1-Akbal Trecena Analysis: Into the Void


The 1-Akbal trecena spans most of the 10th uinal, which is the 20-day period in the Tzolkin round set aside for manifestation. Whatever I focused on since 1-Imix (October 29th 2011 this time around) finally takes form in physical reality during this period. This doesn’t mean that manifestation in general takes place only now and again – remember that each trecena has a 10th day of “localized” manifestation, and each larger/smaller period of time shares this milestone as well.

So, manifestation on the Tzolkin round scale takes place under the powerful and subtle influence of Akbal – the proverbial unknown. Ironic, isn’t it? The way things pan out in actuality cannot be foreseen during the extended period of incubation and preparation. For 9 uinals my intentions fermented below the surface, feeding on imagination, wishes, thoughts, prayers, and fears. During 1-Akbal these intentions emerge from the void out to the light, as I begin to actually get what I asked for. However, because it cannot be foreseen in all its beautiful details until it manifests – it is unknown.

This is why the 10th stage of each cycle of Time is ruled by the Mayan god of destruction. The chrysalis of imagination and expectation is destroyed and cast off like a child’s old T-shirt. The world outside the cocoon cannot be fathomed from within it. It’s all just shadows cast on mommy’s tummy.

Now’s the time to expect the unexpected; to assume responsibility for seeds sown  long ago and far away.

Into the Void

Things begin to happen, which inspire and reinvent Intuition

Before we begin…

I’m sorry I missed posting an updated 1-Oc post, so I’ll sum it up for the time being using Leonard Cohen’s (10-Cauac, 1-Oc trecena) words of precision:

Baby I've been waiting
I've been waiting Night and Day
I didn't see the Time
and I waited half my life away
There were lots of invitations
I know you sent me some
But I was waiting for the Miracle to come

I don't believe you'd like it
You wouldn't like it here
There ain't no entertainment
and the judgments are severe
The maestro says it's Mozart,
but it sounds like bubblegum
When you're waiting for the miracle to come

1-Akbal: Unite at Night

Born on this day: Andre Agassi, Uma Thurman, Dan Simmons, Benny Hill,
Walt Whitman, Brian May (Queen)

Unite at Night

"That's what show business is--sincere insincerity." - Benny Hill (1-Akbal)

1-Akbal is like planting a seed and not knowing what would grow of it.

It represents the basic assumption that, on this plane of existence I’m called to constantly face the fear of the unknown within and without – and Learn! After unraveling a great mystery and coming out the other side it is time to enter another dark, scary and unknown cave and learn more.

This period in Time calls for a fair amount of courage and inner integrity. Akbal is the most basic form of transformation, since it means going back to the dark womb of creation, realizing its boundless potential, and emerging wiser at dawn to teach and inspire the Waking Ones.

Comic Releif

In this trecena you’re bound to find many great talents of the stage, screen, and plasma screen. These will be mixed with 6 heads of state (mostly on portal days), 2 lesser politicians, a late member of British monarchy, and a handful of prominent authors and poets.

We’ll begin our journey in the UK, back in the late 70’s and early 80’s:

2-KAN: A Question of Fertility

Born on this day: Martin Luther King, Jr., Grover Cleveland (22nd US President), Harry McClintock, Carlos Santana, Harry Houdini, Samuel L. Jackson

A Question of Fertility

"Oh I'm bound to go where there ain't no snow, where the rain don't fall, the wind don't blow in the Big Rock Candy mountain." - Harry McClintock (2-Kan)

Portal day

When I begin a trip to an unknown land (and I mean utterly unknown – like an unnamed island I know nothing about) one of the first questions I’ll ask myself is “will I find anything I like eating there?”.

I get that feeling sometimes just before leaving for holiday.

So the first Portal Day (of both the 10th uinal and this trecena) represents this type of basic dilemma of survival. It also relates to another human impulse of relating to anything Unknown as something that would probably lead to nothing (as if the Known always leads to somewhere meaningful).

As mentioned before, 1-Akbal is a test of courage, and 2-Kan is realizing that the unknown Cave is deeper and much stranger than I imagined before. It is a day to deal with the urge to lose nerve and go back to the known.

Thus, a measure of faith is called for. After all, I didn’t begin this journey to go back right after beginning.

So 2-Kan eventually assists me in making the decision which is bound to yield at least a few good new contacts. That’s what Kan is all about.

The next performer to take the stage is an oldie. His name is Harry McClintock, and he’s already made his decision long ago and far away.

