1-Edznab: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

1-Edznab: Sowing the Seeds of Love

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Introduction: 7-Kan – continued

Abundance is always a presented choice. The Reflective Seed 7-Kan is placed in front of Reality’s Mirror (the current theme) and a question mark appears above it: which seed is the Real one? the one in the mirror or the one in front of it? But the duality presented by the simple question is easily overcome, since the Seed (Kan) is coupled with the divine number 7 – the trecena’s core, so it is already reflective within itself. And what do you get when you place a Seed between two mirrors? – Infinite Abundance.

The core period, which began recently on 4-Imix, has 2 reflective days: 7-Kan and 7-Caban (Seed and Earth). On these days a window of opportunity is opened to get to know the 7th stage both on the daily energy level, as well as underneath in deeper levels through the overall theme of the 7th uinal, which is the current Core period.

What is so special about stage 7 is that it is the first stage in which you can actually see where you are heading. Using the mountain-climbing analogy on the above figure, when you climb up the steep side of days 1 through 6 you can only imagine what the other side is going to be like. When you reach the core/apex of stage 7 the other side becomes completely visible for the first time. From 7-Kan we can see 13-Oc below, which can be interpreted as “Ascending Love”.

Coincidently (yeah, right) 1-Chuen is Roland Orzabal’s Tzolkin birthday, and he sings: “Anything is possible when you’re Sowing the Seeds of LoveAn End to Need and the Politics of Greed” – Tears for Fears

Important Heads UP: This year’s Summer solstice will take place on 1-Chuen. 13-Oc and 1-Chuen is the very middle of the Tzolkin round. 1-Chuen coincides with the Summer solstice (21 June) once every 42 years. What I’m basically trying to say is that you still have about a week to try a new hairdo before things begin to flip over.


Possibly more than any other Northern trecena, 1-Edznab feels like living inside your cyber-mind 24/7. Everything seems to be cerebral, clean-cut, and either/or. Stage 8 brings back the theme of the previous trecena (Chicchan) to balance the effects of this Hi-Tech trip through the Matrix. 8-Chicchan can mean “Human Forever, through and through”.

Now that we’ve looked in reality’s sharp mirror and cut through many illusions and fallacies – it is time to come to terms with, and cut away outdated false beliefs which we hold regarding our basic survival instincts, and the sincerity of the service and courtesy offered to our fellow wo/man. These are primary human concerns which tend to defy logic. In short – Chicchan on this day is about reflecting upon all the aspects that can never be fully incorporated into the mirror’s Logic; cannot be automated, predicted, nor fully controlled.

Born on this day: Dave Liebman, Horatio Nelson, Chazz Palminteri, Jojo Mayer


After the duality of the mirror is transcended by Kundalini and Chi(cchan), the transformation inherent in Cimi (Death) gently dawns within our awareness to complete the cycles of action. Very much like the previous northern sun-sign “Wind” at stage 5, 9-Cimi enhances and develops the trecena’s theme and process. The mirror’s gift of refinement and introspection also means a sacrifice of whatever runs contrary to the mirror’s truth, exactly as it is reflected right now.

It’s funny sometimes when people talk about their need to change, as if they can stay the same as they were yesterday; as if transformation can be helped. In reality’s mirror nothing is frozen in Time. Everything around us undergoes profound change and constant growth/decay – as do we, naturally. Therefore, what we considered to be inner truths yesterday may not hold true today, and must be left behind.

Born on this day: Sheila Jordan


Lewis Carroll, who was born on this Tzolkin day, is the author who wrote “Through the Looking Glass”. When Alice went through the rabbit hole she found herself in Wonderland, where the familiar and unfamiliar rearranged to create an alternative reality (which is entirely true in itself). Alice took her reality to Wonderland, and ultimately took Wonderland back to reality, and thus was able to better understand and develop both. We do the same every day when we fall asleep and then wake up again.

Manik is a transformative sun-sign which purifies the negative by healing. Thus, the reflective process of 1-Edznab manifests on this day and is embodied by our individual responsibility to heal within and without. According to 10-Manik, the way to heal and dispel the negative is by sharing fresh and sharp Points of View – skillfully obtained Through the Looking Glass – with each other, and then applying them together to our daily concerns.

