1-Cib Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

Sacred introspection as Heaven Eleven settles in

Link to Part 1

Prelude: Cib and Chicchan

1-Cib is the only trecena in the Tzolkin that has the first 4 sun-signs of the uinal neatly adorning the crest of the trecena, populating stages 6 through 9. There is therefore a unique balance between the final 5 sun-signs which initiate the trecena, and the first 8 of the 11th uinal which complete the process. To further explore the uinal’s message of evolution, and the way it plays out during this period, I’d like to review some uinal basics.

The uinal can be divided into 5 groups of 4 sun-signs, each group beginning with an eastern (red) sun-sign and ending with a southern (yellow) one. Each quadruplet outlines a spiritual journey consisting of four-steps. Each such journey:

  • Begins at Dawn (East) with a surge of new and raw energy
  • Passes through the challenge of Noon (North) and gets refined and exacted
  • Undergoes transformation at Dusk (West), in direct contrast to where it began
  • Matures at Midnight (South), and comes to realization and rest (again, in direct contrast to Noon)
    … which, in turn, leads again to the raw energy of Dawn.

Since Time is holographic, the fixed points of reference in the above breakdown (Dawn, Noon, Dusk and Midnight) correspond with the fixed reference points of other, longer periods, like the solar/tropical year (Autumn, Winter, Spring, and Summer), the year-bearers of the Mayan four-year round (currently Caban, Ik, Manik and Eb), and other periods of measured Time.

These 4-step journeys get more complex as the uinal progresses. We begin with the most basic and prehistoric quadruplet (Imix, Ik, Akbal, and Kan) and end with the most complex aspects (Caban, Edznab, Cauac, and Ahau), before going back to basics again.

Cib is the sun-sign which concludes the quadruplet beginning with Ben. This foursome represents the more established form of spirituality and social organization: beginning with the Spiritual Leader (Ben), refined by the Shaman/Night Warrior (Ix), then transformed by the Sun/Sky-Warrior (Men), and concluding with the Temple of crystallized spirituality (Cib).

Therefore, this trecena, which teaches us about the sanctity and holiness of Spirit, and begins with the complex and abstract aspects of the uinal – must get “turned around” by the most basic aspects of prehistory, early teachings and understandings. It is therefore fitting for Chicchan to embody the manifestation of 1-Cib on stage 10, and for Cimi to resolve it the next day.

The story of the 1-Cib process can be likened to the story of an elderly medieval Monk who leaves his temple (Cib) after living there all his life to travel the world (Caban) in search for truth (Edznab), spiritual transformation and purification (Cauac), Mastery and Enlightenment (Ahau). Just when he thinks he found them, he realizes that his journey has only begun. He meets an ancient, farseeing and eloquent oracle (7-Ik), after which he realizes that he still has so much more to learn, since the unknown is infinite (8-Akbal). He sits down to meditate for the first time ever, and then his moment of realization comes as he physically experiences his awakening Kundalini (10-Chicchan), after which he will never be the same again (11-Cimi).

8-Akbal [1 September 2011] Endless Night

Born on this day: David Gilmour, Celine Dion, Arthur Schopenhauer, Liv Tyler, Beverly D’Angelo

Endless Night

"We forfeit three-fourths of ourselves in order to be like other people." - Arthur Schopenhauer (8-Akbal)

Portal Day

All western sun-signs have something to do with learning and teaching, since they embody various forms of transformation. Akbal is the most basic form of this aspect. It has to do with the way wisdom and knowledge are constructed – one insight/lesson on top of the other (rather than one replacing the other).

Akbal also has to do with the realization of Nothingness, and the unique comfort which only darkness can provide. The Dark can never be altogether reconciled or vanquished. It sharpens our senses, and actually serves as the mental and spiritual “vacuum” which prompts us to really listen and be receptive.

In this respect, it’s interesting to note that all southern trecenas have a western sun-sign on stage 8 (as well as stages 4 and 12). Therefore, the mature and ripe character of southern processes and sun-signs is supplemented and rounded-out by the dynamic quest for continuous mentoring and research, which abides indefinitely on the 8th Heaven of every southern trecena.

This math is mirrored in northern trecenas, which always have eastern sun-signs on stage 8 (like 8-Ben on 1-Cimi). The dynamic nature of East/West is the balancing power during Polar (northern/southern) trecenas, since these trecenas tend to be stationary and inert by nature (as they should be). In eastern/western trecenas it is (naturally) the opposite – northern sun-signs appear on stage 8 of western trecenas (like 8-Edznab on 1-Chuen), and eastern trecenas are balanced by the South (like 8-Eb on 1-Chicchan).