3-Chicchan: Rhythmic Serpent

Born on this day: Tom Jones (singer), David Cameron, Aaron Eckhart, Wilford Brimley

Rhythmic Serpent

"Women and Girls rule my world. Act your age, mama, not your shoe size and maybe we can do the twirl" - Tom Jones (3-Chicchan) doing Prince (12-Cauac)

After overcoming initial fear, and giving up the known-zone, the dramatic Serpent Chicchan, representing the spark of physical life on the material plain, provides much needed enthusiasm, invigorates, and puts the entire process in Motion.

I’ll be Back

It is said that Man’s divine essence manifests in constant yearning, learning, and striving to solve the Unknown. 3-Chicchan is actually this timeless itch to seek adventure and youth eternally.

One of the famous allegories in the Old Testament refers to the prodigal son, who decided to go on an adventure, while his siblings stayed on their father’s farm. So he went to the city and got mixed up with the wrong company, wasting everything he saved for the trip on booze and trinkets for all the wrong women.

After many years he found his way back to the farm, penniless and broken. Dad was overjoyed and asked his cook to sacrifice a young lamb to make a banquette.

His brothers were less enthusiastic about his return and asked Dad “how come he gets all the attention when we’ve been so loyal and helpful to you?”

Dad just smiled at first and then said “this son was lost to us, and now he’s returned. It is a joyous for all of us.”

So all us humans mired in materialism are this prodigal son – the black sheep-one who couldn’t just accept the farm and decided to be a star in Hollywood.

Back to Britain, now, but still as American as they come – here’s Tom Jones (3-Chicchan) shaking his thing with the Art of Noise doing Prince.

4-Cimi: Boundaries of Change

Born on this day: Nancy Sinatra, Tom Cruise, Steven Berkoff, Woodstock
Festival began, Robert Frost

Boundaries of Change

"Sex is about the connection. Great sex is a by-product, for me, of a great relationship, where you have communication and it's an extension of that. Where it's just free. And that's how it should be. It's spectacular." - Tom Cruise (4-Cimi) routing the boundaries of marital freedom through the bedroom

4-Cimi establishes the irreversibility of the current trecena’s evolution. It reminds me that the person who first entered the cave 3 days ago is already dead and gone, never to return again. This always seems to be true, but it is taken for granted and overlooked almost every time. Thus the illusion that I can actually remain who I was yesterday is fraudulently maintained as a subterfuge.

However, the physical reality inherent in the 10th uinal cannot suffer any illusion or neurotic clinging to a frozen, past version of what’s already been transformed by the Night. So, 4-Cimi is establishing the fact that Form is always in Transition (trans-form). This solid establishment allows the learning and unraveling process to continue.

What’s on TV?

During the 80’s I followed this ABC mini-series about WWII. There I saw a British Jew born 4-Cimi play Adolf Hitler. It was Steven Berkoff, who in the following scene is just about to find himself in ground zero of a terrorist attack.

Tom Cruise (also 4-Cimi) got to play the part of the conspirator Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg in the recent feature “Valkyrie”.

5-Manik: Precise Pilgrimage

Born on this day: John Denver, Stewart Copeland, Luke Perry, David Wilcock, Freddie Mercury, Trilok Gurtu

Precise Pilgrimage

"Life is old there, older than the trees, younger than the mountains, growing like the breeze." - John Denver (5-Manik)

5-Manik is the first time I witness a western sun-sign since this western trecena began. It is therefore a return the main theme + a modulation in harmony, which develops the process and makes it more precise.

Manik (The Deer/Healing Hand) is a pilgrim, always striving to improve self and other; a constant process of aiming, achieving, and acquiring new tools for the next achievement. This ties in nicely with 1-Akbal, since it clears the air of past fears and negative doubts and sets the tone for the balanced phase of the process (stages 6-9).

Take me Home

My dad Jake knew good music, and we had a terrific vinyl collection in our home when I grew up. John Denver (5-Manik) was one of his favorites (along with Springsteen (5-Ahau) and Johnny Cash (8-Imix)). I never got to tell him that Denver was born on one of his burner-set counterpart (dad born 12-Ik).

6-Lamat: Responsive Harmony

Born on this day: David Hasselhoff, Hosni Mubarak, Daniel Radcliffe, Jerry
Lewis, Virginia Woolf

Responsive Harmony

"… this was of the nature of a revelation. In the midst of chaos there was shape; this eternal passing and flowing… was struck into stability." - Virginia Woolf (6-Lamat), taken from part 3 chapter 3 of "To the Lighthouse" (1927)

The 6th stage is the last stage which continues the original intent set in stage 1. On stage 7 the process already reverses its momentum, and whatever was inhaled is held inside before exhaling.

