1-Chuen Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

1-Chuen: "Omanut o' Namut" (Art or Death)

Please note 13-Akbal updated today! Please scroll down to read more. Also – great discussions in the comments sections.

Link to Part 1

Introduction: 7-Caban – continued

Yesterday’s Reflective Earth combined the expression of the 7th stage (reflection) with the theme of the 7th Unial (Core Days), and added the essence of Earth (Caban). On top of all that, just two days before (5-Men) we entered the 4th Day of the Universal Underworld. Day 4 = 7th stage/heaven. So, we got 7-7-7 all around – Jackpot!

This meant that the entire world (including you) was completing its introspection cycle and, through individual artistic expression (the current trecena theme of the Monkey) – is finally coming back to reality in the transition to the 8th Stage.

We have reached the last TOP in our current history.

This is the chance to survey the amazing scenery, which can never be repeated after beginning to come down and Manifest. Everything is visible for the first time – where you come from and where you are going.

Read more about 7-Caban in a dedicated post.

You might have already noticed that I’ve changed the format of my posts. I’ll post individual articles for particular days, with an in-depth analysis of that particular day, and how the surrounding days work up to it and down from it.

I’ll briefly describe the days between, and would appreciate it if you joined the discussion and leave your own impressions. That’s what it’s all about.

8-Edznab° (28 June 2011)

Born on this day: Angela Merkel, Suzanne Vega, George Harrison, Charley Boorman

As mentioned before, yesterday on 7-Caban the reflective energy was magnified threefold: Day 7, 7th uinal, and 7th Heaven of the Universal Underground. This leads up to 8-Edznab, which literally means Infinite/Harmonious Reflections. Reality is a mirror, our internal world is a mirror, our relationships with other humans are mirrors. They all interrelate and synchronize to distill Truth.

Suzanne Vega, who was born 8-Edznab wrote:

Today I am a small blue thing
Like a marble or an eye
I am cool and smooth and curious
I never blink
I am turning in your hand
I am cold against your skin
You are perfectly reflected
I am lost inside your pocket
I am lost against your fingers
I am falling down the stairs
I am skipping on the sidewalk
I am thrown against the sky
I am raining down in pieces
I am scattering like LIGHT

Now, try to read the song again, while keeping in your mind’s eye the image that the small blue thing is Earth.

9-Cauac° (29 June 2011)

Born on this day: Muddy Waters, Ted Turner, Laurie Anderson, Michael Richards, Kaká

The Patient Storm (9-Cauac) brings perspective, reminding us that Change comes together over Time. Ultimately, the process we are currently experiencing is a constant process of Purification, gathered drop by drop over thousands of years.

[Please reflect and comment]

10-Ahau° (30 June 2011)

Born on this day: Pope John Paul II (died 5-Ahau), Edmond de Rothschild, Graham Chapman

This is the last day of the 7th uinal, and therefore also the last Core day until the middle of the next Tzolkin.

An entire post has been dedicated to this day – refer to it please.

11-Imix (1 July 2011)

Born on this day: Michel Foucault, Sarah McLachlan, Simon Le Bon, Joan Baez, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin)

The 8th uinal begins today.

Everything you ever read about stage 8 (8-Edznab – see above, 8-Chicchan, 8-Eb, etc.) is true for the 20 days of the 8th uinal beginning today. This is an aspect of the holographic nature of Time and creation as a whole: whatever’s true on micro-Time (day-level) is also true for macro-Time (20-day uinal, 360-day tun, 7200-day katun, etc.). And likewise, an atom is a universe in itself.

Keywords for the meaning of the 8th stage (a.k.a. 4th Night): Harmony, Infinity (horizontal 8), Balance, order from smallest details to the overall Unity.

The Resolving Crocodile (11-Imix) basically means Back to School after enlightenment manifested.

“It doesn’t mean much, it doesn’t mean anything at all. The life I’ve left behind me is a cold room… Sweet Surrender is all that I got to give.”

– Sarah McLachlan (11-Imix)

[Please reflect and comment]

12-Ik (2 July 2011)

Born on this day: Sarah Jessica Parker, Christopher Walken, Al Pacino, Derek Jeter, Roger Federer

The language of Art is universal.

A good piece of music reflects Truth beyond and before dissecting the truth into words of appreciation or critique, as does an inspiring sculpture or a good-tasted necklace. On 12-Ik a deep understanding dawns, which involves the Wind’s lack of boundaries.

When your communication is artful, i.e., when your Art is True in its Form and Content – there is no frontier on Earth that will stop the Global spreading of its Truth. No language, No distortion, No subversion, No firewall – Nothing.

[Please reflect and comment]

13-Akbal (3 July 2011)

Born on this day: Al Di Meola, Neil Simon, Michael Caine, Courtney Love

Over the last couple of days I’ve been corresponding with some of the readers regarding the transition between the Core days and the soon-to-be upon us 10 consecutive Portal days over the next Trecena 1-Kan. I warmly recommend you read some of the interesting discussions and reflections that were shared all around (see below in the comments section of this post).

I plan to publish a dedicated post to 1-Kan by Tuesday at the latest, so please stay tuned.

