1-Kan Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

1-Kan: Big Time Sensuality

Link to previous trecena: 1-Chuen, Part 2

Link to Part 2

Note: This post was updated Today, 7-Oc! Please read below and also – excellent discussions in the comments section.

To reiterate on our current trecena subject, the keywords throughout the 1-Kan trecena are Degrees of Harmony as tools for manifesting Basic Abundance. The question that was asked was: “How much Choice do we really have?”

Re-reading the brilliant discussion in the comments section below (that’s it. I’m not plugging it any further – it’s Choice now) – I can safely say from my end of Reality that this was the theme so far, and emphatically so.

We’ll continue now with the regular daily digest format. I’ll finish up stage 6 and 7 today, and expect to publish the first days of Part 2 of the trecena by Tuesday night.

I turn the Mike to you.

1-Kan [4 July 2011]

An entire post has been dedicated to this day: “1-Kan Trecena Analysis – Prelude: 4th of July SPECIAL!” Please refer to it, reflect and comment, if you will.

Born on this day: Syd Barrett, Tim Lincecum

2-Chicchan [5 July 2011]

To clarify the significance of this day, and also, to demonstrate how easy it is to learn about it, I’ll just fish out the first search result for the keywords “Yasser Arafat” and “documentary”:

On top of that, I’ll add the first search result for the keywords “Noam Chomsky” and “2011”:

Both of these men were born 2-Chichan. Both are controversial, to say the very least. Both resonate with the current leadership crisis around the Med, and especially the old kingdom of David, Israel, and Rothschild.

Trying to Heal the World

Every MD in almost every hospital around the world wears 2-Chichan on his doctor’s robe. It’s in the Old Testament, it’s the DNA in modern genetics. It is an ancient symbol of Life, given and taken away.

If and when you find yourself in hospital staring at that symbol, remember that it signifies the doctor’s ability and skill to help you, as well as the well-established skills and knowledge of your own innate Doctor (your Body) who’s been healing you since day one.

Hence – Dual Serpent.

[Please reflect and comment, to join our Class discussion]

Born on this day: Yasser Arafat, Noam Chomsky, Enid Blyton

3-Cimi* [6 July 2011]

Well, here we go again! 10-consecutive Portal Days coming right at you.

Cimi signifies a form of surrender. In the context of the 8th uinal only just began, 3-Cimi is very much like the point in the Roller-Coaster ride when the cars have completed their painstaking climbing up uinals 1-7, and the first cars are already plunging down into oblivion, taking everyone else with them.

Going Deeper down the Rabbit Hole and what’s after the Matrix CORE

I’d like to use a global-cultural meme right now, if I may.

The Postmodern-day Muad’Dib/Messiah/The One is also known as Neo.

Keanu Reeves, who is Agent Smith’s adversary in the Matrix series, is 3-Edznab. So, according to the Mayan Tzolkin calendar, the Matrix (Agent Smith) means Boundless Death (3-Cimi, Hugo Weaving) against Humanity (Neo) which is portrayed by Boundless Reflections (3-Edznab, Reeves).

You want to know what “Boundless Reflections” mean? Check this one out:

In this scene Neo and the Architect of the Matrix are discussing mother Earth. She is played by the Oracle character, and represents… well you know, right?

3-Edznab is coming up on the next Southern trecena: 1-Cib, right after the Tzolkin Summer has began.

“The Matrix is Older than you Think!”

It immediately reminded me of a dream I had.

I was standing next to Harry Potter, in Albus Dumbledore’s office. The walls were littered with various Dead people from the past. They were moving and talking between themselves. The Matrix is ancient indeed, my fellow travelers.

Richard Harris (Dumbledore), by the way, is 2-Lamat (Manik Trecena), while Daniel Radcliffe (Potter) is 6-Lamat (Akbal Trecena).

Albus was the Architect. Now I get it.

[Please reflect and comment, to join our Class discussion – last call, all aboard!]