The Star (Lamat) shines its light at Night (Akbal) and provides the all-directional responsiveness required to venture onwards. It gives just enough light to go on, but not enough light to dispel the darkness (not yet, that is).

The drunk routine, plus cigarette

Back to theatre with some music, here’s Jerry Lewis (6-Lamat) with Dean Martin (13-Kan), brought within each-other’s aura after many years by Frank Sinatra (3-Imix):

After watching this one twice, I’m still unsure whether Dean was doing his drunken act or he was really stoned out there. Or, it could be he was doing both and just preparing really well for his reunion performance with Lewis.

Anyways, I love the way they used to smoke on live TV back then!

7-MULUC: Reflective Thanks

Born on this day: Mel Blanc, Zinedine Zidane, Louis Pasteur, Wolfgang
Amadeus Mozart, Rihanna, Edward Norton, Christian Slater, John Tyler (10th US President), Dick Cavett

Reflective Thanks

"If you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person?" Edward Norton (7-MULUC) narrating Fight Club

Portal day

The Core of the 1-Akbal trecena comes in the form of a Portal Day of depth and appreciation. When I reach the mountaintop of this trecena I can begin to come to terms with how deep my ignorance and lack of knowing has been so far (and will certainly be again on the next level, to be sure).

7-Muluc is when I dedicate myself completely to finding the dark places which scare me and then making the willful commitment to shine new light upon them.

A dedicated voice talent

Here’s Mel Blanc (7-MULUC) and Jack Benny (2-Chuen):

Nearly all of the Looney Toons you ever saw feature his talent.

8-Oc: Love Above, Love Below

Born on this day: Pamela Anderson, Dean Stockwell, Matthew Perry
(Friends), Alan Rickman, Gérard Depardieu

Love Above, Love Below

"I thought of a great way to celebrate my Finnish heritage at home. I'm going to look into opening a chain of strip clubs, and I'll call them Lapland!" – Pamela Anderson (8-Oc)

Today’s transmission from the Sun revolves around the all-pervasive nature of empathy and comradeship. After the “worst” of the Night’s (Akbal) mystery and hysteria are behind me the balancing power of the 8th stage reminds me that I can never truly be alone when the faithful Dog (e.g., Sirius, the dog-star) is ever my steadfast companion, even during the darkest Nights.

Also, going back to the theme presented under in the above Prelude – at any given trecena there are 13 sun-signs that are present and 7 absent. One of the more glaring absent sun-signs in this trecena is Imix. During the Akbal trecena there is an acute lack of territory and boundaries. The known becomes unknown, and the unknown gets more bizarre every day.

This can be explained by the lack of Imix – the most material and territorial sun-signs on offer. This lack is compensated and balanced-out today by Oc and its social mode of territoriality, which is the force behind Team Spirit, All for 1 and 1 for all, and the All Seeing (invisible) “I” in the word “Team”.

Alright, enough distracting entertainment for now. Let’s move on.

9-Chuen: Macro-Art

Born on this day: Serena Williams



I’m pretty sure 9-Chuen is bound to remain as mysterious as it has been for me since I started researching the Tzolkin.

Tune in later, then.

10-EB: This way!

Born on this day: David Beckham, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Leo Tolstoy,
Naomi Klein

This way!

"I have no intention of arguing about the Holocaust. But, does it not stand to reason that some victorious countries of World War II intended to create an alibi on the basis of which they could continue keeping the defeated nations of World War II indebted to them " - Mahmoud Ahmadinejad (10-EB) in his letter to Angela Merkel (2006)

Portal day

I recall the day I entered the unknown cave and worried about sleeping bears Deep Inside. That was 1-Akbal.

Then I began to fathom the cave’s depth, and started having second thoughts about whether it’s worthwhile to go on. That was 2-Kan

The serpent inside egged me on to test my nerve, hissing in Parseltongue about ancient and mysterious relics of knowledge and great worth buried deep under the Known. That was 3-Chicchan.

Stumbling through dark and unknown passages, the ghosts of my ancestors came from all four directions to reinforce my courage and bless me with true resolve (and some luck, too). That was 4-Cimi

Dispelling my doubts, I took courage and marched on down the path of Pilgrimage. That was 5-Manik

A lone star shone through an open shaft above; a White Rabbit on the Moon, as rapid wisps of clouds flowed across its phasing face. That was 6-Lamat

At the deepest end of Mystery, I stopped measuring the depth of the Hobbit Hole, the deepest abyss of the Soul. That was 7-Muluc

On the 10th level of the Dungeon ambient light from all around me draw the outlines of the way out clearly visible. This is 10-Eb.

