1-Chuen Trecena Analysis: Just Kidding


The month of March is said to have got its name from the verb ‘march’. This was the time of year when the mud hardened enough for the army carts to get moving.

Another related word is “Spring”, as in nature and creation springing back to life after being dormant during winter.

In 2012, this tropical point of axis, which is Spring in the northern hemisphere takes Place in Time quite near the Tzolkin Spring equinox (13-Oc/1-Chuen).

Next time this happens, it’ll be around 2016, during the year bearer 4-Caban.

Note: the current Mayan year-bearer quadruplet (Caban, Ik, Manik, and Eb) have not always been the same, considering different locations and periods of the Mayan empire. Maybe it’s time we consider another burner-set?

This trecena’s riddle is: which burner set would you choose for the coming years? And why?

Just Kidding

1-Chuen: Spring, march

Under the Hood

Similar to the sun’s tropical year, the Tzolkin round is divided into four “seasons”. Rather than weather-forecast-kinda seasons, these are spiritual seasons which assist in recognizing a basic pattern of individual evolution. Each season lasts 65 days (5 trecenas), and is associated with a cardinal direction. As it is in school and academia, the cycle begins when the summer is over:

  • Autumn (Eastern): From 1-Imix through 13-Chicchan
  • Winter (Northern): From 1-Cimi through 13-Oc
  • Spring (Western): 1-Chuen through 13-Men
  • Summer (Southern): 1-Cib through 13-Ahau

Therefore, the previous trecena (1-Edznab) marks the end of the first semester and the current one (1-Chuen) marks the beginning of the second. In other words – the end of winter and beginning of spring. In the solar year, this is called the spring equinox, since the day and night are of the same length. This midpoint of balance exists also in the Tzolkin, since the count of days before 13-Oc and after 1-Chuen are also the same (130).

The Mirror of Reality 1-Edznab took me on a sharp and introspective voyage deep inside my mind and soul (the Core). To find the way out to the other side I now employ the guidance and beauty of the artisan monkey Chuen, also known as the Weaver of Time. Most of 1-Chuen consists of Core days; this is consistent with the fact that artistic expression begins from within.

1-chuen: Seed of Imagination

Born on this day: Ronald Reagan, Roland Orzabal, Dave Gahan, Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys)

Seed of Imagination

"I urge you to beware the temptation of pride... to ignore the facts of history and the aggressive impulses of an Evil Empire, to simply call the arms race a giant misunderstanding and thereby remove yourself from the struggle between right and wrong and good and evil." - Ronald Reagan (1-chuen)

Since this famous speech by the Hollywood alumni who occupied the Oval Office back in the 80’s (Reagan) the definitions of Evil, Empire, Good and Evil have been completely overhauled.

What I mean can begin to take form after reading the following article:

The Trick of the Psychopath’s Trade: Make Us Believe that Evil Comes from Others

I firmly advise focusing duality on what is considered psychopathic and what is considered sane. These lines can be drawn between seemingly opposite ends of any perceived conflict. According to this paradigm, both the aggressive, loud factions of the West and  their opponents elsewhere on our Home planet are holding a one-track mind of old-school masculine domination and control.

It is the absolute absence of creativity and sublimity. It’s business as usual.

The people who are pulling everyone else towards war, copyright, restrictions and conflict in general are doing so simply because they are actually unable to to perceive evil within themselves (or within the collective the profess to represent).

It’s as simple as that, and the way to cut through all the lies is to think about this trecena’s theme. The Artisan finds a sublime/sublimated way to channel maladjustment and flaw s/he knows to be her/his own, and create something new, beautiful, and meaningful with their slender fingers.

Both the artist and artisan (who are considered to be one and the same according to the Mayan philosophy) share this trait of truth-seeking. The more radical and political among them dedicate their talent to exposing and harnessing what’s wrong in the world and putting it all on a display of sanity and Truth for everyone to see, within works of prose, comedy and Art.

The Emperor is Naked. Always.

The artist’s hallmark is an innate ability to rearrange existing materials and ideas in a unique and imaginary way which actually creates a new reality. The monkey takes ideas and perspectives, which were collected during 1-Edznab and before, and weaves them like fresh and colorful threads to create a new tapestry of existence. This cosmic Fabric consists of old threads, which now begin to be entwined with new ones, as patterns that were never seen before begin to take shape.