Born on this day: Hugo Weaving (Matrix), Paul McCartney, Natalie Merchant

4-Manik* [7 July 2011]

Speaking of Manik, 4-Manik’s message and energy is the most balanced form of Medicine known in the Mayan culture (and so is 8-Manik).  So, if you’re praying for someone’s health – this is the day for focusing your thoughts, prayers, and intentions.

Manik is the Deer, or more precisely – the Raam. It is the Spirit of the Forest, the one that doesn’t hesitate to claim his last stand, in a God-sent bush-fire, for example. The Raam shares symbolical grounds with the Father of Raam, a.k.a. Abraham (Hebrew).

Raam is also known as the Zodiac sign Aries. It reflects an age in history, dated around 2000 BC till 1 AD. The Age of Aries was replaced by the Age of Pices around the 4th Night of the National Underworld. The next age in Light is Aquarious.

Are we there yet?

To better understand this symbolism, I warmly recommend watching this amazing clip from Annie Lennox (12-Edznab, Manik trecena):

It is an amazing and good-hearted piece of Art, mixing Christian and Pagan symbolism. Father Raam appears right before the end. It is a Raam laid out in a  Cross (4) position, pointing to the four cardinal directions of the heavens. This four-legged depiction of 4-Manik, the Raam on all his Fours in a forest clearing means the unending Pilgrimage of the Sons of Abraham.

Born on this day: Prince Charles, Malcolm X, Bugsy Siegel, Sharon Corr (The Corrs Irish Band)

Here’s a beautiful video, where you’ll be able to Hear 4-Manik in the magical-forest voice of Sharon Corr (in the amazing Green dress on the left):

“To hold us till the day, when Fear will lose its grip… Heaven knows no frontiers, and I’ve seen Heaven in your Eyes” – 4-Manik (Sharon Corr) harmonizing beautifully with 1-Cib (Caroline Corr).

[Last tardy attendees – please join our discussion]

5-Lamat* [8 July 2011]

One of Mexico’s National Treasures is the artist Frida Kahlo, who was born 3-Ahau on the Edznab trecena. Although she was one of a kind when it came to art, right up there with the big names, her memory is scattered between scandal and market value. Here is one of my favorites of hers:

Frida Kahlo - 3-Ahau

She died 4-Ix on the Monkey trecena (the one just past in this Round). In Day/Night terms, this is the 3rd Night of the Tzolkin.

On the 2nd Night of the Galactic Underworld, just before Dawn of the 3rd Day, a Hollywood feature-film came out. The script was based on the biography of Frida Kahlo. The lead was given into the capable hands of Salma Hayek. Here is a famous clip from the film:

Salma Hayek was born 5-Lamat (which in Day/Night calculations add up to the Deepening 4th Night of the Tzolkin). We are already in the 3rd consecutive Portal Day, and what’s called for right now is a Precise Star (5-Lamat).

When you’re out in the desert at night, looking for good shelter, all you need is 1 Precise Star. A single star from the multitude, which you’ll be able to recognize immediately and navigate safely according to it to the nearest Oasis. It’s only a just a small star (5th stage Star) not yet 6 or 7, but it pinpoints your location and maps the way to more Abundance on this Southern Sunny trecena.

The Rabbit and Military Service

I have to admit that it surprised me to find that a very high percentages of Lamat-people find themselves making a career out of the Army, and then moving on to politics (generally politically-aware people). Lamat in Mayan means “Rabbit”, and it is an abundant sign of many talents and effective Hard Work. Closely following after Lamat, you’ll find Imix-people (Like Tony Blair 13-Imix) right next to Shamans/Ix-people (Like Joseph Stalin 3-Ix).

Among distinguished members of the Armed Forces worldwide you might find Hosni Mubarak (6-Lamat), Benjamin Netanyahu (7-Lamat), Mao Zedong (4-Imix), and, if you will: Margaret Thatcher (8-Ix).

I can also mention the ones on the actual Lamat trecena, who seem to be either Militaristic or Visionaries (true or false ones): Nelson Mandela (3-Oc), Dwight D. Eisenhower (5-Eb), Sarah Palin (7-Ix), and Condoleezza Rice (11-Edznab).

