1-Akbal Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

Intuition inspires and makes things happen

Link to previous trecena: 1-Oc


1-Akbal spans most of the 10th uinal, and contains 3 portal days: 2-Kan, 7-Muluc, and 10-Eb. As discussed in previous posts, there is a story which begins to develop on stage 1 and manifests on stage 10. In this trecena, the Night begins the process on 1-Akbal, and it manifests as a clear path on 10-Eb. In between, there are some very interesting combinations.

Akbal belongs to a burner-day quadruple which I like to call “Dream Ingredients”. Besides Akbal, this quadruple consists of Lamat, Ben, and Edznab. So, in order to have a proper dream you need all 4 of these elements: the unknown night (Akbal) strewn with stars (Lamat), a connection between what’s manifested and imagined (Ben) and a mirror which separates illusion from reality and reflects one upon the other (Edznab).

1-Akbal [12 August 2011] Unite at Night

Born on this day: Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman, Dan Simmons, Benny Hill, Walt Whitman, Brian May (Queen)

"He who does great deeds, does them from his innate sensitiveness to moral beauty " - Walt Whitman (1-Akbal)

1-Akbal is like planting a seed and not knowing what would grow of it.

It represents the basic assumption that we are all on this plane of existence to constantly face the fear of the unknown and learn. After unraveling a great mystery and coming out the other side it is time to enter another dark, scary and unknown cave and learn more.

This period in Time calls for a fair amount of courage and inner integrity. Akbal is the most basic form of transformation, since it means going back to the dark womb of creation, realizing its boundless potential, and emerging wiser at Dawn to teach and inspire the Waking Ones.

2-Kan [13 August 2011] A Question of Fertility

Born on this day: Martin Luther King, Jr., Grover Cleveland (22nd US President), Harry McClintock, Carlos Santana, Harry Houdini, Samuel L. Jackson

"The whirlwinds of revolt will continue to shake the foundations of our nation until the bright day of justice emerges." - Martin Luther King, Jr. (2-Kan)

When you begin a trip to an unknown land (and I mean utterly unknown – think about an unnamed island you know nothing about) one of the first questions you’re bound to think about is “will I have anything to eat there?” The first Portal Day (of both the 10th uinal and this trecena) represents this type of basic dilemma of survival.

It also relates to another human impulse of relating to anything Unknown as something that would probably lead to nothing (as if the Known always leads to somewhere meaningful). As mentioned before, 1-Akbal is a test of courage, and 2-Kan is realizing that the unknown Cave is deeper and much stranger than we imagined before. It is a day to deal with the urge to lose nerve and go back to the known.

3-Chicchan [14 August 2011] Rhythmic Serpent

Born on this day: Tom Jones (singer), David Cameron, Aaron Eckhart

"I want to make sure that my Government always looks after the elderly, the frail, the poorest in our country." - David Cameron (3-Chicchan) giving his first speech as Prime Minister (2010)

After overcoming initial fear, and giving up the known-zone, the dramatic Serpent Chicchan, representing the spark of physical life on the material plain, provides much needed enthusiasm, invigorates, and puts the entire process in Motion.

It is said that Man’s divine essence manifests in constant yearning, learning, and striving to solve the Unknown. 3-Chicchan is actually this timeless striving.

4-Cimi [15 August 2011] Boundaries of Change

Born on this day: Nancy Sinatra, Tom Cruise, Steven Berkoff, Woodstock Festival began

"We're vestiges of our former selves." - unidentified 20-year-old returning from Woodstock (New York Times August 17, 1969)

4-Cimi establishes the irreversibility of the current trecena’s evolution. It reminds us that the person who first entered the cave 3 days ago is already dead and gone, never to return again. This always seems to be true, but it is almost always taken for granted and overlooked. Thus the illusion that we can actually remain who we were yesterday is somehow maintained.

However, the physical reality inherent in the 10th uinal cannot suffer any illusion or neurotic clinging to a frozen, past version of what’s already been transformed by the Night. So, 4-Cimi is establishing the fact that Form is always in Transition (trans-form). This solid establishment allows the learning and unraveling process to continue.

5-Manik [16 August 2011] Precise Pilgrimage

Born on this day: John Denver, Stewart Copeland, Luke Perry, David Wilcock, Freddie Mercury

"I'm possessed by love — but isn't everybody?" - Freddie Mercury (5-Manik)

5-Manik is the first time we encounter a western sun-sign since this western trecena began. It is therefore a return the the main theme + a modulation in harmony, which develops the process and makes it more precise.

Manik (The Deer/Healing Hand) is a pilgrim, always striving to improve self and other; a constant process of aiming, achieving, and acquiring new tools for the next achievement. This ties in nicely with 1-Akbal, since it clears the air of past fears and negative doubts and sets the tone for the balanced phase of the process (stages 6-9).

6-Lamat [17 August 2011] Responsive Harmony

Born on this day: David Hasselhoff, Hosni Mubarak, Daniel Radcliffe, Jerry Lewis

"I get paid for what most kids get punished for." - Jerry Lewis (6-Lamat)

The 6th stage is the last stage which continues the original intent set in stage 1. On stage 7 the process already reverses its momentum, and whatever was inhaled is held inside before exhaling.

