1-Kan Trecena Analysis: Part 2 of 2

1-Kan Diagram: Please note the geometric modifications recently incorporated

Updated today, 10-Ben! Scroll below for more, beginning with the Heading 8-Chuen [11 July 2011] New Year’s. Even though it’s already in the past, there are some valuable lessons to reflect on.

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Flowing Water, Reflecting Love

6-Muluc [Sat. 9 July 2011] and 7-Oc [Sun. 1o July 2011]

Although 6-Muluc (a pivotal day in my opinion) came and went already yesterday, it goes hand in hand with today (7-Oc). I’ll therefore regard them as an archtype-sun-sign duo, when appearing in adjacent stages 6 and 7.

Stage Considerations

I’ll begin with the stage-dimension. The stage 6+7 duo is an unusual one, which deserves a unique discussion in its own. The reason this duo is unique is because it doesn’t follow the traditional Heaven divisions of Day/Night. Stage 6 is 3rd Night, while Stage 7 is 4th Day. Since we are coupling a Night with a different Day, we are actually contemplating the way the intuitive Dreams of the 3rd Night find their place in Reality and manifest on the Lessons of Light during the 4th Day.

So, in the dimension of Evolutionary quantum-leaps (the daily stages) the first part of the duo -6- represent: “movement, flow, time/space, 2nd stage of dynamism (formed whole dynamic)” – Michael Hartigan

Run a search on this page (and in the previous post) using his name as keyword and find him in the Comments below. This is a good and concise description of stage 6 (as well as of the other stages), so we’ll “Flow” with it and use it as the base (Michael is 1-Ben, so it’s not a long-shot to think that he constitutes good foundations). To this list of Expressions I’ll just add “Conservative“. We’ll see if it works.

The second part -7- represents: “reflective, resonant, harmonious, merging” (Hartigan again). To this list I’ll add “The Dual aspect of Expression and Manifestation”.

I’m going to use the mountain climber analogy again, since it hasn’t altogether failed me yet. Let’s look at the above image and focus on the 6th and 7th Heavens/Stations/Stages. And, we’ll add to that the vicarious experience of climbing Mount Rushmore, for example; using our bare hands and raw skillz.

Here’s what Heavens 6 and 7 mean to the average Mountaineer.

6th Stage/Heaven

"We went down to the River, and into the River we'd Dive"

  • I begin to see more Sky than Rock.
  • It is obvious that the upward expression is reaching its climax.
  • I can already See the Skies on the other side.
  • I therefore “Flow”.
  • In other words, I use my Ego-resilience to continue the LIGHT of the seeds planted on Day 1, germinated on Day 2, and broke ground and grew tall on day 3.
  • Relying on the previous periods of Light, the 6th Heaven represents a Stillness and a natural tendency for relying on past achievements.

This is basically what I mean by “Conservative/Traditional”.

HW: Check out 6-persons you know and prove me wrong.

7th Stage/Heaven

"Prayed through the nights, So faithfully" - Mariah Caray (7-Oc)

  • I’ve Made IT!
  • I can See behind me the build-up to the climax.
  • I can See in front of me the outlines of what lies before, during, and after manifestation
  • I’m Enjoying the View!
  • … but, I can’t Stay here forever.
  • Only now I See why I made this tough trek.
  • My History is good, and it seems that the future can also be so. I just need to maintain my focus and purpose.
  • My ancestors are the very ground on which we stand. It is solid, holy, and fertile Soil (this is especially pertinent for 7-Cimi, 7-Cib, 7-Ahau, 7-Manik and the like)

Here is where my suggestion wedges in: “The Dual aspect of Expression and Manifestation“. This can be attributed to many of the above bullets, e.g., History and Future, “Should I Stay or Should I go?“, etc.

Being the perfect midpoint between Stage 1 and 13, it is the Apex of the Current process, not the Apex of Evolution. It is the heartbeat (OC/Caban) of the current trecena, which dynamically drives evolution, closely resonating with stages 1 and 13.

