1-Chuen: Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Chuen: Express, Expand, Excite!

Link to previous trecena: 1-Edzmab Part 2

Similar to the sun’s tropical year, the Tzolkin round is divided into four “seasons”. Each season lasts 65 days (5 trecenas), and is associated with a cardinal direction. As it is in school and academia, the cycle begins when the summer is over:

  • Autumn (Eastern): From 1-Imix through 13-Chicchan
  • Winter (Northern): From 1-Cimi through 13-Oc
  • Spring (Western): 1-Chuen through 13-Men
  • Summer (Southern): 1-Cib through 13-Ahau

Therefore, the trecena beginning today (1-Chuen) marks the end of the first semester and the beginning of the second, or – the end of winter and beginning of spring. In the solar year, this is called the spring equinox, since the day and night are of the same length. This is true also for the Tzolkin, since the count of days before 13-Oc and after 1-Chuen are also the same (130).

The Mirror of Reality 1-Edznab took us on a sharp and introspective voyage deep inside our minds and souls (the Core). To find the way out to the other side we employ the guidance and beauty of the artisan monkey Chuen, also known as the Weaver of Time. Most of 1-Chuen consists of Core days; this is consistent with the fact that artistic expression begins from within.


The artist’s hallmark is an innate ability to rearrange existing materials and ideas in a unique and imaginary way which actually creates a new reality. The monkey takes ideas and perspectives, which were collected during 1-Edznab and before, and weaves them like fresh and colorful threads to create a new tapestry of existence. Our Fabric consists of old threads, which now begin to be entwined with new ones, and patterns that were never seen before begin to take shape.

1-Chuen is the right time to begin viewing the old and mundane through the curious eyes of a child, who cannot accept a fossilized definition of reality and needs to experiment. It is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and redefine the meaning of innocence. To a kid, everything is interesting and beautiful, and it seems that there are always new things to create out of the old, and novel experiences are waiting just around the corner. In other words – forget about focusing attention and leave the Ritalin behind.

Born on this day: Ronald Reagan, Roland Orzabal, Dave Gahan, Neil Tennant


Originality is not a result of comparison; it is an extension of individual uniqueness. Unique talent begins taking form right after the tendency to compare myself to another (or to my past or future self) is overcome. When you begin to follow your own Art and viewpoint, moment-by-moment, a new Road is blazed, branching off from the one you travelled so far. On 2-Eb we become aware of our separation from the well-trodden path, and there is a longing to return to the familiarity and safe shores of whatever’s left behind. In addition, Eb’s humble nature teaches us that art can be found everywhere, even in a simple word.

Born on this day: Ben Stiller, Stan Laurel, Steve Gadd


The 3rd stage of the trecena can be referred to as the driving force behind the process. It takes the theme of stage 1 and challenges it (East vs. West) in all respects in order to create a background rhythm. 3-Ben provides rhythm to our artistic expression by applying a conduit of Destiny between the physical and the spiritual. The artist within is never content with past achievement and so s/he continuously channels his/her visions down to earth. In turn, these manifested works of art spark spiritual visions and experiences for the artist as well as for those around him/her. Therefore, 3-Ben can be depicted as a dynamic triangle connecting the Artist, the Audience, and the Art.

Born on this day: José Mourinho, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Alexander, Pete Sampras, Erwin Schrödinger


In order to convey a coherent message, the urge for artistic expression must be applied within the boundaries of skill. This is the message of the Stable Jaguar (4-Ix), who is a master of the subtleties of skill required to turn meandering musings into Art that is communicative both within and without. What further defines the true artist and his/her work is the mystery and inexplicable nature of the Jaguar, which seems to affect us indirectly and unexpectedly. What is audible in a musical piece only scratches the surface, while the underlying composition and silence between notes eventually taps into and feeds the unconscious.

To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.” – Oscar Wilde

Born on this day: Viggo Mortensen, Mark King, Emilio Estevez


The 5th stage is when the cardinal direction of the trecena (in this case – West) reappears for the first time, and its purpose is guidance and empowerment of the process thus far. The Eagle (Men) contributes to the overall artistic transformation process through the gift of Vision and Freedom. Vision is the undefined message-in-the-making, which guides artistic expression throughout, from the first brushstroke to the final finishing touch. Also, true art means expression that is altogether free from existing convention, and irrespective of any fear of rejection. Without the Eagle’s Eye there can be no such thing as creativity.

Born on this day: Muammar Gaddafi


Wisdom is the deep and sacred repository of our ancestors that can be tapped only from within. At stage 6 the sun-sign of Wisdom (Cib) provides much-needed inner strength, so that our personal creative process of reinventing ourselves continues to flow on. The essence of Cib means being very aware of limits and staying pragmatic. 1-Chuen’s message of self expression doesn’t mean producing a masterpiece every single day. On this day, Cib’s practicality dictates keeping it real and refraining from overdoing it.

Born on this day: Oliver Stone, Neve Campbell, Tommy Lee Jones, Kenneth Branagh, James Earl Jones


Like 7-Kan in the previous trecena, 7-Caban resonates closely with the overall frequency of the Core period, and marks the final introspection and reflection days of the current uinal. Caban represents profound sensitivity – an integral component of art which allows true appreciation of its beauty. At the 7th stage, this aspect provides purpose to the entire artistic process, and connects conception with manifestation. In addition, 7-Caban reflects individual expression on a global scale. This means that Truth and Beauty expressed through art have no borders of land or language. It is simply a pristine reflection of human experience.

Born on this day: Bill Evans, Richie Blackmore

Link to Part 2

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