a great song with lyrics by Nina Simone (5-IK)


The Edznab trecena cuts through fallacies which could have been held as true for a long time. As a result, fundamental gaps are created in the way we view reality, which cannot easily or immediately be reconciled. When the chasm between the known and the unknown cannot be bridged by any belief, Akbal provides courage and intuition to blindly walk on and keep studying lessons daily, just like a child. When coupled with the responsive energy of 6, it becomes alright to simply say “I don’t know” or “I’m still learning” rather than falling back on old patterns and saying “I believe”.

Born on this day: Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, Björk, Olivier Messiaen, Lester


As we look deeper into the mirror and delve deeper into ourselves it becomes clear that reality itself, and the way we perceive it – IS in fact a mirror of our own consciousness. Therefore, a flaw we judge in reality is a reflection of a flaw that is built into human awareness. Had it not been identified and labeled inside it could not be recognized as such outside. This realization is a source of infinite opportunities to evolve and grow; it is the Reflective Seed (7-Kan), which is formed on the Tree of Life, and holds inside it the promise of a new Tree.

Born on this day: Erich von Däniken, David Byrne, Robert Duvall, Martin Short, Kim Cattrall

Link to Part 2

23 responses to “1-Edznab: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

  1. In the beginning I would gobble up these Trecena analyses entirely on the day posted. Now I only read the current day, at most the following one…more powerful like that I think. Thank you, Eagle!

    • Hey Sharon! Good to hear from you again.
      Yes, reading each day individually makes a lot of sense, and should prove to be quite powerful. The more I follow and ponder the Tzolkin the more I realize how subtle its power is. Therefore, a daily reference sounds like the right way to go.
      You are most welcome, Sharon. Thank YOU.

    • I did the same thing at first Sharon. I feel like I can process the information a lot better when I read them on a daily basis. They also seem to make a lot more sense to take this approach.

      • Hello Kylan,
        I went to your website by clicking on your name. Awesome timeline! I’m glad someone is documenting these events in relation to the Mayan Calendar.

      • Sharon,

        I don’t have a reply button to your comment for some reason, so I’ll just reply here. Thanks for your comment, I’m glad you like it. Its in the early stages still and hopefully everything ran okay for you.

      • Yes it worked fine, but took awhile to load, which I expect b/c of my ancient computer: 3 1/2 years old (bought used, so I don’t really know)…that’s at least 70 years Planetary time 😉

      • Nice one, Sharon! Made me think of VW Beetles and how they were built to last… The age of your computer doesn’t mean it’s inferior. Not any more, that is!

  2. How am I effected by the summaries when I live in the Southern hemisphere?

    • Interesting question, Maz. The Tzolkin is considered to be a universal filter of Light, which the Sun relays down to Earth wherever you are. There are differences in interpretations, not only between the Northern and Southern hemispheres, but between you and anyone else. The effects are there, but they need to be identified and experienced through meaning.
      The key here is to understand the trinity between: (a) The sun-sign, which is essence, (b) The number/stage, which is expression, and (c) The way you experience your day, which is meaning. Meaning is completely individual and subjective. I can put in words how a certain day effects me, and you can do the same, and we can both agree or disagree. But it’s nevertheless unique for each one.
      Compared to other calendars, the Tzolkin offers a unique meaning to each day, and by following it you begin to synchronize with the entire process of evolution. Whatever I write in this blog is just a guide, based on whatever I read, researched, experienced, and shared in my workshops and lectures. It makes it ring true for me personally, but it doesn’t make it more precise than anything someone else who is following the calendar will tell you.
      What can also help you in establishing your own correspondence with the calendar is knowing your Tzolkin birthday, and then paying close attention on days your sun-sign appears (to know the number) and days your number appears (to learn more about the sun-sign). For example, my birthday is 8-Lamat, so in this trecena I’ll learn about the sun-sign Chicchan on 8-Chicchan, and then I’ll know more about the number 11 on 11-Lamat. You can go to MayanMajix.com, and use the calculator under “Daily Tzolkin” to find out what your Tzolkin birthday is.

      Thanks for stopping by, and for sharing your curiosity!

  3. Thanks Eagle. I will try to digest all that info. I appreciate your prompt reply.

  4. I was born on 4th July 1954. Someone told me I was 8 Chichan/ serpent (East). I’m thinking that doesn’t mean EVERY 4th July is 8 Chichan? I think I have a bit to learn (cram)??????

    • Hi again, Maz. Your Tzolkin birthday is indeed 8-Chicchan, and it seems you joined class just in time. Your next Tzolkin birthday is coming up next Wednesday (15 June).
      This should also answer your question. The Tzolkin is a 260-day calendar, while the Gregorian has 365 days, so your Tzolkin birthday takes place on a different Gregorian date every year. The two calendars meet every 42 years, so the next time 8-Chicchan takes place on July 4th you’ll be 84…

      • Just clarifying the intersection of tzolkin and gregorian calendars ocurrs every 52 years..I’m sure you know that I just noticed..I like others are thoroughly enjoying my daily journeys through your readings..much love

  5. Wow! Thankyou Eagle. My mind is boggling…..

  6. I am thrilled to have found this most illuminating site. “Nothing happens by accident”. Best to you and your continued enriching teachings.

    ( 255 #8 Men) Paula Andrea Pyle

  7. Hi Eagle –
    Could you give a quick definition of what the “core” days mean.
    Thank you! And thank you so much for your work!!!!!

    • Hi there Beth!

      The second paragraph of the above article provides a short overview of what The Core period means. However, I wrote it on 13-Caban, and many things have happened in the Time since then, so I can try to provide some more points of view on the concept.
      I’ll start with a clue: You can go to parts 1 of previous trecena analysis articles in this blog (Cauac, Eb, Chichan) and read whatever’s under Day 7 of the trecena. Day/Stage 7 of each trecena (the apex of each diagram) is the Core of the trecena, the same way that the 20-days between 4-Imix and 10-Ahau are the Core days of the entire Tzolkin.
      Those are the basics; this is the Map. If you’d like to have the best answer regarding what will actually happen to YOU and your WORLD in this Core period – the best person to ask would be you.

      Once you come up with some insights, I would really be glad if you’d share it here.


      • Thank you Eagle … why in the heck didn’t I “see” that before (lol). You’ve help to guide me to this place of familiarity & unfamiliarity at the same time. ANOTHER TIME is assisting me in deepening my connection & understanding of the cycles & calendar. I am so happy I found your site!

        As for yesterday – (for me) it was about quiet, solitude, errands … getting “thoughts” organized. I am a 4 Manik – so yesterday I seemed to resonate deeply and I just flowed with it 🙂


  8. Your beautiful eagle..

  9. hey eagle..few people i noticed..yoko ono 2 cauc..john died on 3 cauc..mary ainsworth “the strange situation” and herman cain 3 ahau..drew barrymore 6 akbal..hope all is well..enjoy the looking glass..

  10. What’s happening Eagle? You had gone off my radar and just returned today.

  11. hey eagle..just on the cusp of the mystic 7th column..looking at arguelles and his formulation of the 13 baktun cycles through out history..he calls the central column ‘the baktun teachings of the mind’..dates it between 800 and 300 bce.. karen armstrong calls this period “the axial age”..because it was the center from which all our world religions sprang..”the time when humanity became conscious of it’s own existence”..she call’s it our first awakening…guirdieff teaches that transformation occur in two conscious shocks.. the first of the head the second of the heart..is this our second ‘conscious shock’ in 2600 year resonance with our first awakening? just ponderings as we head over lip….

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