However, 13-Akbal requires at least a paragraph, if not two. To understand 13-Akbal, I’d like to share a personal story with you, if I may. This also has to do with Wall Street somehow…

My father Jacob Solomon was born in a village near Bombay in the early 20’s. Nobody knows his exact birthday, since records were poorly maintained throughout the British empire at the time, especially in remote villages. When he was still walking This World he used to tell anyone who asked him that he was born 27 August 1924, which makes him 12-Ik according to the Tzolkin (yesterday).

I think another date surfaced at one point or another, but the date in August ’24 was the one my dad went with, so I’ll go with it too. You know – intuition.

My father was a 1st generation immigrant to Israel. He held a Masters degree in electrical engineering. He never seemed to find his place in the Middle East, and he was often stressed-out and tired. There was a big generation gap between us, and this lead to turbulent debates quite often, and exchanges of later-regretted words.

I stopped asking whether my father was 12-Ik or not after watching ‘Scent of a Woman’ recently after a long while. Al Pacino’s (12-Ik) appearance there, especially in this scene, was enough for me to conclude.

My father could easily be the Blind Prophet at our gates, preaching his words of Integrity, dissolving the illusion of Excellence and back-stabbing Politics of Greed. And, more importantly, he had a tone of voice which everyone wanted to listen to, especially when he’s had enough of BS.

My dad was 12-Ik. He was my hero.

And still is.


Link to next trecena: 1-Kan

10 responses to “1-Chuen Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

  1. thank you from my heart for your wonderful eludidation of the sacred calendar. my experience of 10 ahau was a wonderful completion of a cycle of love in my life which blossomed into what it always was. needlessly cryptic im sure but im not going to try to talk sense about love (we all know better i hope). its good to realize that tomorrow 11 imix is a reimmersion into the cosmic womb of universal knowledge and love. the mother universe is good to us when we align with the higher intention of it, and the sacred calendar is an awesome way to experience time on a more personal level than thinking of it as saturnian or somehow dimensional (physics?)

    eagle explain, please continue your hard work and dedicated effort to bring the light of the mayan wisdom to us. we need it like little plants need water. bless you from the heart of hearts.

    • Hi Michael,
      First of all, I’d like to thank you right back off the bat.
      This single comment of yours has recharged my writing fuel tank to the Max. Please refer back to this post, as I plan to update it over the weekend (and I’m thinking Al Pacino).

      Regarding 10-Ahau, I can’t agree more. I was supposed to go to a concert of a band I used to play Bass with last year. I wanted to see how they do on stage with their replacement baseman. However, I came back from my weekly Bass lesson dead exhausted, and opted to staying at Home with my family.
      This is in preparation for 13-Akbal to appear tomorrow (Sunday). Akbal means “HOME”.
      So – a cycle of love blossomed at the right brain-hemisphere of Earth, as well as on your back yard. This is a good sign.

      For myself, 11-Imix had “Cosmic Womb” written all over it. My firstborn daughter Libi had her baby bash at high-noon, 11-Imix. Today, 12-IK, she is exactly 4 trecenas old (52 days, 7.5 weeks). In my mind, this marks the end of the first Season of her Tzolkin evolution round. She’s past Autumn and into Winter.
      Attendance was higher than expected, but everyone found their place and seemed to have fun and enjoy the BBQ.

      Libi was born 12 Oc, on the 1-Cauac trecena.

      We had a special guest from California, who attended the BBQ lunch. This resounded 7-Caban to me, which was the Global WAKE-UP call to mark the end of the Core period.

      Thanks again for your correspondence and frank exchange of impressions.
      This is what it’s all about, my friend. It’s about Back to School and being serious about your HomeWork.


      Eagle Solomon

      • thank you for your thoughtful response! to me, 12 wind brings the opportunity to look back not only on the week of the monkey but on the portal and core days as a whole! what a roller coaster! just being aware of sacred time saved me from going completely insane during this time. i look forward to 3 death and the beginning of the last 10 portal days, and hope to use them as a springboard to completely leap into a fresh and cleansed way of life. this cycle of intensity has been about cutting away the useless (etznab, the mirror and the blade) and establishing the sacred in my life.

        eagle, it obviously takes a lot of time and energy to bring this blog to us. how can i contribute financially to you? do you accept donations for your work? let me know, i would like to support you. if you have a paypal account, i will put some green energy into it!

        2. this is um a complex question. ok. the light pulse makes sense to me except for one major point. i understand how 1 grows into form (4) and becomes empowered in day 5, the “dimensional shift” that leads to movement, resonance, and stability (i call 8 stability). i understand that patience (9) is the second “dimensional shift” which changes from potential to the kinetic manifestation of day 10, and its integration of day 11… but why is 12, undertstanding, a dimensional shift? the math doesnt make logical sense to me (which is fine), but can you explain why the shift days are 5, 9, 12, and 13? logically, it seems like it “should” be 1, 5, 9, and 13 (multiples of 4). can you possibly explain in a sensible logical way why it goes 5, 9, 12, 13? i have always been completely curious about this, since it seems to make no sense to me, left brain, right brain, both brains, or no brains, i cant figure it out. 🙂

        bless your endeavors and thank you again eagle!

