12-Ahau: Happy Birthday Ian!

12-Ahau [18 September 2011] The Last Sunset

Born on this day: Ian Lungold, Meg Ryan, Anne Archer, Kurt Russell, Michelle Pfeiffer
“A journey to synchronicity; with mother’s crystal heart; wear this with wonder; wear this with pride; coincidence no longer; as we ride Time’s tide” – Ian Lungold (12-Ahau)


Happy Birhtday Ian!!! And many thanks…

– “Where were you during the Cosmic Convergence?”
– “Me? I was in Ginegar, having some Smoked Stout from Salara Brewery, jamming with some Elders behind the Laundromat…”

Next Friday we will be holding the Cosmic Convergence event in Kibbutz Ginegar. This is situated between Nazareth and Armageddon (a.k.a. Mount Megiddo in local geography).

And who started this all? The same Light Worker who started it for Everyone – Ian. A bona-fide researcher in his own right, Ian was also a window to Carl’s extensive academic work, without which we’d still probably be arguing with Dreamspellers…

Ian Lungold - the one who had his Soul distributed within a multitude of hearts...

12-Ahau is considered to be the last sunset of the current process. 13-Ahau is also a sunset, but also, uniquely – a Sunrise of the next round. 12-Ahau is the sun setting on Friday (the 6th Day/11th Heaven), and 13-Imix is the beginning of the 6th Night/Friday night.

As Peter Gabriel wrote in his song “The Blood of Eden”:

In the blood of Eden
We've done everything we can
In the blood of Eden
Saw the end as we began...
... It was all for the union
Oh, the union of the woman,
The woman and the man.

So, we have reached the point in which we can feel that we’ve done everything we can. The Tzolkin Summer, which began a while ago (1-Cib), is a time of enjoying the fruits of labor, and realizing that some things must be left alone to grow, left to their own devices. The incessant drive to act and do and learn and prepare for the Night loses its meaning, as we collectively slip into receptive repose.

“It was all for the Union” of the Day/Night, of the Woman and the Man.

11 responses to “12-Ahau: Happy Birthday Ian!

  1. “Except a corn of wheat fall into the ground and die, it abideth alone: but if it die, it bringeth forth much fruit.” John12:24

    So true: Ian Lungold – the one who had his Soul distributed within a multitude of hearts…

    He gave EVERYTHING to share the truth of the Mayan Calendar. Thank you, thank you Ian — rest in peace

  2. Thank you Ian and Matty, both of you gave so much and asked so little in return (unlike the messengers who ask so much and give so little in return). Your message was given freely so that others could learn. And, who can afford the extravagant prices asked by today’s messengers? Which begs the question, “is the a message for only those who can afford to hear it?”

    You both remain in my heart with much gratitude.

  3. My wife in Los Angeles CA. 8 years ago downloaded info from Dr Calleman’s website, 6 years ago, then She bought the folding mayan calendar in Sedona AZ. and 2 years ago in South Africa bought two videos of Ian’s presentations in a crystal shop; and we watched them then we realized they were all link, we got very excited, we watched many times taking notes, discerning, debating and I kept telling everybody you have to watch this! and even now I keep quoting Ian, because it is so relevant, to what is happening now, and I know where He is At, He knows IAM one of his biggest fans; and so is my wife, I send Infinite Love and Gratitude to Ian for his work.
    Once it troubled me to read; that Creation becomes bigger than Creator; now, I understand, and It certainly applies to Ian Xel Lungold!

  4. It is necessary that the capacity of giving exist to have the capacity of receiving, it is precise to have the container to hold the content.
    Gate’,Gate’,Paragate’,Parasamgate’,Bodi Svaha!

  5. Huge blessings to you dear heart. we’ve all been blessed by having known Ian, in physical or not, we are one HEART one BEING, one LOVE.
    I honor you my beloved, gratitude abound.
    Madaline Freedom

  6. I have admired Ian for a long time. I watched his lectures as he brought heaven down to earth for me to see and believe.

    When I read he had passed I was profoundly sad I would not hear from him again. He was a wonderful messenger.

    I never knew what was the cause of his passing. I never saw it mentioned.

    Will someone please tell me? era@outofourminds.com

    Thanks for peace.

    • Hi Ed, and thanks for your first comment here!
      If I understand correctly, Ian passed on because of a prolonged fight with a terminal dis-ease.
      I didn’t know him personally, but I identify with your statements. You can try e-mailing the Mayan Majix site admin@mayanmajix.com
      He worked with Ian closely for years.

      Ian is, for me – the Last Sunset (being 12-Ahau, the end of the 6th Day of Creation). No sunsets or floods or causes of Fear will ever return.
      In Lakesh,

  7. Thanks for your prompt response. I appreciate it.

    BTW, what are those images next to our log lines. It looks like the QR codes that are happening now. Is it related to the GRAVATAR site?
    And if so, how does it work? I mean, some images actually supply info or
    links. Please let me know.
    ed arroyo

  8. http://www.redicecreations.com/specialreports/2005/11nov/ianlungoldpassed.html Terrea Me Cuerpo,Agua Me Sangra,Vento Me Aire,Feugo Me Spiritus!

  9. It was Ian’s videos that first exposed me to the Mayan Calendar. With this knowledge, I finally began to recognize some of the order and purpose to my challenging life and this challenging world. This understanding has provided me with comfort through some very dark times. Thank-you Ian. Love and blessings to all.
    -Pete, Long Island, New York
    9 Caban

  10. Red Rock Psychic–sitting in my office, surfing mayanmajix. Happy birthday, even if I am a bit late. It is your year, Ian. Your birthday was on Jan.1,2011 and now again. I am glad that I sent our story out into the world this year. I am open to do whatever you may suggest for me to do now, Ian. I know you are at peace and having a fabulous time enjoying all the events down here on the earth plane.
    Love, Abby

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