1-Caban Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

The World is my Oyster (Holly Johnson - 13-Chuen)

Link to previous trecena: 1-Kan, Part 2

Note 1: This post was updated through 6-Ik! Please read down and comment.

Note 2: To ALL Non-Native English readers – I’m writing this blog for you in simplified English. You will find strange words here and there, but it’s well worth the Copy-Paste to your favorite translation site. You will, however, need to learn the Mayan words I’m using. To that end, I recommend reading previous Trecena Analysis posts, beginning here.

Note 3: To ALL veteran readers – Yesterday i’ve updated my very first post on this series [The Tzolkin Calendar did you know?] with some Explosive findings.

Note 4Beginning 1-Oc, I’ve decided to rename this blog: “Another Time: Daily Tzolkin/Tun Digest”. So look out for it in that form.

The 1-Caban trecena is the first one out of the intensive 6th, 7th, and 8th uinals, where there are consecutive Portal and Core days. It begins at the closing chapter of the 8th uinal, and most of it takes Place in Time in the 9th uinal.

Caban people are known to be extremely cerebral and logical, even to the point of poor judgment that’s based on logic alone. I would therefore like to propose a line of inquiry right at the beginning of the trecena. It seems that the sun-signs align with the stages in a very logical way. It is almost like the 1-Imix trecena, where every day spells out “beginning”.

So there seems to be some logical correspondence between sun-sign and stage number in the Caban trecena. It is as though the theme of this period is to understand how Nature (sun-sign) and Expression (stage) can be arranged on the Macro/Global level in order for the Earth itself to be balanced.

This is the thesis I’d like to examine with you during the first part of the trecena.

1-Caban [17 July 2011] One Earth

Born on this day: Ira Gershwin, J. D. Salinger, Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, Jay Leno, Noel Gallagher, Seal

"When you've finished getting yourself ready in the morning, you must go get the planet ready." - The Little Prince

Caban, along with the other three last sun-signs which conclude the uinal, are considered to be the most ripe and sophisticated aspects of Nature. Here are some of the common meanings of the Mayan word Caban:

  • Heartbeat
  • Earth
  • Earthquake

From further inquiry into the symbolism tied into this sun-sign it is evident that Caban has a lot to do with the planet itself, as a living and evolving organism with its own heartbeat. The Earth’s heartbeat is ancient, deep, and very low in frequency. What’s so special about Caban is that no matter where you are on Earth, above the atmosphere, deep underwater, downtown in the city or at the beach – you are constantly connected to this all-encompassing deep frequency.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, the French author-aviator who wrote “The Little Prince” in 1942 (Middle of the 9th Heaven of the Planetary Cycle) was born 1-Caban. In that book he wrote:

“Here is my secret. It is very simple. It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

So true, and very indicative of Caban’s message and unique nature.

The first step in examining the abovementioned thesis begins today with “One Earth”, which makes plenty of sense to the ones among us who haven’t yet visited a planet different to the One we call Home.

For more details and insights regarding Caban and its trecena, click here.

2-Edznab [18 July 2011] Polarizing Mirror

Born on this day: Mark Knopfler, Paul Simon, Barry Bonds, Leon Trotsky, Barry Pepper, David Lynch

"You take two bodies and you twirl them into one, their Hearts and their Bones - they won't come undone" - Paul Simon

Stage 2 goes well with the sun-sign Edznab (much like 7-Edznab); Edznab is the Mirror of Reality, and 2-Edznab is like looking in the rearview mirror of the taxi right after leaving home on a World tour.

Speaking of touring and travelling songs, I used to love listening to Paul Simon while on the road, driving or riding. This was true for me back in the 80’s and 90’s. I always admired the way he has with words and harmony. Here are some words from the first track on his Graceland album. Timely words indeed, and somewhat reflective as well:

These are the days of miracle and wonder
This is the long distance call
The way the camera follows us in slo-mo
The way we look to us all
The way we look to a distant constellation
That’s dying in a corner of the sky
These are the days of miracle and wonder
And don’t cry baby, don’t cry.” – Paul Simon (2-Edznab), “The Boy in the Bubble”

So, continuing the thesis examination, 2-Edznab means that we face Reality the way we face a mirror of truth. It shows you what’s there and what’s only an illusion. Also, using another meaning of the word Edznab, a razor-sharp knife can be used to give life as well as to take it away. Both of these interpretations are consistent with the Duality inherent in 2-Edznab.

3-Cauac [19 July 2011] Activating Storm

Born on this day: Sting, John Lennon’s assassination, Imelda Staunton

"The gentle sigh turned to a howling, and the grey sky she angered to black" - Sting (3-Cauac)

The Burner Day set which Cauac belongs to has an underlying theme of introvert-ness and a notion of Gathering. The four signs of this set are (in uinal order): Kan, Muluc, Ix, and Cauac. All these Pieces of the Sun have something to do with the relationship between the visible and whatever lies in wait inside/invisible.

A Rainstorm cannot be contained or controlled. It has total freedom to march wherever Purification is needed. This resonates with the activating and unhindered expression of Stage 3.

This, again, reinforces the examined thesis, since a Rainstorm IS activating and expresses itself freely and according to its own rhythm. Therefore, stage 3 goes well with the essence of Cauac. Here are some resounding words from 3-Cauac, written back in the 70’s:

There is no political solution
to our troubled evolution
Have no faith in constitution
there is no bloody revolution
We are spirits in the material world” – Sting (3-Cauac) and the Police

Before becoming Sting, Gordon Sumner was a Middle-School teacher of English Language and Literature. This natural tendency towards teaching is a quintessential characteristic of Cauac people. Even when he was touring the world 20 years later, his words always seem to be trying to teach us something.