HW: How is 7th Stage/Heaven connected to the Trinity (3rd-dimension) level of consciousess (with relation to 1st and 13th Heavens)?

Sun-Sign (Nature) Considerations


Born on this day: Sam Elliot (The Stranger from Big Lebowski), Burning Spear (Reggae artist)Shaggy, Hugo Chavez, Al Capone, Norman Schwarzkopf, Jr.

Now the discussion moves to the Sun-Sign aspect of this duo. Here we have the lead-up (9th) sun-sign Muluc and 1/2 mid-point (10th) sun-sign Oc.

Muluc is the 17th and last Eastern trecena in the Tzolkin and it represents the most Extreme form of Fluidity, when counting Eastern (Red) Trecenas: 1-Imix, 1-Ben, 1-Chicchan, 1-Caban and 1-Muluc. The way Muluc achieves fluidity is by employing the Archetypical Nature of (Unknown) Depth. Go throw a stone into a body of Muluc and see how fast the ripples die-down.

The River Flows on (6-Muluc), in appreciation and thanksgiving (Offering). To imagine what this is like you can think about standing on a riverbank. When a strong River flows by you, it seems to be completely still and motionless.

Like the spokes on a wheel rotating in a certain RPM, resonant with our frequency of Vision.

To my understanding, this is the conservative nature of 6-Muluc. It is an essential link between the gathering (Heavens 1 through 5) and the Reflection (7th Heaven), along with being the forerunner to the balanced phase of the Process.


Born on this day: Mariah Carey, Charles Lloyd (Jazz), Golda Meir, Anwar Sadat

Let’s begin with some light entertainment.

Here’s Reflective Love (7-Oc) coming at you with Mariah Carey’s magical and enchanting words of Love and Loyalty. I know it can be misunderstood for Truism, and you might suspect that I’ve somehow fallen in love and can only see butterflies now. Bear with me. Truism is essentially True:

“You treated me kind, Sweet destiny

And I’ll be eternally grateful holding you so close to me

Prayed through the nights so faithfully

Knowing the one that I needed Would find me eventually

… I had a vision of love.” – Mariah Carey (7-Oc)

Well, if you’re a dog (or bitch) and you’ve just climaxed on top of Mount Rushmore – wouldn’t you call that “A Vision of Love” or something along these lines?

Now, back to sincerity, 7-Oc is closely followed by 8-Chuen, which is the Mayan New Year. 8-Chuen is located at the beginning of the Tzolkin Spring.

(Remember? 1-Chuen was the Spring Equinx in the Tzolkin, and Summer Solstice in the Sun’s domain)

This immediately resonates with the Jewish New-Year, which was originally celebrated in Passover (around the Spring Equinox), back when the Israelites were trekking the Sinai desent.

It is a Time of the Heart; a Time to celebrate the abundant Winter rains that came down during the tough Winter (1-Cimi through 13-Oc).

Mariah Carey was always a symbol of Abundance to me (among other nouns), ever since I started peeking into my mom’s Women’s journals. I’d like to wrap her up and take her home.

The same goes for Golda Meir (again, taking Taste into consideration. Her suitors were Bilderbergs…)

8-Chuen [11 July 2011] New Year’s

Tzolkin News Flash: 7-OC

Before moving on to the most Balanced day in the Tzolkin, I just want to mark a tragedy that took place yesterday, 7-Oc. I’m not sure you’ve heard about it. It took place 1 day after 6-Muluc, while we were discussing: “you can think about standing on a riverbank” (see above in 6-Muluc).

The sinking of cruise ship Bulgaria on the Volga River in Tatarstan, Russia, leaves 129 people dead or missing.