Born on this day: Lewis Carroll, Amelia Earhart, Timothy Geithner


After the healing energy of reality’s reflection has manifested yesterday, it is now time to multiply newly acquired perspectives to abundance. One of the meanings of Lamat is “Rabbit”, one of the animals most known for its ability to procreate. On 11-Lamat, this abundant essence arrives at the 11th stage, which is equivalent to the flowering stage of the growth process. The mature tree that manifested on stage 10 now turns its attention to the future, and blossoms in order to procreate. In the context of this trecena, 11-Lamat’s energy creates a multitude of true, fresh and healing reflections of reality, to replace the obsolete and establish a different tomorrow.

Born on this day: Jason Mewes, Robbie Coltrane, John Frusciante


Although the introspective process of 1-Edznab is nearing its conclusion on the subjective-personal level, 12-Muluc is located deep in the middle of the 7th uinal and the Core period. Therefore, the inward-gathering movement on the global level is still going strong and is about to reach its climax.

In two words, 12-Muluc means “Deep Understanding”. Muluc represents the element of water, which provides our world almost everything while requiring almost nothing. The water’s aspect of depth is today’s message, and it provides a continuous scuba voyage down the bottomless well of Understanding. On this day we learn that the only limits to our understanding are products of outdated viewpoints and preconceptions, which are based on fears, invoked by the unknown Abyss.

Born on this day: Martin Heidegger, Herbie Hancock, Amy Winehouse, Sean Paul, Woodrow Wilson


Loyalty, directed inwardly and extended in gratitude to another – is the ripe fruit of 13-Oc, which contains the Seeds of Love and Justice. The quest of uncompromising Truth began by facing the Mirror of Reality courageously and continued by cutting away old skin and pulling down masks mercilessly. Like the fruit’s seeds, the stage of Ascension (13) carries these lessons into the next step of evolution by invoking the image of the steadfast dog (OC). 13-Oc means staying true to one’s self and true to the family and immediate community. This form of “territoriality” allows our personal Truth to withstand the trials of whatever’s in store.

Now that inner truth and outside reality has been reflected upon and refreshed, the Artist 1-Chuen takes the stage – It’s Showtime!

Born on this day: Tim Robbins, Rachel Weisz

Link to next trecena: 1-Chuen

2 responses to “1-Edznab: Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

  1. Beautiful and amazing. It has been building up in this “mirror of reality” treccena and today is clearly a wonderful confirmation of yesterday’s full picture. People are going more and more in chaos due to the fact that the ego cannot hold on to the illusions much longer, and perversions keep popping up – fantastic. I have sent out 300 DVDs yesterday and probably 50 today and app. 100-150 tomorrow to actually finish a chapter in my Life, since there is no point of throwing more perls after the swines just consuming and enter/infotaining themselves to death – people will have to face their destiny on a faster pace from now on and many will not be able to handle it and vanish – their nervous system will break down. It’s not my responsibility any longer to be their babysitter and since most are still stuck deep in the ego nightmare, they do not really understand the depth of what is being presented to them. And a prophet is seldom appreciated in his own country, so it is a kind of “waste of energy” continuing repeating myself in the country of ignorant zombies – sad but true, the Danes seem to be more zombies than most places – the stupidity here is extreme – it’s beyond imagination. A perfect prototype of a slave race has been designed here in Denmark. So this is truly beautiful, since now I have given so many “responsible” persons a possibility to change course and realize that by harming other people by ignored important things, we are not in resonance with life, and now at the same time the people can decide to change course and life styke, if they want to – I can not walk the path for them – I have walked 4 years extra to inspiring and uplifting – now they have to show, if they are grown-ups or what? My concern has been the children and future generations – so we will see, how people will use the enormous work being done since 2003 – I AM FREEING MYSELF DEEPLY NOW and YES, it’s show time – “WHEN ENERGY FLOWS, LIFE GLOWS” (Julius, 2004). Thank you for your contribution.

  2. hey eagle, it was really great talking the other day..hope to connect again soon..watching book tv..first oliver stone 6 cib in conversation with tariq ali 12 cib.. the topic was “on history”..then saw a speaker on benedict arnold 2 etznab who died 6 akbal this trecena..title was “the man in the mirror”!!! Have a great week end my freind..

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