Regardless of what I’ve found so far, nor what I might find on my way back to the LIGHT, once the Road becomes visible at Night, something deep inside me suddenly (and beautifully) attains a renewed sense of affirmation, self-worth, and maturity.

11-Ben: Real Dreams/Dreamy Reality

Born on this day: James Brown, Franklin D. Roosevelt (32nd US president),
Oliver Hardy, Quentin Tarantino, Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother

Real Dreams/Dreamy Reality

"The savings of the average family, the capital of the small-businessmen, the investments set aside for old age — other people's money — these were tools which the new economic royalty used to dig itself in." - Franklin D. Roosevelt (11-Ben) in his peech to the Democratic National Convention (1936)

After the road has manifested (10-EB on the 10th uinal) comes the anticlimax 11-Ben. Finding a road in the dark is all well and good, but I’m not home yet. I need a guiding light and a sense of destiny (Ben). It wasn’t my fate to lose my way in the darkness, it seems. I can lead myself out now.

Now it’s time to get back to the party. Here’s someone who knows the Way as it actually manifests day by day.

James Brown live at the Olympia on 12-Caban (25 Nov 1967):

Come here sister
Papa's in the swing
He ain't too hip about
that new breed, babe
He ain't no drag
Papa's got a brand new (dime)bag

Compare this stellar performance, if you will, with the Storm of Understanding at the deep end of the Tzolkin round – 12-Cauac (1-Lamat trecena).

So here’s Prince! OO-WEE-OO; OO-OO:

12-Ix: Night-Vision Shamanism

Born on this day: Emma Watson, Alec Baldwin, Arnold Schwarzenegger,
Henry Ford, Zecharia Sitchin, Krist Novoselic (Nirvana)

Night-Vision Shamanism

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." - Henry Ford (12-Ix)

The Jaguar is a nocturnal predator. His vision pierces the Night.

Thus, on 12-Ix (which is located next to the Exit from the Akbal Cave) i find a pair of Alien Night-Vision goggles buried next to an ancient Jaguar Warrior.

These would surely come in handy next time I go on a Night’s prowl, on a moonless night, somewhere in a faraway Future of the next Tzolkin round.

These are the Tools and Skills of the Underworld Shaman.

13-Men: Seeds of Vision

Born on this day: Sacha Baron Cohen, Trent Reznor, Heather Nova, Chad
Smith (RHCP), Keith Levene (The Clash)

Seeds of Vision

"Thank you to every American who has not sued me so far." - Sacha Baron Cohen (13-Men)

On the Other Side of the 1-Akbal mystical process I find 13-Men, called “The Seeds of Vision”.

It is said that Akbal people have a presence and voice which, by nature, inspire their surroundings, and make up the inexplicable Question Mark/Scar of terrestrial existence. I found this to be quite true during my mysterious voyage down the Tzolkin and Mayan cave of Wonders. This inspiration is carried today on the wings of the majestic, legendary eagles of the 13th and sublime Stage.

They have bested all Caves, and are forever soaring above in search for a new mystery to dive into.

This eventually leads to the next story of Evolution: The Sanctity of the Unified Soul (1-Cib).

Last Thought

Here’s Trent Reznor (13-Men) with Nine Inch Nails and an amazing video montage live on stage.

I focus on the pain, the only thing that's real
If I could start again
A million miles away
I would keep myself
I would find a way

3 responses to “1-Akbal Trecena Analysis: Into the Void

  1. Great work again Eagle. Really showing the the interconnectedness of all things. Not sure if you have seen this as yet, but check it out.

    It covers a lot, plenty to take in. Mainly I can see how the torsion fields they speak of are very similar to the Mayan pattern as you have followed. As you would know it is not isolated only to the calendar, but why re-create something that has already been done, when understanding and application is all that is required. Application is almost not even required as knowledge of the way the source works puts you in alignment where at least we can become more conscious of the divine role we each play within one nested series of life forms built upon one another in perfect harmony.

    Jezua 6 Lamat

  2. Enjoyed this journey, great finish with nine inch nails.Well done!

    • Hey Mike!
      Thanks for the feedback. That NIN one is so powerful, especially with all the visual. That kingfisher at the end is pure orgasm. The whole piece has a messianic feel to it.

      Hang loose,

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