1-Caban Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2: 1st Video Lesson!

The Big Picture coming into view - 9th uinal underway

Link to Part 1


Since I’ve been virtually drowning in work lately, 1-Caban is the first time I missed my deadline and didn’t post Part 2 of the Analysis on time.

I’ve therefore decided on a different vehicle of communication – one which might consume less time, and recorded the first Another Time video blog post.

Personally, I feel that I’ve already covered in writing all sun-signs and stages, and described a good portion of their divine dance in Time and Place. I seriously tried writing the daily digest, as always, but sincerely felt like I was beginning to repeat myself.

For your convenience, here are links to Part 1 of the previous blog posts:

The Tzolkin Calendar – Did you know? (recently updated)

1-Cauac, 1-Eb, 1-Chicchan, 1-Edznab, 1-Chuen, 1-Kan, 1-Caban

10-Cimi (which ended about 5 hours ago) is the perfect time for me to complete the cycle of change that I’ve underwent while corresponding with you and move on to something “Same-Same, but Different”, to put it in India’s English.

This lesson covers the trecena sequence quadruplets, Eastern sun-signs, 10-Cimi, the relationships between stages 1 and 10, and more. I’ll continue posting the daily digest format below the video, along with the Tzolkin Celebrity Parade and picture.

Special announcement

I would like you to comment on any particular day with your insights, experiences, and reflections. I will collect your comments and add them to the daily analysis content, under the respective day.

So, it’s active participation from now on. You’ll write the comments and I’ll do the videos and add your comments to the digest. The 5th day of the Universal Cycle is almost upon us. It’s time to Get Together and reciprocate whenever and however you can.

And speaking of the Tun, the Clock has now struck 3 AM on the last hours of the 4th Night. You are actually dreaming now about reading this blog and about everything you’ll do afterwards.

The sky will begin clearing soon, and at the beginning of 1-Oc the Sun will begin its Hours of Glory. There are no frontiers left on Heaven or Earth, no boundaries to salvage between us, nowhere left to run. Light is bound to dissolve all remaining doubts and second-guessing.

This is the No-Coincidence Zone of the hours before Dawn.

Which Clock should be set for the Wake-Up call?

  • The Tzolkin will definitely allow you to decide whether you’d like to be on Time or next to Time (Early/Late). This calendar has innate Meaning to every day, so it allows for the most subtle and intimate correspondence between Instrument and User.
  • The Tun – which is currently less than 13 days behind the Tzolkin – gets synchronized with Tzolkin about a week before 28 October 2011. This calendar’s accuracy seems to match the Tzolkin. However, it provides sporadic points of reference: Sunrise (Day begins), Noon (Day mid-point), Sunset (Night begins), and Midnight (Night mid-point).
    In addition, its pattern matches the 4-Cardinal-Direction sequence (e.g., the Trecena Sequence – 1-Imix, 1-Ix, 1-Manik, etc.). The 5th Day Sun rises West on 2-Chuen, peaks 10-Cauac/11-Ahau, sets 7-Muluc, and then Mid 5th Night is 2-Caban/3-Edznab. Sunrise of the 6th day is West again: 12-Manik. So although the Sun doesn’t rise on an Eastern sun-sign, the anticlockwise sequence of Cardinal Directions is maintained.

[I disqualify and count out all other calendars as not being accurate enough to allow their multitude of exclusive Users to even know Time.]

It’s just like the cell-phone thing. It’s a technology that’s based on previous technology. All cell-phones require the Gregorian infrastructure technology in order to operate. This is true for everything Electronic/Cybernetic (7th Underworld).

I for one would like to get my hands on a cellphone that’s pure Tzolkin-based. Instead of binary, hex, and decimal, I’d like to have a trecena-bit/uinal-oriented hardware and software.

My guess is that it’ll facilitate telepathy, and it will come in the form of an Amethyst pendant (I guess I’m still dreaming).

7-Akbal [23 July 2011] Reflective Unknown

Born on this day: Joe Jackson (musician), Tom Lehrer

"The lord's our shepherd, says the psalm, but just in case, we better get a bomb." - Tom Lehrer (7-Akbal)

The midpoint of the Earth (Caban) trecena is 7-Akbal (Night), and it can be visualized as the Day/Night longitude line, constantly dividing the Earth as it spins around its pole axis. There is always half of the Earth in Light, while the other half is in Night.