Important Note: Milton Wiliam Cooper is 13-Lamat. Forever.

I’m checking out this theory, so I might be wrong. At any rate, you’ll find plenty of that type of consciousness down the road on the 1-Kan trecena, I’m sure. We’ve already encountered Yasser Arafat, Agent Smith, Malcolm X, Bugsy Siegel, and we’re about to encounter Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

Maybe I’m just trying to make a point since I’m an 8-Lamat and I served for 5 years in the Navy. I had several friends in my crew who are Lamats, who stayed on for a career. I loved my crew and Service. I got discharged as a Petty Officer at the tender age of 23.

All I’m at liberty to share with you is that it was a mix of Secret and Service.

Late Katun 13 of the Planetary Underworld

Oh, and back on the military stuff, check out this following clip from one of my all-times favorite movie Little Miss Sunshine. In this movie, Paul Dano (also 5-Lamat) plays Dwayne, a teenager who reads Nietzsche and took a vow of silence until such time that he can become a Pilot in the Military. In this scene he realizes that he can’t become a Pilot, like he wanted to:

Born on this day: Salma Hayek, Paul Dano

6-Muluc* [9 July 2011]

Click here to read on about 6-Muluc.

Born on this day: Sam Elliot (The Stranger from Big Lebowski), Burning Spear (Reggae artist), Shaggy, Hugo Chavez, Al Capone, Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

7-Oc* [10 July 2011]

Click here to read on about 7-Oc.

Born on this day: Mariah Carey, Charles Lloyd (Jazz), Golda Meir, Anwar Sadat

Coming up next:

Jesse Owens WINS the 100 M dash in front of the entire 3rd Reich.

Robert Downey Jr. plays in a Henry Goodman Broadway hit, based on the biography of Jazz Bass-man Gary Peacock.

Plácido Domingo sings Classics by Josef Zawinul. The camera pans as Salman Rushdie is Fast Asleep.

Leslie Nielsen, Adam Sandler, Peter Coyote, Cary Grant, and Susan Sarandon come to realize that all of them were born on the same Tzolkin date.

And, for the late night, Rip Torn joins his Drama School master Lee Strasberg and go Live on National TV to talk with Johnny Carson (who is 5-Kan, so he’s out of sight right now, on the flip-side).

Rip Torn circa Baktun 11 of the Planetary Underworld (photo courtesy of http://abbottgran.wordpress.com - thanks!)

My firm advise right now is to take a noon-nap not to miss the late-night.

Link to Part 2

17 responses to “1-Kan Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

  1. Michael Hartigan

    you call 3 flint and 3 death “boundless” flint and death. i associate 3 with dynamism and activity. what is your system for associating the numbers with ideas? i have been imprinted by the mayanmajix.com system, 1 unity, 2 duality, 3 activity, etc. can you share your model? thanks!

    • There is no contradiction here, since I also rely heavily on MayanMajix and Ian’s deep understanding of it.
      If you look at the neighboring numbers maybe you’ll begin to understand my point of origin. 3 is dynamic action, but so is its counterpart 11. The reason I use the adjective “boundless” is because it comes before the boundaries of stage 4. Therefore, it is action, but it is definitely rhythmic in nature.
      Rhythm basically means infinity and No Frontiers. The drummer keeps on going until the melody ends. On the other hand, the music that’s played on top of the rhythm tells a story, and therefore has form and structure: a beginning, a development, a climax, and an ending.
      So, 3 means dynamic activity, which is a result of the decision to move on (taken at stage 2) and has no limits, since it precedes the timeout “Night” period of stage 4, in which lines are drawn in the sand and the process is ready to be empowered by stage 5 (Day 3).

      I hope this is a good X-Planation. Thanks for your insights!