The Balanced Artisan Leads the Way to Abundance

Born on this day: Johnny Marr, John Keats, Jesse Owens

"Vows of my slavery, my giving up, My sudden adoration, my great love!" - John Keats

And now, back to 8-Chuen. As mentioned before, 8-Chuen is located in the 2nd trecena of the Tzolkin Spring, and it is actually the Center of Gravity of the entire Tzolkin and Evolution process. 8-Chuen means Harmony which is much more subtle and deep than other Western 8’s (Like 8-Men or 8-Cauac), and even more so than all Southern 8’s put together (8-Lamat, 8-Ahau, etc.)

As discussed in 7-Oc above, the absolute midpoint of the trecena is 7th Heaven/Stage/4th Day. But, it is not the center of evolution, nor its Center of Gravity. It is simply the dual divide-point of the Current process. The midpoint of Nature and Evolution is “Left of center” in a manner of speech. It is Infinity (8), and the center of the Universe – the Heart. Therefore, in the Uinal, Oc is the 10th sign and Chuen is 11th i.e., center +1.

8th Heaven/Stage/4th Night is considered to be the balancing point of the Universal process. It is the mid-point between Stage 1 of the current trecena and Stage 1 of the next one. This is why the 8th stage is included in the progressive set of Burner Days (3, 8, 13).

It is comforting to know that the Tzolkin is ahead of the Tun by 1 trecena exactly. So, whatever you read here – you’ll have time to absorb and then use when the 18-Day count reaches its 8-Chuen-equivalent.

And if we’re on the matter of coordinating calendars (which is what you guys should be already waist-deep into) – I’ll give you a current fix on our position.

The Tun/18-Day count is now exactly on 10-Ahau. Therefore I suggest reading back this post and this one too. Then you’ll be able to retrace the days between 10-Ahau, 8-Chuen, and everything that’s balanced on the other side of Evolution.

[Please reflect and comment on this Great Day of Balance]

9-Eb [12 July 2011] The Road Map

Born on this day: Gary Peacock, Matisyahu, Speach (Arrested Development), Robert Downey Jr., Henry Goodman (British Theatre)

The Road Map means "You're Already there" - Matisyahu

How nice it is to get a Road Map the day after the New Year has began!

If 8-Chuen was Passover Eve, 9-Eb is Passover itself. It is the day in which Law was given to the Israelites. It was their New Year day too. It is notable to state at this point that I find many harmonic points between the culture of the People of Canaan and the Mayan culture. At least when it comes to marking transition points, both Tribes mark the Spring Equinox as the New Year, and both mark the beginning of tomorrow right after the Sun has set.

I can also add the Holocaust/Naqba/Territorial Tragedy/Genocide that is lodged on both sides of the Earth’s hemispheres (whether by Greenwich Mean Time or by Calleman’s Lore). But that can be a touchy line of discourse, so I’ll stick to the Subject Matter. For Now.

So, I would like at this point to introduce a young Rapper from the land of Canaan. He wrote the following words of multi-dimensional Abundance about to manifest just around the corner:

“If you’re trying to stay high, you’re bound to stay low

You want G-d but you can’t deflate your Ego

You’re Already There, then there’s no where to go

You’re cup’s already full, then it’s bound to Overflow” – Matistahu (9-Eb)

If you watch the video till the end, you’ll find Timely lines from Psalms.

10-Ben [13 July 2011] Jacob’s Ladder (Manifested Destiny)

Born on this day – You have to Read it to Believe it (but don’t believe – study): Plácido Domingo, Salman Rushdie, Sigmund Freud, Carl Gustav Jung, Joe Zawinul, Kevin Spacey, Mel Gibson.

Jacob slept on the Stone of Destiny when he Dreamed about the Ladder

Relations between Stage 1 and 10

First, I need to point your attention to the correspondence that seems to exist between stages  1 and 10.

1 begins the story, and 10 is when the protagonist is ripe and ready for his Trials of manifestation. So, in this trecena, we have a Seed (1-Kan) which becomes a Reed (10-Ben). The Seed manifests as a mature reed, ready to blossom on Stage 11 and Flower on 12.