Tom Lehrer, who was born 7-Caban, wrote the song “We will all go together when we go” and played it live on piano around the world in the late 50’s. This is the definitive lyric I have in mind whenever I confront someone talking about 2012 and some huge comet coming in to hit the global Reset button.

We will all burn together when we burn.
There'll be no need to stand and wait your turn.
When it's time for the fallout
And saint Peter calls us all out,
We'll just drop our agendas and adjourn.

We will all go together when we go.
Every Hotty-tot and every Eskimo.
When the air becomes uranious,
We will all go simultaneous.
Yes we all will go together
When we all go together,
Yes we all will go together when we GO.

[Your insights here]

8-Kan [24 July 2011] Harmony Seed

Born on this day: Jim Morrison, Pat Metheny, Buckminster Fuller, Bill Cosby, Ashton Kutcher

[Your insights here]

9-Chicchan* [25 July 2011] Completing Serpent

Born on this day: Paul Giamatti, Clint Eastwood, Lily Tomlin, Apollo 13 mission launch

Burner Day

[Your insights here]

10-Cimi [26 July 2011] Manifested Change

Born on this day: Adam Duritz, Ozzy Osbourne, Dave Navarro

Please view the video post on this day: 1-Caban Trecena Analysis Part 2: 10-Cimi.

[Your insights here]

11-Manik [27 July 2011] Resolving Healing

Born on this day: Charlie Daniels, Burt Reynolds

[Your insights here]

12-Lamat* [28 July 2011] Understanding Star

Born on this day: Jonathan Groff, James Cameron

Burner Day

[Your insights here]

13-Muluc [29 July 2011] Ascending Offering

Born on this day: Beyoncé Knowles, Christina Aguilera, Donnie Dacus

[Your insights here]

4 responses to “1-Caban Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2: 1st Video Lesson!

  1. So great to see you eagle..I have been studying the tzolkin for a few years..I really like your perspective..it’s helping me see ..much thanks..Brett 7 cauc..in lakesh

  2. Michael Hartigan

    its nice to see your video and associate a face and voice with the blog! really cool.

    my girlfriend and i have spent caban trecena packing and moving and now i’m unpacking :). time for a change. as i understand, some maya call caban “earthquake” and some call it “incense” but most tribes consider jaguar the day of the planet we live on, and look at caban as sort of a dreamy energy moving around or upward, not really grounded like one might expect. i relate to it as incense, and it usually carries transmutation like incense from gross to subtle, for me. its been a good week to move!

    been keeping up with your blog every day, just haven’t been commenting because i have been working like a mule, and sleeping like a bear 🙂

    yesterday, 10 death, my car got smashed into while parked, and i got Angry at first and was really geared up to curse the person who didn’t bother to leave a note. but thennnn i tapped into the energy of sacred time and incense/death and somehow just let it go. i forgave this person and prayed to the creator that their life be blessed with more carefulness and responsibility. i immediately realized that it happened to me for a reason and i acknowledged my own karmic responsibility. i felt SO much better about myself and life than i would have if i had done harmful things with my anger.

    why am i telling you this, eagle? because your blog helps me stabilize my mind and actions in sacred time. it was mostly the remembrance of the energies of the nahuals of the day and week that caused me not to react poorly. so again, thank you. i hope that your real-world responsibilities are fruitful and that they leave you ample time to keep this blog lively! bless 🙂

    michael hartigan (1 reed)
    july 27, 2011 – 11 deer

  3. Michael Hartigan

    also, you should definitely recycle your cell phone and get as monstrous an amethyst necklace as you can possibly wear. (full mayan style!) then tell your friends and colleagues that they should just send you text messages and communications with their minds. if it doesn’t get through, tell them to keep practicing! while they’re all practicing, you’ll have time for the blog! hahaha

    “you may say that i’m a dreamer
    but i’m not the only one
    someday i hope you’ll join us
    and the world will live as one”

  4. I really like the video submission idea you started with this post. Not only will you save a lot of time, but it feels more direct to your visitors. Keep up the quality posts, I look forward to them.

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