1-Kan Trecena Analysis – Prelude: 4th of July SPECIAL!

1-Kan: By the People - For the People

Imagine that Independence Day in the US coincided with a Native American festival of Abundance and Harmony.

Now, come to terms with the fact that this is exactly what happens today in Reality-zone.

1-Kan means networking to the Max and in every respect. It means integration on the most basic levels of survival and Global communion.

Kan (Seed) is the first, and most basic form of abundance in the uinal. Without Seed there is no Food. Lack of “Seed” is represented by one of the Horsemen of the Apocalypse (keeping in mind that the meaning of that scary word is simply “Unveiling”).

1-Kan is considered to be the most balanced trecena of all. The correspondence between Sun-Sign and Stage is relatively high (unlike the previous trecena when you had a basic sign (IK) on a heavy day (12)). It is no wonder, then, that the Maya marked the midpoint of 1-Kan to be their New Year (8-Chuen).

8-Chuen is the most balanced of days, so look out for it!

Click here to read part 1 of 1-Kan Tecena Analysis.

Commercial Break

We must now break for commercials, so please stay tuned to our double-feature for this trecena, featuring:

Sid Barret

Yasser Arafat and Noam Chomski

Paul McCartney and Agent Smith

Prince Charles and Malcolm X

Al Capone and Hugo Chavez

Golda Meir and Anwar Sadat

John Keats and Johnny Marr

Iron Man and Matisyahu

William Wallace and Keyser Söze.

Other, bigger names play smaller parts – as it should be in any good movie.

One response to “1-Kan Trecena Analysis – Prelude: 4th of July SPECIAL!

  1. Michael Hartigan

    making preparations for the next ten days, and i’m glad to hear that 1 seed/net/lizard is considered most balanced. i have to admit, i didn’t quite grok all that commercial break business, although if william wallace and kaiser soce were cloned into one mutant, that might be me.

    thats my Other day sign, 1 mutant!

    michael hartigan (1 reed)
    July 5th, 2011 – 2 serpent

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