If you check out other trecenas, you’re bound to find such interesting stories. For example:

  • The Crocodile becomes a Blood-Hound
  • Death manifests and brings the Eagle’s Vision
  • The Father of Raam (Abraham, Manik) manifests Sanctity and Wisdom (Cathedral, Cib)
  • [Your HW]

Ben as the Tribe Leader

Just one glance at the list of distinguished gentlemen (couldn’t find ladies, sorry) who were born on 10-Ben, and you might begin to grasp what exactly is Manifested Destiny.

Destiny on the 10th Stage means that the conduit between Heaven and Earth has become a reality (Jacob’s Ladder). The leaders/Ladders born under the Ben sign (Like Obama, Ben-Gurion, Sarkozy, FDR, Menachem Begin) are well-known for their charisma, oratory skills, Dogma-with-impunity preaching, authority, and amazing ability to sway the masses.

Please keep that list of men in mind, and watch the following footage from The Fable of William Wallace, spun to perfect illusion by Mel Gibson (who is 10-Ben):

I can easily see Begin or Ben-Gurion starring in that lead role of the Scottish King without a Crown. Speaking right to the hearts of the fighting men through the Familial energy of Ben. Unfortunately or not, I did my best to visualize Obama on that horse with his face all painted blue, but it didn’t work for him as awesome as it did for Begin or FDR.

Psychology and the Art of Jazz

How freakish is it that Freud and Jung are one and the same as far as the Tzolkin goes? And Salman Rushdie too? Boy, talk about some heavy-thinkers there.

I’m doubtful many of you have heard of the visionary composer Josef Zawinul. Here is an excerpt from his Wikipedia entry:

Zawinul was born and grew up in Landstraße, as a son of the worker Josef Zawinul, in Vienna, Austria, where he went to school with the late former Austrian Federal President Thomas Klestil. His grandmother was a Hungarian Sinti (“Gypsy”), and his grandfather was from southern Moravia.

Zawinul, along with Wayne Shorter (8-Manik), and the young Jaco Pastorius (11-Cauac) were the core members of Weather Report, back in the 70’s (10th Baktun of the Planetary Underworld). These three geniuses (of which only one is still on Earth) revolutionized their instruments during that period.

  • 8-Manik came first, Harmonizing on Saxophone
  • 10-Ben came next, the Lead composer and Elder on Keyboard
  • 11-Cauac followed closely on phenomenal Fretless Bass (the 26 year-old Mozart – Pastorius)

Here’s some spark of brilliance, with 10-Ben on Keyboard:

Extra-curricular material can be found under this link. Amazingly Alive and recent piece. And, a bonus question for the ones in the know – What is the Tzolkin birthday of legendary percussionist Manolo Badrena? I’ve been trying to pin him down and add him to my Matrix for years now.

In Short, Abundance has manifested today and we have a Reed, a conduit:

  • to elevate all our work and action in this dimension into Dreamland
  • to bring Science Fiction and Fantasy from Dreamland down to Earth.

11-Ix [14 July 2011] Resolving Shaman

The Feminine-Feline aspect of 11-Ix

Born on this day: Chris Cornell, Bernard Sumner, Black Francis

"Must be a Devil between us, or whores in my head... at the door... in my bed" - Black Francis (11-Ix)

One of my childhood heroes is Amelia Earhart. She was born on the 1-Edznab trecena, the one opposite the current Kan trecana, on the North. Her birthday is 10-Manik. She was last seen July 2 1937, which was at the beginning of Day 5/9th Heaven of the Planetary Underworld. That date was the same as Today’s 11-Ix.

Her story, especially after recent findings (however inconclusive), can serve as a Universal feminine myth. It was just a few weeks ago when the Internet was buzzing with videos of Saudi women in full regalia videoing themselves driving. Maybe we are closer than we think to see a Lebanese Commercial Airliner Wonder-Woman pilot on YouTube, landing all aboard safely.