1-Chuen is the right time to begin viewing the old and mundane through the curious eyes of a child, who cannot accept a fossilized definition of reality and needs to experiment. It is the perfect time to reinvent yourself and redefine the meaning of innocence. To a kid, everything is interesting and beautiful, and it seems that there are always new things to create out of the old, and novel experiences are waiting just around the corner. In other words – forget about focusing attention and leave the Ritalin behind.

- "What do you see?"
- "Desolate Snow and Ice"
- "Look again"

2-eb: Road less traveled

Born on this day: Ben Stiller, Stan Laurel, Steve Gadd

Road less travelled

"Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." - Robert Frost (4-Cimi)

Originality is not a result of comparison; it is an extension of individual uniqueness. Unique talent begins taking form right after the tendency to compare myself to another (or to my past or future self) is overcome. When I begin to follow my own Art and viewpoint, moment-by-moment, a new Road is blazed, branching off from the one I travelled so far. On 2-Eb I become aware of my separation from the well-trodden path, and there comes a longing to return to the familiarity and safe shores of whatever’s left behind. In addition, Eb’s humble nature teaches me that art can be found everywhere, even in a simple word.

I realize that I cannot actually tread another’s Road. It’s always been my Way, regardless of how similar it was to my ex-girlfriend’s or anyone else’s. TV might convince me that a particular viewpoint I hold TODAY resonates with a couple of middle-aged commentators, who used to be Generals. It might even resonate with the masses who are standing under a particularly-colored flag.

The artist’s way is a continuous nurture and celebration of the unique, the subjective, the beautiful.

3-ben: Rhythmic Reed

Born on this day: José Mourinho, Joni Mitchell, Sarah Alexander, Pete Sampras, Erwin Schrödinger, Marina Sirtis, Brendan Gleeson, Achinoam Nini

Rhythmic Reed

"People will tell you where they've gone, they'll tell you where to go, but till you get there yourself you never really know. Where some have found their paradise others just come to harm." - Joni Mitchell (3-ben), Amelia

The 3rd stage of the trecena can be referred to as the driving force behind the process. It takes the theme of stage 1 and challenges it (East vs. West) in all respects in order to create a background rhythm. 3-Ben provides rhythm to our artistic expression by applying a conduit of Destiny between the physical and the spiritual. The artist within is never content with past achievement and so s/he continuously channels his/her visions down to earth. In turn, these manifested works of art spark spiritual visions and experiences for the artist as well as for those around him/her. Therefore, 3-Ben can be depicted as a dynamic triangle connecting the Artist, the Audience, and the Art.

Here’s Joni Mitchell (3-ben) saluting Amelia Earhert (10-manik, previous trecena) in a song of wanderlust and emptiness.

4-ix: Define Art

Born on this day: Viggo Mortensen, Mark King, Emilio Estevez, Paul Simonon (The Clash), Elia Kazan

Define Art

"He was an arch-manipulator of actors' feelings, and he was extraordinarily talented; perhaps we will never see his like again." - Marlon Brando (9-Cib) commenting on director Elia Kazan (4-ix)

In order to convey a coherent message, the urge for artistic expression must be applied within the boundaries of skill. The artist is not necessarily a virtuoso, but rather one who is aware of both his/her strengths and weaknesses. This is the message of the Stable Jaguar (4-ix), who is a master of the subtleties of skill required to turn meandering musings into Art that is communicative both within and without. What further defines the true artist and his/her work is the mystery and inexplicable nature of the Jaguar, which seems to affect me indirectly and unexpectedly. What is audible in a musical piece only scratches the surface, while the underlying composition and silence between notes eventually taps into and feeds the unconscious.

“To reveal art and conceal the artist is art’s aim.” – Oscar Wilde (1-Chicchan)

5-men: Eye-Power

Born on this day: Muammar Gaddafi, Moshe Dayan, US Civil War began


"I am not going to leave this land. I will die as a martyr at the end. I shall remain, defiant. Muammar is Leader of the Revolution until the end of time." - Muammar Gaddafi (5-Men), 240 days before getting his wish

The 5th stage is when the cardinal direction of the trecena (in this case – West) reappears for the first time, and its purpose is guidance and empowerment of the process thus far. The Eagle (Men) contributes to the overall artistic transformation process through the gift of Vision and Freedom. Vision is the undefined message-in-the-making, which guides artistic expression throughout, from the first brushstroke to the final finishing touch. Also, true art means expression that is altogether free from existing convention, and irrespective of any fear of rejection. Without the Eagle’s Eye there can be no such thing as creativity.