The Star (Lamat) shines its light at Night (Akbal) and provides the omnidirectional responsiveness required to venture onwards. It gives just enough light to go on, but not enough light to dispel the darkness (not yet, that is).

7-Muluc [18 August 2011] Reflective Thanksgiving

Born on this day: Mel Blanc, Zinedine Zidane, Louis Pasteur, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Rihanna, Edward Norton, Christian Slater, John Tyler (10th US President)

"I never lie down at NIGHT without REFLECTING that — young as I am — I may not live to see another DAY." Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (7-Muluc)

The Core of the 1-Akbal trecena comes in the form of a Portal Day of depth and appreciation. When we reach the mountaintop of this trecena we can begin to come to terms with how deep our ignorance and lack of knowing has been so far (and will certainly be again on the next level, to be sure).
7-Muluc is when you dedicate yourself completely to finding the dark places which scare you and then making the willful commitment to shine new light on them.

Link to Part 2

7 responses to “1-Akbal Trecena Analysis Part 1 of 2

  1. Appreciate your work and dedication. I my-self am 6 lamat.So it’s wonderful to feel the energy on this fifth day of the universal level. I shifted in Dec 2007. Obviously knowing something profound had happened, and from that day it was a search to find out what is was. No matter where a person is pre-shift, no matter where you begin your search for meaning, it will eventually lead to the Mayan calendar, and from there, the path to the inner light begins to illuminate with such clarity that certainty that it again leads you to the god within, and you come to know that place first hand.

    Welcome to the evolution.

    • Hi there Jeremy, and thanks for your comments! In your last comment you mentioned 7-Offering, and I thought that was your Tzolkin birthday…
      Your description of your personal shift resonates with my own. The inner light does provide much clarity, but in a most subtle way.
      I’m glad you’re following my musings on the subject, and look forward to hearing from you again.

  2. I am very tuned in to the three planes of existence and move between them with ease, but I tend to take on the worlds power and have to ground myself often. I have bee working with a suicidal man and fear that he has done the deed. On 8/17/2011 at about 6:00pm Eastern Standard Time: I could not stop thinking “begin again” over and over, and then saw a Black Butterfly (like I did when I was a child before things would happen). On 8/18/2011 I felt as though all Hell had come; my best friend went into the hospital, i think the man may have died, and I started searching for answers.

  3. becoming corn

    MenThis Aq’ab’al Trecena Offers Everyone
    The Oppertunity To Bring The New Dawn From The Night Of Darkness.To Bring Clarity To Our Path,For Good Winds To Scatter The Fog Of Obscurity.
    My Sunsign Stands Alone At The Top Of The Pyramid,I Personaly Know That Much Of My Tojil Has Been Paid.That My Quest For Equilibrium Will Be Maintained Through These Trickey Days Ahead.May The Nine Maya Spirits Guide And Protect Us Through These Last Trows Of Duality.

  4. becoming corn

    Also The First And Last Days Of This Trecena Mirrow The Horizontal Of My Maya Cross.

  5. brett gordhamer

    hey eagle, great to see/feel your posts..how intense are things? 7 muluc..the peak of the night trecena on the beginning of the fifth night? curious about upcoming 6 imix of cib..( 9-11-2001)..peak of the fifth night..we are definitely in it now..began a 13 day fast/cleanse at the start of this trecena..conscious..surrendered..entering unknown vulnerabilities i had never seen the other side of..until now..the challenges providing the remedies…the shrooms also helped..haha..the essenses worshiped the dark not the light..i get it now..how much i have missed in what i have avoided..thanks again eagle..more video posts..love the transmission!!!! and i used to be afraid of the dark…..

    • Hey again, Brett. Good to hear from you again.
      I’m also looking forward to 6-Imix, as I’ve grown to look out for every Day/Night transition point. These are also the days to look for if you’re following Calleman’s Tun model (or even if you’re just anyone alive): Dawn, Noon, Dusk, and Midnight.
      It’s interesting about the fast you’ve taken. I find myself doing so unconsciously lately. Just last night we recorded at a friend’s recording studio and stayed up till 0300 or so. The thought of food never crossed my mind. It was just how that last recording was, and what we should record next. The vulnerabilities you’re talking about are my share too, today, the morning after. I feel exhausted just to start my day, but also utterly blessed by the opportunity to play music, and undoubtedly reborn!

      The essences lived and felt the divine on a physical level. The Dark was the unknown (1-Akbal) which egged their intellect on (3-Chicchan) to follow their path of conscious evolution. One of the more troublesome side effects was the fortification of Ego.

      I’m working on those video posts, and promise to put up one soon!

      You last statement about not being afraid of the dark anymore was acute and deep. However, please keep in mind that you can only be King for a Day (Ahau). Tomorrow it’s back to the Fire Swamp.

      Thanks, Brett, for much inspiration.

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