In her loving memory, I would like to add some words written by Joni Mitchell, who was born 3-Ben (in the previous Artisan trecena). 3-Ben was the last time Ben appeard in the Tzolkin, so it resonates with Yesterday. This is from her song titled “Amelia”:

A ghost of aviation
She was swallowed by the sky
Or by the sea, like me she had a dream to fly
Like Icarus ascending
On beautiful foolish arms
Amelia, it was just a false alarm
Maybe I've never really loved
I guess that is the truth
I've spent my whole life in clouds at icy altitude
And looking down on everything
I crashed into his arms
Amelia, it was just a false alarm

This Monkey’s Gone to Heaven

The trecena before 1-Kan is 1-Chuen. After 10-Ben’s manifestation of Jacob’s Ladder, and in tribute to the Balancing Artisan, I’d like to introduce Black Francis (11-Ix) and the Pixies from Boston. With Francis you’ll hear Kim Deal (6-Edznab, Ben trecena) on bass and backing vocals. The lyrics are absolutely razor sharp:

There was a guy
An underwater guy who controlled the sea
Got killed by ten million pounds of sludge
From New York and New Jersey

This monkey's gone to heaven

The creature in the sky
Got sucked in a hole
Now there's a hole in the sky
And the ground's not cold
And if the ground's not cold
Everything is gonna burn
We'll all take turns
I'll get mine, too

This monkey's gone to heaven

If Man is 5...
Then the Devil is 6
And if the Devil is 6
Then G-d is 7

This monkey's gone to heaven

[Please reflect and comment]

12-Men [15 July 2011] Deep Vision

Born on this day: Busta Rhymes, Michael Jordan, Donald Rumsfeld, Adam Sandler, Peter Coyote, Susan Sarandon

Air Jordan, Leslie Nielson, Cary Grant, and Susan Sarandon

Last of the 10-consecutive Portal Day dash. Next one will be in the 1-Chicchan trecena of the next Tzolkin.

With regards to today’s sun-sign (Eagle-Vision) it is interesting to note that the 1-Men trecena manifests on 10-Kan. So there is a subtle and intimate connection between the sun-signs Kan and Men. This connection also exists between other sun-signs which are 12/10 signs apart.

So, 12-Men is titled “Deep Vision” since number 12 is associated with Depth of Understanding, and Vision is bestowed by the Eagle.

It is said that Men-people find fortune and luck in all their dealings. So, on the Seed trecena of basic abundance, at the very last stage of the journey, the Eagle hovers over the Earth and understands how Seeds become Tree-trunks (Ben), and then with the Magic of the Jungle’s Spirit (Ix) flowers blossom on the tree, and in turn get impregnated by Vision (Men) and ripen to be fruits of Wisdom (Cib), which bear a Gazillion new seeds.

13-Cib [16 July 2011] Gotham Cathedral (Temp name)

Born on this day: Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Rip Torn

"My humps, my humps. My Lovely Lady lumps" - Fergie (13-Cib)

Back to normalcy with the Holiest and Heaviest day of the Abundance festival just concluded.

Link to next trecena: 1-Caban

Closing Notes

To those of you who haven’t yet seen this, you’ll enjoy it even better on Part 2 of the trecena:

To get a good grip on the aforementioned “Mountaineer” analogy and its innate Duality on 7, I warmly recommend (as a bonus before signing off) to watch the following Mountaineer sketch, played to perfection by 1-Oc and 13-Imix, completed wonderfully by the recent 10-Ahau:

7 responses to “1-Kan Trecena Analysis: Part 2 of 2

  1. Michael Hartigan

    awesome stuff eagle, and im honored to be referenced! thanks 🙂

    i had never put together the traditional/conservative aspect of 6, and your homework has me trying to think of 6 people off the top of my head. sadly i can’t, but your xplanation rings very true.

    star and moon were challenging days from a rational standpoint, especially yesterday. i’m glad for the order and obedience to heirarchy that dog represents.