6-cib: Traditional Art

Born on this day: Oliver Stone, Neve Campbell, Tommy Lee Jones, Kenneth Branagh, James Earl Jones, Edward Bernays, Don Cornelius (Soul Train)

Traditional Art

"The three main elements of public relations are practically as old as society: informing people, persuading people, or integrating people with people. Of course, the means and methods of accomplishing these ends have changed as society has changed." - Edward Bernays (6-Cib) the Father of PR

Wisdom is the deep and sacred repository of our ancestors that can be tapped only from within. At stage 6 the sun-sign of Wisdom (Cib) provides much-needed inner strength, so that my personal creative process of reinventing myself continues to flow on. The essence of Cib means being very aware of limits and staying pragmatic. 1-Chuen’s message of self expression doesn’t mean producing a masterpiece every single day. On this day, Cib’s practicality dictates keeping it real and refraining from overdoing it.

Here’s a fascinating BBC documentary in which Bernays himself is interviewed. His uncle was Sigmund Freud, by the way.

7-caban: Earth’s Axis

Born on this day: Bill Evans, Richie Blackmore, Shaul Mofaz, Jeff Suppan (SD Padres)

Earth's Axis

'nuff said

Like 7-Kan in the previous trecena, 7-Caban resonates closely with the overall frequency of the Core period, and marks the final introspection and reflection days of the current uinal. Caban represents profound sensitivity – an integral component of art which allows true appreciation of its beauty. At the 7th stage, this aspect provides purpose to the entire artistic process, and connects conception with manifestation. In addition, 7-Caban reflects individual expression on a global scale. This means that Truth and Beauty expressed through art have no borders of land or language. It is simply a pristine reflection of human experience.

Now is the chance to survey the amazing scenery one last time; a sight which can never be repeated after beginning to come down and Manifest. Everything is visible for the first (and last!) time – where I come from and where I am going.

Read more about 7-Caban in a dedicated post.

8-edznab: Mirror of Harmony

Born on this day: Angela Merkel, Suzanne Vega, George Harrison, Charley Boorman, Ayelet Zurer, Ephraim Kishon

Mirror of Harmony

"He sounds like he's missing something or someone that he knows he can't have now. And if he isn't I certainly am." - Suzanne Vega (8-edznab) reflecting 'In Liverpool'

8-Edznab literally means Infinite/Harmonious Reflections. Reality is a mirror, my internal world is a mirror, my art reflects my psyche, my relationships with other humans reflect to infinity. They all interrelate and synchronize to distill Truth.

Suzanne Vega (8-Edznab) wrote:

Today I am a small blue thing
Like a marble or an eye
I am cool and smooth and curious
I never blink
I am turning in your hand
I am cold against your skin
You are perfectly reflected
I am lost inside your pocket
I am lost against your fingers
I am falling down the stairs
I am skipping on the sidewalk
I am thrown against the sky
I am raining down in pieces
I am scattering like LIGHT

Now, try to read the song again, while keeping in your mind’s eye the image that the small blue thing is Earth.

Here’s the full song “In Liverpool”, quoted under the image above.

9-cauac: Almost Rain

Born on this day: Muddy Waters, Ray Brown, Ted Turner, Laurie Anderson, Michael Richards, Kaká, Mike Dirnt (Green Day), Sarah Silverman (thanks, Brett!)

Almost Rain

"I'm so glad Courtney Love is here; I left my crack in my other purse." - Sarah Silverman (9-Cauac) commenting on 13-Akbal

The Patient Storm (9-Cauac) brings perspective, reminding us that Change comes together over Time. Ultimately, the motion I am currently experiencing is a constant process of Purification, gathered drop by drop over thousands of years.

10-ahau: Illumination

Born on this day: Pope John Paul II (died 5-Ahau), Edmond de Rothschild, Graham Chapman


"You all have to work it out for yourselves… Don’t let anybody tell you what to do!" - Graham Chapman (10-Ahau) as Brian

This is the last day of the 7th uinal, and therefore also the last Core day until the middle of the next Tzolkin.

An entire post has been dedicated to this day – refer to it please.

Personally, I’ve had enough of Core days back on 5-Men already. Introspection is important, but must be rationed to be effective. Time to face the outside world again.