9-Kan [2 September 2011] Potentially Abundant

Born on this day: Leonard Nimoy, Henry Kissinger, Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Oklahoma City bombing, Waco siege began

Potentially Abundant

"The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer." - Henry Kissinger (9-Kan)

9-Kan offers unique, reciprocal insights – both into the nature of the Seed sun-sign as well as the 9th stage/heaven.

All seeds represent one form or another of Potential. When a plant reaches fruition, it produces a multitude of seeds. During natural courses, only a fraction of this multitude eventually takes root and becomes new plants. However, each seed is a plant in potential.

In the same way in which Kan represents the Nature of potential (along with its burner-day set companions: Muluc, Ix, and Cauac – each in its own way), stage 9 of the trecena is an Expression of potential. It is equated to the 9th month of human gestation, when the process is on the brink of realization.

Interesting trivia: Leonard Nimoy (9-Kan) is the Jewish actor best known for his Vulcan salutation and saying (“Live long and Prosper”) on the TV series Star Trek. For a millennia, the hand gesture he uses (parting two fingers of the palm) has been the practice of countless synagogues priests (a.k.a. “Kohanim”), and is known as the “Priestly Blessing”.

Vulcan Salutation

"Live Long and Prosper" - Ja Style (etched on a Jewish tombstone, early 19th century)

"May YHWH bless you and guard you
May YHWH make his face shine upon you and be gracious unto you
May YHWH lift up his face onto you and give you peace."

[Taken from the oldest known Biblical text ever found – 1st temple period and earlier]

10-Chicchan [3 September 2011] A Snake is Born

Born on this day: Eddie Gomez, Tony La Russa, Ulysses S. Grant, John Dillinger, Will Ferrell

A Snake is Born

"Labor disgraces no man; unfortunately you occasionally find men disgrace labor." - Ulysses S. Grant (10-Chicchan)

According to Dr. Calleman’s extensive research, the 5th Night (stage 10) is a time of destruction of old patterns, followed closely by the 6th Day of blossoming (stage 11), when a new and fresh mindset begins to find its place.

In this trecena, the serpent (Chicchan) embodies the inevitable destruction of 1-Cib and everything leading up from it to stage 10. However, it is important to keep in mind that this form of destruction does not mean starting from scratch again, at least not in every respect. It simply means a kind of “switch” in mindset, typical to manifestation.

For example, if the trecena process is paralleled with human gestation of a firstborn, and every stage is a month of pregnancy, then the destruction may be related to the parents’ former way of life being completely turned around (and also the baby’s, of course). Whatever led up to stage 10 seems not to matter any more after the beauty of manifestation takes Place in Time (although each step of the way leading to birth/manifestation is absolutely indispensable).

Remember the elderly medieval Monk who started the journey on 1-Cib by leaving his temple? 10-Chicchan is the junction in his journey when the beauty of ancient pagan spirituality dawns on him through an uplifting experience involving mind and body. His ecstatic revelation does not altogether replace the faith and knowledge he established in the temple all those years, but rather builds upon everything else and expands his perspective.

11-Cimi [4 September 2011] Refining Change

Born on this day: Kate Pierson (B-52’s)

Refining Change

Dynamic Death and Rebirth

11-Cimi is a subtle psychic connection with our ancient ancestors, who assist and guide us during the transition into a renewed and sanctified way of life –  the consequent result of the destruction previously discussed. This day also resounds with the 11th uinal in which it takes place, along with 11-Cauac further down the road.

12-Manik [5 September 2011] Deep-Forest Remedy

Born on this day: Michael Palin, Pedro Martínez, Alicia Keys, Vin Diesel, 14th Dalai Lama, Adam K. Horovitz (Ad-Rock)


"With the ever-growing impact of science on our lives, religion and spirituality have a greater role to play by reminding us of our humanity. There is no contradiction between the two. Each gives us valuable insights into the other." - Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama (12-Manik)

12-Manik is the beginning of the 6th day of the Universal Underworld. It is interesting to note that this Underworld began with 1-Manik, so there is a special resonance here between Sunday morning and Friday morning, so to speak.

