1-Akbal Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

Things begin to happen, which inspire and reinvent Intuition

Link to Part 1

Prelude: 7-Muluc* Revisited

"I never lie down at NIGHT without REFLECTING that — young as I am — I may not live to see another DAY." Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (7-Muluc)

One of the things I found to be insightful during every trecena is to ponder the missing sun-sign.

The current trecena is western (blue), so it has four western sun-signs, and one that is always absent. This is, of course, true for every trecena with regards to its cardinal direction.

So, during this trecena, we travel through all western sun-signs but one. Which sun-sign is it?

The hint seems to always lie in stage 7. In this trecena it is Muluc, and it indicates the missing western sign – Cauac.

To better illustrate what 7-Muluc actually means, in the context of the mysterious Akbal trecena, and in the presence of the glaring absence of Cauac – I offer some words of wisdom from Peter Gabriel. This talented English singer/songwriter was born 5-Akbal (1-Cauac), and was the first lead singer of the band Genesis back in the 70’s. In his song “Washing of the Water” (1992) he skilfully wrote accurate words, very indicative of these tumultuous times [my comments in square brackets; capitalization and emphasis added]:

“River, show me how to float
I feel like I’m sinking down
Thought that I could get along
But here, in this water, my feet won’t touch the ground
I need something to turn myself around.”

“LETTING GO is so hard,
the way it’s hurting now to get this love untied [Any Love/Attachment to person/material/spiritual/habitual]
So tough to stay with this thing
Because if I follow through
I’ll face what I denied
I’ll get those hooks out of me
And I’ll take out the hooks that I sunk deep in your side
Kill that fear with emptiness,
Loneliness I hide”

8-Oc [19 August 2011] Love Above, Love Below

Born on this day: Pamela Anderson, Dean Stockwell, Matthew Perry (Friends), Alan Rickman, Gérard Depardieu

"The stage is like a cage of LIGHT. People are no longer afraid of you - they are the ones out there IN THE DARK, watching. " - Gérard Depardieu (8-Oc)

Today’s transmission from the Sun revolves around the all-pervasive nature of empathy and comradeship. After the “worst” of the Night’s (Akbal) mystery and hysteria are behind us (7-Muluc) the balancing power of the 8th stage reminds us that we can never truly be alone when the faithful Dog (e.g., Sirius, the dog-star) is ever our steadfast companion, even during the darkest Nights.

Also, going back to the theme presented under in the above Prelude – at any given trecena there are 13 sun-signs that are present and 7 absent. One of the more glaring absent sun-signs in this trecena is Imix (at least within the context of this discussion). During the Akbal trecena there is an acute lack of territory and boundaries. The known becomes unknown, and the unknown gets more bizarre by the heartbeat.

This can be explained by the lack of Imix – the most material and territorial sun-signs on offer. This lack is compensated and balanced-out today by Oc and its social mode of territoriality, which is the force behind Team Spirit, All for 1 and 1 for all, and the All Seeing (invisible) “I” in the word “Team”.

9-Chuen [20 August 2011] Macro-Art

Born on this day: Serena Williams

"It's astounding, time is fleeting, madness takes its toll" - Richard O'Brien (9-Imix, BurnDay)

I have a funny story to share with you about 9-Chuen.

For almost 2 years, 9-Chuen has been my own personal Holy Grail. I’ve been compiling a large list of Tzolkin birthdays of family, friends, and celebrities – the fruits of which you can see in this blog. It took me the better part of 2 years to gather this information for my research.

My ultimate goal was to find at least one specimen for each of the 260 archetypes. After about a year I got 259, and then kept finding duplicates of birthdays I’ve already found. On and on for what seemed like forever.

The pesky 9-Monkey kept eluding me.

Then I called one of my ex-bosses; let’s call him Lauren. We talked after years of not exchanging a word. I then asked him for his birthday, and you already know the rest of the story.

He wasn’t just another boss. Apart from working closely together for more than 2 years, we took this amazing diving safari back in 2004, just him and me and 12 other strangers. He was my diving buddy, and he also saved my life on that trip.

So here’s to Lauren, the best 9-Chuen I’ve ever known!

So glad to be out of 7-Muluc!