4-Ahau [20 July 2011] Stable Sun

Born on this day: Rabindranath Tagore, Apollo 11 Lunar Landing

"If you shed tears when you miss the sun, you also miss the stars." - Rabindranath Tagore (4-Ahau)

Even more than other Ahau days, 4-Ahau is considered to be a pivotal day in the Tzolkin. It is the day in which the Sun begins to rise on the 5th Day of evolution.

4-Ahau means that various Limits to my abilities, resources, and measure of intention focus are illuminated and clearly visible. It means that my expectations from myself and others are grounded (by 1-Caban) and pragmatic.

4-Ahau is a good day to contemplate a possibility that the most sought-after state of mind – Enlightenment – is only the 4th stage out of 13. So, the ripe Flower Ahau serves as the basis and stabilizing factor (4) of evolution’s unfolding on the Global scale (Caban), and is developed further by 9 other rudimentary sun-signs.

Here are some more words of wisdom from Rabindranath Tagore (4-Ahau):

The human soul is on its journey from the law to love, from discipline to liberation, from the moral plane to the spiritual.

5-Imix [21 July 2011] Invigorating Dinosaur

Born on this day: Nik Kershaw, Keith Jarrett, John Goodman, Milla Jovovich, Walt Disney

"For a strange kind of Fashion there's a Wrong and a Right." - Nik Kershaw (5-Imix)

The current trecena 1-Caban offers a special opportunity to tune into one of Nature’s most important, yet often forgotten lessons. The main message of the lesson is: “The moment of Enlightenment is closely followed by Step 1 on the Next Level.”

Right after a Lion cub makes its first kill, even though it might feel elated and superior for 1 day – it has no guarantees whatsoever regarding what will happen in tomorrow’s hunt. It might succeed, and it might also parish in the attempt – same as always. This is one of the Gifts mother Earth has equally bestowed on Lions, Hawks, Grizzlies, Daughters of Eve and Sons of Adam.

5-Imix begins the 5th Day/9th uinal of the Tzolkin, and empowers the Caban process of Evolution by reminding us that yesterday’s Enlightenment (Ahau) can serve as very strong infra-structure (4) to begin a new process (5th Day) of bringing about Global, as well as Personal – consciousness (Caban) back to Square One (Imix) of our next common phase.

Imix is the most rudimentary sun-sign in the uinal. It embodies the most Raw forms of energy, and it Includes ALL. Its personal message for today was beautifully put into words by my Tai-Chi teacher at the eve of 4-Ahau. He said (and I’m paraphrasing): “Although it can be outlined and identified by the Mind, Enlightenment takes place in all domains (physical, spiritual, mental) at once, and while all 7 chakras are in concert, including your small intestines, diaphragm, and crown chakra.”

Imix is the most physical and present aspects of creation; it is Mother Earth’s primordial-swamp-level glory, as depicted by the proverbial Sunrise. And when Imix heralds the beginning of the glorious Day 5 of Budding (5-Imix, Kin 161) it redoubles the emphasis on delicately balancing our focus (5) of consciousness between body/mind/spirit and practically everything else.

The crocodile is most successful when he’s swimming undetected in the Swamp. To illustrate how the Crocodile doesn’t need anyone’s Sign of Approval, and can just settle with whatever’s manifested in the Swamp, here is a quote from Walt Disney, who was born 5-Imix:

We’re not trying to entertain the critics … I’ll take my chances with the public.”

Walt Disney, As quoted in “Disneyland, 1955: Just Take the Santa Ana Freeway to the American Dream” by Karal Ann Marling, in American Art (Winter-Spring 1991)

6-Ik [22 July 2011] Flowing Wind

Born on this day: Maxi Jazz, Sia Furler, Bob Geldof, L. Frank Baum, Dick Cheney

"In you the song which rights my wrongs; in you the fullness of Living" - MaxiJazz (6-Ik)

The message of the new Day which dawned yesterday must be spread all though the Earth. This is done by the primal power of the Wind (Ik). Wind is the power of dissemination which is established in the uinal 2 says before Seeds come into play – the seeds that are disseminated by the Wind.

Airborne seeds in Nature are the same as Spoken ideas and comments in a network meeting. You listen, you comment, you joke around and talk around the lunch table. You are sowing Seeds, using Wind.

6-Wind is a very gentle wind that never wishes to Rock any boat. It negotiates and responds through the Craft of Speech. 6-Ik is someone needing someone else for whatever reason.

Ik-people’s normal tone of voice is something other people like to listen to. However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Like other Wind people, catching them them on a raving anger bout is a sight to see (refer to Al Pacino in a previous post to see the illustration of this aspect of Ik).

Here is an English singer who was born 6-Ik. His stage name is Maxi Jazz, and he’s part of the electronica band Faithless.

"I am the left eye
you're the right
Would it not be madness to fight?
We come ONE" - Maxi Jazz (6-Ik)

I first posted this video on my Facebook page at the first half of the Tzolkin, when riots were just beginning to surface in Tunis, Egypt and then Lybia. This video shows protesters in the singer’s living room, clashing with Police Horses, turning over a Police car, running across his living room, Dancing with Law Enforcement officers, and finally resting on his designer floor. D.J. Rollo, who is the leader of Faithless, is seen in Police uniform, hanging out with the protesters.

6-Ik is when the message of Enlightenment as a basis for further Evolution (4-Ahau) crawls from the Swamp and goes global, on the Wings of the Wind.

7-Akbal [23 July 2011] Reflective Unknown

Born on this day: Joe Jackson (musician), Tom Lehrer

7-Akbal’s analysis has moved to the beginning of Part 2.

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  1. Thank You for sharing these windows of wisdom so that we may more consciously flow on our eternal adventures.

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