        your friend
        michael hartigan (1 reed)

        july 3rd 2011, 12 wind

      • Hi again Michael!
        Yeah, a rollercoaster ride indeed. And to think that we just finished clinking up to 7 and now the real ride of Inertia begins in earnest.
        I appreciate your generous offer, and will be in touch with you via email on that matter.
        Regarding your question: 1, 5, 9, and 13 are indeed the anchor points of the process. They are the stages in which the trecena theme reappears, like West did with Chuen, Men, Cauac, and Akbal tomorrow. However, around this basic 4-sun-sign flush several frequencies come into play.
        First, we can mention burner-days. In each trecena there are 3 sets of them, appearing on stages:
        1, 6, 11 (trecena theme burner day set). In 1-Kan they will be 1-Kan, 6-Muluc, and 11-Ix.
        2, 7, 12 (the duality burner day set). In 1-Kan they will be 2-Chichan, 7-Oc, and 12-Men
        3, 8, 13 (the progressive set). In 1-Kan they will be 3-Cimi, 8-Chuen (which is the Mayan New-year), and 13-Cib.

        Then, we can go back to the day/night paradigm and say that, in general:
        Odd days 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13 are “Days”/Action/Growth
        Even days 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and 12 are “Nights/Application/Rest”

        Going back to your question, if you check the sequence you provided you will see that the numbers are: 5, 9, 12, 13. The days in-between the ones you’ve mentioned are counted: 4 (9 minus 5), 3 (12-9), and 1 (13-12). Interesting sequence and modularity there.
        Another valid point would be that 13 is already zero again, so it must constitute a leap in its own merit. 13 bridges the Current with the Next. 12 is the last step still within the current process.
        I would also point out that your own point of view invariably affects how much sense the calendar actually makes to you personally. Being 1-Ben, you are one of the Trinity axis points of the trecena: 1, 7, and 13.
        There is a fundamental difference between how “Axis” persons view the world and the way everyone else does (2-6, 8-12), who are in the process, in-between stations, rather than on its axis points.

        Thanks for your engaging inquiry. It took me all day to figure out how I should respond.

  2. Eagle, i have a question. I was wondering if I could hire your knowledge to help design a tzolkin map for my company.???

    cheers, and thanks.. you are awsome!!!

    • Eagle, thanks again for the depth and beauty. I don’t relate to Chen primarily as artistic energy but as integrative energy which is not separate of course. The lens of integration really widened my experiential lens more than artist. Today 12 ik being integration has no limits or boundaries feels more significant than art has no boundaries. Just my experience..thank you for your continued offering..in lakesh

    • Hi Brett,
      I agree with you in principle. Chuen is the weaver of Time, and he winds good ideas into reality’s fabric. Therefore, it is integrative for sure.
      The experiential lens has indeed widened. Being a musician, I can safely state for my own part, that this translates immediately into intuition and inspiration (especially leading up to 13-Akbal tomorrow). At the mature/Orangutan end of the trecena that began with the Trickster Monkey , I can feel that it’s a blessing to have day in which I get to play music or play baseball or play PS-Five or iPhone 13.
      Every day which consists of one of the above translates to a Good Day by definition (it’s basically Constitutional).
      This is also an aspect of the value known as Integrity. When I get to experience Today, wearing my various HATS: as a 6-year old for an hour, then as a grownup when I’m at work

      during the Sun’s reign,
      and then back to infancy again when I’m nursing my baby.

      Thank you for your insightful feedback. You just made this page a whole lot more interesting.


    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your commenting and wholehearted boosting feedback. I’ve been wanted to be called Awesome ever since the basketball-days of junior-high. I’m glad to have contact and correspond with people who are riding the crazy waves of TODAY, MAYAN-Style.

      Regarding your offer, I’ve sent you a private email, right under the surface-Matrix-Radar.

      Thanks again, and keep in touch.
      Final Note before 13-Akbal: I don’t know my future after this weekend. And I don’t want to.

  3. on 12-Ik, sometimes you feel that you can not say any single word on a particular feeling or an event. Today I’ve felt that. I’ve also wrote these lines in Turkish:

    Olan demez. Demeler olmayanındır.
    Benim demem olmanın yoklugundandır.

    I’ll try to translate it:

    which has been doesn’t say. Sayings are belong to not being.
    I say because I can not be.

    Forgive my english and translation and please accept my song that I listen for days:

    Love you all.

    • Dear 11-Edznab,

      Thank you for sharing your Resolving Reflections!
      Indeed, when the ripe and heavy 12th stage (which basically means, Friday night) comes together with a basic Nature such as Wind, all you can do is listen to some of your favorite music and shut up for a change.
      I loved the song, by the way – thanks!
      I visited Turkey back in the summer of 2008. It was a great trip, and I remember going to a park where there was a statue of Atta Turk. Under the statue there was an inscription: “Peace at Home – Peace in the World”. This is a good message for 13-Akbal tomorrow. I think that if we still need to use words, these are the kind of words we’ll have to use. Something which is altogether Good for everyone.

      Enjoy your Sunday,

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