Lauren, a Venice Beach distinguished veteran

BTW1: I kept collecting Tzolkin birthdays since then, even though the puzzle became complete with Lauren’s contribution.

BTW2: I’m sure that if you start your own Holy Grail quest, that last piece of the puzzle will be something completely different! So, I warmly recommend you to try it out.

10-Eb* [21 August 2011] Beauty on the Way

Born on this day: David Beckham, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Leo Tolstoy, Naomi Klein

"Seize the moments of happiness, love and be loved! That is the only reality in the world, all else is folly. It is the one thing we are interested in here." - from War and Peace, book 4, chapter 11 by Leo Tolstoy (10-Eb)

Remember the day when you entered the unknown cave and worried about sleeping bears Deep Inside? That was 1-Akbal

Remember when you began to fathom the cave’s depth, and started having second thoughts about whether it’s worth while to go on? That was 2-Kan

And then, the serpent inside you egged you on to test your nerve, hissing in Parseltongue about ancient and mysterious relics of knowledge and great worth buried deep under the Known. That was 3-Chicchan

Stumbling through dark and unknown passages, the ghosts of your ancestors came from all four directions to support your courage and bless you with true resolve (and some luck, too). That was 4-Cimi

Dispelling your doubts, you took courage and marched on down your path of Pilgrimage. That was 5-Manik

A lone star shone through an open shaft above you; a White Rabbit on the Moon, as rapid wisps of clouds flowed across its phasing face. That was 6-Lamat

At the deepest end of Mystery, you quit measuring the depth of the Rabbit Hole, the deepest abyss of the Soul. That was 7-Muluc

On the 10th level of the Dungeon ambient light from all around you make the outlines of the way out clearly visible. This is 10-Eb.

Regardless of what you’ve found so far, nor what you might find on your way back to the LIGHT, once the Road becomes visible at Night, something deep inside you suddenly (and beautifully) attains a renewed sense of affirmation, self-worth, and maturity.

11-Ben [22 August 2011] Real Dreams/Dreamy Reality

Born on this day: James Brown, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Oliver Hardy, Quentin Tarantino

"Don't terrorize. Organize. Don't burn. Give kids a chance to learn" - James Brown (11-Ben)

Quentin Tarantino (Born 11-Ben) is one of the Movie-Wizards who shaped a violent, albeit whimsical period leading up to the initiation of the 8th Underground, during the late 90’s.

Here is one of my favorite scenes that he directed and also starred in. Here, Quentin is playing… Quentin.

12-Ix [23 August 2011] Night-Vision Shamanism

Born on this day: Emma Watson, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Henry Ford

"I'll be back" - Arnold Schwarzenegger (12-Ix)

The Jaguar is a nocturnal predator. His vision pierces the Night.

Thus, on 12-Ix (which is located next to the Exit from the Akbal Cave) we find a pair of Alien Night-Vision goggles buried next to an ancient Jaguar Warrior.

These would surely come handy next time you go on a Night’s prowl, on a moonless night, somewhere in a faraway Future of the next Tzolkin round.

These are the Tools and Skills of the Underworld Shaman.

13-Men [24 August 2011] Seeds of Vision

Born on this day: Sacha Baron Cohen, Trent Reznor, Heather Nova, Chad Smith (RHCP), Keith Levene (The Clash)

"Something inside of me has opened up its EYES. Why did you put it there? Did you not realize?" - Trent Reznor (13-Men)

On the Other Side of the 1-Akbal mystical process we find 13-Men, which I decided to call “The Seeds of Vision”.

It is said that Akbal people have a Presence and Voice which, by nature, inspire their surroundings, and make up the inexplicable Question Mark/Scar of Terrestrial Existence. I found this to be quite true during my mysterious voyage down the Tzolkin and Mayan cave of Wonders. This inspiration is carried today on the Wings of the majestic, legendary Eagles of the 13th and sublime Stage.

They have bested all Caves, and are forever soaring above in search for a new mystery to dive into:

“With the LIGHT in our eyes it’s hard to see

Holding on and on till we believe.” – Heather Nova (13-Men)

This eventually leads to the next story of Evolution: The Sanctity of the Unified Soul (1-Cib).

Link to next trecena: 1-Cib

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