  2. Michael Hartigan

    thats great. i am always making up my own versions of systems as i explore them. i thought a lot about it today, and came to the same conclusion you just explained about boundlessness coming before form and the stability of 4. maybe 8 would better be called “balance” than “justice” in my book, but that book is always a work in progress.

    4 is the number of order and system to me, and 3 is the number of chaos and nature. i need to think it over before i say more 🙂

    thanks, its definitely a good xplanation

    • I wouldn’t say that 3 is chaos, not from the point of view of stage 1 or 2, but maybe from stage 5 onward. By stage 11, 3 is considered either outdated or a natural visionary – depending on Taste.
      8 is definitely Balance, as Justice should be balance, too. In the first trecena (1-Imix) stage 8 meets Lamat (Star), which is also a sign of balance and harmony.
      Here’s something cool I just found out, and you can try it at home:
      While typing on your keyboard, Type Shift+8.

      You’ll get Lamat.

  3. Pre-4 = unbounded = boundless; got it clever boy! I was lost there too, glad you brought it up Michael. So since i’m a 2 ahau i unnecessarily trap myself by refusing to make a decision, when i could be forever FREE! Especially b/c i strongly resist falling back into 1 (unity), possibly more than any other # — hence my natural aversion to ‘Oneness consciousness’. Wow, I’m beginning to make sense to myself. Thanks, master Eagle. [and i am not being facetious, despite my earlier confession at your fb page that my obnoxious DNA strand was running loose today. You’re brilliant!]

    Twos of the world rhythmically unite and dance! I’ve tested the water, it’s safe… it won’t dissolve your delicious duality, really.

    • Thanks for the kudos, Sharon!
      Yes, the stage when you were born was 2, but the sun-sign was Ahau. So, naturally, I expect more from you, as you always do from yourself.
      Sharon, I’ll give you my one single message to all my readers (it’s still being formulated): You are EVERYTHING.
      You are 4-Ahau on a stable day, and a 2-Chuen on a challenging day. You indeed began your journey on 2-Ahau, but since then you’ve experienced and internalized all 260 messages from the Sun many times over. And, might I add – did so over 3 Different underworlds.
      You’ve also met all the 260 ego-prototypes at least once.
      You always refer back to your point of origin (2-Ahau), and its various harmonics (burner days, same sun-sign, same stage). But you must also be aware of the extent to which you’re focusing on that compared to everything else that is going on constantly.

      These are all global expressions of Unity.
      Duality is doomed to dissolve, by the way. In a very friendly dance indeed.

      • You wrote “Duality is doomed to dissolve” Nooooooooooooo!
        Now that that is out of my system…thank you for your expanding thoughts pertinent to any day sign point of origin and acknowledgment of the Ahau ‘burden’ even as our lives might appear easily blessed from the outside looking in. You’re awesome.

        btw, Did you get my email critiquing information flow between your location and the rest of the world? A suspicious mind needs to know.

      • Hi there Sharon!
        I need to refine my previous response and say that the dissolvement of Duality actually means (in the context of the 1-Kan trecena) multiplying duality onto infinite Choice.
        No Stage and no Sun-Sign are ever destined to be altogether abolished or sidelined. 2 is fundamental questioning and (self) inquiry.
        I do not recall receiving this email. Can you please resend it to my Yahoo account?

        You’re awesome too, Sharon. How about we make a phone webinar with Michael?

  4. Michael Hartigan

    greetings eagle!

    i associate 3 w chaos in a very pure sense, not an “friggin anarchy” sense. boundlessness is necessarily chaotic since it has not achieved its order or form (4m) yet. also, the 3rd card of the tarot is the empress, isis-urania, symbolizing the fractality of Nature, while the 4th card is the emperor, the cubic stone, symbolizing Order and the fractality of pattern and sacred geometry.