We mentioned stages 4, 8, and 12 as being balancing factors in every trecena. So, in the divine and serene trecena just about to conclude:

  • 4-Cauac is the establishment of purification, which leads to Empowering Enlightenment.
  • 8-Akbal is the realization of the infinite unknown, which leads to potentiality that manifests the following Day.
  • 12-Manik is understanding the continuous need for perfecting skill and deepening devotion – which leads to ascension.

13-Lamat [6 September 2011] Starfruit

Born on this day: Lionel Messi, George Orwell, Martin Luther King’s Assassination, Milton William Cooper


"Listen to everyone, read everything; believe absolutely nothing unless you can prove it in your own right!" - Milton William Cooper (13-Lamat)

More from Bill Cooper: “When you broadcast the truth you piss everybody off.

Isn’t it amazing that Bill Cooper shares his Tzolkin birthday with George Orwell?

It is said that ancient heroes of old, like Achilles and Sinbad “Reached the Stars”. In other words, their devout fan-base got together and connected stars in the dark sky to form constellations which they named after their heroes. These were in turn passed down generations, and the heroes’ names were immortalized. This honor was reserved for true “All-Stars”, not just any other mortal King, President, or Prime Minister.

In contemporary sports, this phenomena is called “retiring a number”, and the ceremony includes raising the hero’s jersey up to the heavens (just under the stadium’s domed roof).

In the Tzolkin round this phenomena is called 13-Lamat.

13-Lamat is the Ultimate Star of infinite multiplication and the kind of luminary which can ultimately establish Universal Harmony.

Link to next trecena: 1-Muluc (TBD)

9 responses to “1-Cib Trecena Analysis Part 2 of 2

  1. Jeremy Scott McGie

    Excellent work. I my-self am 6 Lamat, (29/9/76 – Yet born just after 3pm Eastern Australian Time) Through correspondence with Carl Calleman, there is some suggestion that 3pm Asia Pacific Time, is generally considered the shift point of day energy, where-as midnight central american time would be the other. So it could be considered a cusp scenario as in the zodiac signs. Yet moving on to what is a much more amazing read, and that is Carl’s book The Purposeful Universe, I admit I only just read it, as I was very involved in consuming Transformation of consciouness, and I guess the delay was due to me not being ready for it any time sooner, or later. But to anyone else who reads this, please, do whatever it takes to get your hands on his work, and then see how anything you are passionate about will come into much clearer focus, and you will really feel a destiny and purpose in your own life. Also and absolutely get in touch with the Mayan process in it’s totality, and see how it leaves nothing and no-one out.

  2. Just blown away gain Eagle..thanks for the uinal basics..really struck by the dichotomy of 9 kan..the attacks you mentioned and osho and nimoy? A mayan app i have was explicit about the “potentially” dangerous nature of this day. I then realized it was the very day a dear freind of mine was abducted and assaulted. Deep and purging trecena…akbal emptied me…cib cleansed me…muluc? maybe the me gets offered? Much love and appreciation brother Eagle!!!!

  3. Aguila, Thank You For Your Excellent Effort To Explain The Intent And Aspect Of The Sacred Calender.This Is No Easy Task.Your 6th Day Has Arieved/Flowering I Pray This Flowering Sets Some Good Fruit The Gift Of Substance Mountin.
    Tommorow Begins The Trecena Of My Narwal,Water/Offering My 4/Toj Is In The Keme Trecena.I Enjoy My Sun Sign For We All Come From Beyond The Dark Waters That Proceed Our Bith.
    Didn’t The Day Begin At Dawn For The Maya?

  4. http://www.mesoamericancalendarstudies.com/ Have You Visited Camden Anderson’s Excellent Site,To Much Information For My Bluntskopp To Comprehend, Just Bitz And Pieces,Measured Doses.

  5. Tzikin,Today Is Lahun-10/Tijash OrTijaax Flint Or Obsidion Mirror My Wife Of Over 31yrs. Narwale.She Is A Wuqub’/7 And Sits Atop The Ee Trecena.It Is One Of My Favorite Signs.And She Embodies Itz Positive Aspects.She Is Blessed With Remote And Future Vision,And Intune With Telleric Forces.She Is A Behaverial Health Nurse,Skilled At Cutting Through The Lies And Getting To The Cause Of The Problem,At The Same Time Bringing Healing Through Compassion And Understanding.
    In The Yucatan The Healers Use the Satsun A Visionary Stone Whirrled In A Container And Shows The Proper Healing Modalities ,Tijaax Has The Power To Cut Through The Fog Of Obscurity And Open Portals To Other Dimensions.

  6. the background is terrible…. hard to read anything.

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