    7s homework has me thinking that if 1 and 13 stand “on their own” so to speak as the beginning and end of the pulse, picking up and letting go, 7 is “having it in your hand”. i also note that 1 and 13 share an elemental association (fire/yellow/south this week) but 7 is opposite the direction of the base pulse (air/white/north) so… um… maybe it doesn’t have the same stand-alone complex as 1 and 13, maybe it represents the opposite, an innate connection to the other days. then again, 1s energy is innately underlying the other days of the week, so maybe 7s energy is somehow above or overriding the “flavor” or feel of the week, while 13s energy is the dissolution of the weeks wave and not connected in any innate way.

    or maybe im taking the opportunity dog day presents to bark a lot and chase my own tail here… what do you think?? 🙂

    michael hartigan (1 reed)
    july 10th 2011, 7 dog

    • Hey Michael,

      I remember Eagle previously writing about the energy tied to #7 balancing the overall trend of the trecena b/c it was the opposite sign and stood in the middle or something like that, but the two of you have a way with words: “7s homework has me thinking that if 1 and 13 stand “on their own” so to speak as the beginning and end of the pulse, picking up and letting go, 7 is “having it in your hand”. Excellent!

      Eagle: The conversative/traditional aspect i have always associated with number 6s on the enneagram; they do NOT want to break with the group even if they themselves are unconventional — expressions sprout from this existing base as much as prompted by future vision as you note with the mountain climber who is beginning to tip the balance of viewed sky over rock; the flow begins at that point.

      • Michael Hartigan

        thank you sharon! calendar studies bring out the best in me 🙂 i’m Really glad to contribute here, in fact, i wanted to start a blog Just Like this one but i was overwhelmed by the work and constant upkeep that the project represented, and i didn’t feel i knew enough yet to keep it fresh and exciting over a long period.

        having a personal and personalized relationship with time is a priceless thing, and i’m really glad to put my verbose side to worthwhile use. thanks again for the appreciation

  2. I really dig the insight regarding 6/7 where the 6 associates with NIGHT 3 {yin} and is unequally yoked with DAY 4, and not its DAY 3 {natural yang partner}. Carl Calleman speaks about how the Maya perceived that the god ruling any DAY starts to assert his rule beginning at the midpoint of the previous NIGHT, so that might be the critical linkage between the two: The Venus transit immediately following the 3rd NIGHT midpoint of the Galactic Underworld in June 2004 would be the most visible template for a joining of these ‘forces’.

  3. Michael Hartigan

    Happy Mayan New Year!

    michael hartigan (1 reed)
    July 11th 2011, 8 monkey

  4. Being that we are one it is logical to assume that at one point in existence we existed in the first dimension. Being in the same mold but not aware of what was around us, in the second dimension an awareness of each other developed, obviously what we view is where we are now. Is this merging of consciousness an evolutionary change to the fourth dimension?

    • Hi Mike! Thanks for joining our “class” discussion!
      Your question had me thinking since 12-Men, and I’m finally replying… Time to manifest, right?
      You dimension division is interesting, but I usually use another. In the context of this blog about the Tun and Tzolkin cross-calendar discussions, I would first use two primary vehicles:

    • 9-Step Pyramid of Consciousness as a blueprint for 9 possible and open dimensions in a logical hierarchy.
    • 13-Stage trecena Master-Plan; the very tapestry and fabric of Time and Space. Here we have an alternating Dual/Unitary model/paradigm of Days and Nights. The very rhythm of the Sun’s and Earth’s Heartbeat (apropos 1-Caban beginning today). In terms of dimensions, I would use the Prime Mayan numbers 3, 5, 8, 9, and 13 (as an example – Hartigan, I see your reply coming…)
    • If I adopt your proposed paradigm I would say that we are now experiencing rapid transition from the 3rd dimension (represented by the World Tree of Life and the Long Count and Tun calendars) to whatever’s above it. It might’s be the 4th dimension, although my bet is that it’s ultimately All other dimensions, be them 9, 13, 20 or whatever we can’t directly see yet in Reality/Matrix.

      By the way, please include your Tzolkin Mayan calendar birthday next time you get time to respond.

      Enjoy your Sunday,