    sharon, thanks, 2 days are particularly hard for me to handle. duality energy is a paradox that i am always trying to reconcile into oneness or threeness and beyond! its very hard for me to accept 2 unless i accept the 2 as 1 at once. sympathies, and agreements with eagle solomon that we are each everything! don’t stay where you were, get where you’re going, that is, to encompass every sign and tone, so that each day you can harmonize with that days process instead of identifying with just your own! it really helps to have a flexible and insane attitude about self-identity hahaha 🙂 you were born in a storm week, and storms are great at putting themselves in someone elses point of view or seeing from a perspective that isnt even “their own”. i know some storms who have a really hard time with that aspect of their psyches, but its the way to move to the center of the spiral or circle instead of identifying with only one part of it!

    here is my system (at present 🙂 of ideas about the tones

    1 – unity, oneness, birth, source
    2 – duality, reaction, paradox, polarized, stabilizing
    3 – active, boundless, 1st stage of dynamism (raw unformed dynamic)
    4 – stable, form, order, contained, defined
    5 – empowered, beautiful (in the sense that 5 is the geometric expression of phi), integrated, [expression of the formed IDEA]
    6 – movement, flow, time/space, 2nd stage of dynamism (formed whole dynamic)
    7 – reflective, resonant, harmonious, merging
    8 – balance, justice, stability (2nd stage),self-realized (as a whole part), day when light pulse emerges from ethereal realms to transduce to the GALAXY
    9 – patient, fractal, pattern-realized (as part of a whole), day when galactic expression transduces to STARS
    10 – manifestation, actualization, [expression of the idealized FORM], day when solar expression transduces to PLANETS
    11 – integration, reaction, dissonance, resolution, day when established pattern and yesterdays manifestation are encompassed by what already existed
    12 – understanding, retrospection, stability (3rd stage), day when synergy of days 1-11 become realizable as one wave.
    13 – ascension, dissolution, releasing, void

    feel free to add, substract, divide, multiply, or comment in any way you see fit! thank you in advance for all feedback

    michael hartigan (1 reed)
    july 7th 2011, 4 deer

    • Michael Hartigan

      id like to add that i see 9 as the 3rd stage of dynamism, following 3 and 6, and that it represents the potential patient dynamism that is followed by day 10’s kinetic manifestation.

      forgot that. thanks

      • You hit the nail on the head there, Michael.
        You should check out work by Marko Rodin. He’s all about 3, 6, and 9.
        It is the Trinity, with 9 is the Holy Ghost.
        It is also the Yin and Yang (3/6, 6/3) with 9 as the border S that runs between the Black and the White. It is also the circumference of the symbol itself.


    • That’s deep, Michael. I’d like to take the day off to ponder it.
      Overall my gut tells me you’re right again.

    • “don’t stay where you were, get where you’re going” My dear Michael, that reveals the crux of the matter in dealing with duality…My # is not naturally an existential traveller; it is the very nature of 2 to flip back and forth between extremes — good/bad, aggressive/passive, friendly/aloof — just to experience the full range, no destination needed such as enlightenment (my Ahau nature modifies greatly here).

      I agree it is a wise thing “to encompass every sign and tone, so that each day you can harmonize with that days process instead of identifying with just your own!” b/c obviously the ‘full range’ from a 2s point of view misses the greater complexity to be found beyond either/or processing. Thank you.

      • Michael Hartigan

        sharon you are most welcome! best of luck on your quest of self!

        eagle, take all the time you need, thats a lot of info all at once. thanks!

        5 star

  5. brett gordhamer

    this is such a beautiful way to enter the trecena’s…thank you!!!!!

  6. brett gordhamer

    3,6,9, is also the underlying structure of the ennea(9)gram..brilliant converstation..

  7. Michael Hartigan


    that is some marko rodin info that i found on the enneagram which is really neat, although a total head-full @ 7:30am 🙂 mmmm coffffeeeee

    thanks brett and eagle for the leads, i love sacred geometry and especially 2D symbols which imply 3D and hyperD realities. i am a huge dork for the flower of life (which is the unfolded 2D surface of the torus described by rodin above) and all of its manifestations, like the “tree of life” of the kabbalists, metatrons cube, and all sacred geometry for that matter.


    michael hartigan (1 reed)
    July 8th 2011, 5 star

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