11-Imix: TBD

Born on this day: Michel Foucault, Sarah McLachlan, Simon Le Bon, Joan Baez, John Paul Jones (Led Zeppelin), Shirley Manson (Garbage), Roger Meddows Taylor (Queen)


"You know I love it when the news is bad, why it feels so good to feel so sad. I'm only happy when it rains... Pour your misery down, pour your misery down on me!" - Shirley Manson (11-Imix)

The 8th uinal begins today.

Everything you ever read about stage 8 (8-Edznab – see above, 8-Lamat, 8-Eb, etc.) is true for the 20 days of the 8th uinal beginning today. This is an aspect of the holographic nature of Time and creation as a whole: whatever’s true for micro-Time (day-level) is also true for macro-Time (20-day uinal, 360-day tun, 7200-day katun, etc.). And likewise, an atom is a universe in itself.

Keywords for the meaning of the 8th stage (a.k.a. 4th Night): Harmony, Infinity (horizontal 8), Balance, order from smallest details to the overall Unity.

The Resolving Crocodile (11-Imix) basically means Back to School after enlightenment manifested. It accentuates the anti-climax aura of the 11th stage of resolution.

Garbage used to be my favorite band during the late 90’s and early 00’s. One of the reasons was their lead singer Shirley Manson. There’s something about Imix women and sheer madness that always turns me on. And their eyes are like non other.

12-Ik: Deep Idea

Born on this day: Sarah Jessica Parker, Al Pacino, Derek Jeter, Roger Federer, Liam Hewlett (Pridigy)

Deep Idea

Once perfected, art must be disseminated by the Winds

The language of Art is universal.

A good piece of music reflects Truth beyond and before dissecting it into words of appreciation or critique, as does an inspiring sculpture or a good-tasted necklace. On 12-Ik a deep understanding dawns, which involves the Wind’s lack of boundaries.

When my communication is artful, i.e., when my Art is True in its Form and Content – there is no frontier on Earth that can stop the Global spreading of its Truth. No language, No distortion, No subversion, No firewall – Nothing.

Here’s Al Pacino (12-Ik) facing off against Lee Strasberg (13-Akbal). Classic!

Isn’t is amazing to have Lee Strasberg on the same trecena with two of his most famous pupils: Pacino and Kazan?

13-Akbal: The Story

Born on this day: Al Di Meola, Neil Simon, Michael Caine, Courtney Love, Lee Strasberg, Rabin assassination (born 12-Eb)

The Story

"The human being who acts is the human being who lives. That is a terrifying circumstance." - Lee Strasberg

Art has its place and time, and must now dissolve into the next trecena – the Seed of basic abundance.

13-Akbal means encapsulating the Art lessons of the last fortnight within a fable, to be retold and reflected upon later down the road, especially on moonless Nights, by the fire.

13-Akbal also provides the infrastructure upon which the future is built. It expands the artful method into perpetuation.

The next stop on the journey through Time is the most balanced trecena of them all, during which the Tzolkin new year takes place.

Regarding this trecena’s riddle: I’d chose Imix, Cimi, Chuen, and Cib. This way next year will be 2-Cimi. Neat!

9 responses to “1-Chuen Trecena Analysis: Just Kidding

  1. Hey Eagle,

    The psychopath article and Bernays video are both gems. Thanks!

  2. Candace Bradley - Kaplan - Scrivner

    the work: For future “science education” Some of Us need to make hard copies of this and other stuff. Begin now with alternative & correct Education where at all possibles. In a couple of years this will All be mainstream, as in an item of “the daily news”. – Like reading this info, like having this comfort of the calendar beginning again. I enjoy very much Our community of interested Seekers; “And ye (mankind) shall be prepared as a people to enter into the place which is prepared for thee”.

    • Hi Candace!

      Thanks for your comment, and for you appreciation! for inspiration too.
      I’m already putting together an Eternal Guide to time, to be printed and sold – based on the contents of this blog.
      I didn’t completely understand when you wrote about the calendar beginning again. We’re right in the middle of the current round, actually. Did you mean the last time it began last October?

      The placed prepared is located in both space and time. It feels like we’re already there.

      Have a great 7-Caban!

  3. you have a mastery skill with words ! LOve your deep thinking & analysis & enjoyed this posting ! As an artist I could easily meld into what you were saying…so True ! Keep up the fine work…never give up !..& I do feel with your core strength & belief you never will…!~ Have a Superb Day !~

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