1-Lamat Trecena Analysis: Credits

1-Lamat: Every star – a Sun

Note: Please read these one day at a time. I’ll be updating the days as they come…

Prelude: Hit the Ground Running

In the Tzolkin round there are only two portal days that fall on the last day of a trecena. They are 13-CAUAC and 13-AHAU.

This is true when placing the portal and core day template on top of a Tzolkin round beginning on 1-Imix. After reading just the opening pages of Mayan Calendar Astrology: Mapping Your Inner Cosmos by Kenneth Johnson I learned again that there are some other, fascinating traditions concerning where the Tzolkin round begins, like 8-Chuen, another portal day – observed in Momostenango, Guatemala. Another tradition emphasizes the fact that any attempt to mark a circle’s beginning or end is futile to begin with. More on that later.

So the trecena beginning 1-Lamat (according to the model I’ll continue to follow until convinced otherwise) culminates on the portal day 13-Ahau, as Captain Universe and all crew and passengers on board prepare for a new go around the Seven Seas of Creation. As the current cycle draws to its conclusion, gravity focuses on the precise end-point and punch-line/message, i.e., 13-Ahau (hence “Credits”). So, my suggestion is that aspects of Ahau rule the 1-Lamat trecena at least as much as aspects of Lamat.

Generally speaking, and according to William and Viola the first sun-sign of the trecena – the one next to the number One – rules the story of the process, while the crest (stages 6, 7, and 8) make up the message of balance within the context of the story. I’m not contesting this deep wisdom, just offering an additional consideration that pertains to this particular trecena (1-Lamat).

If this suggestion is true, it might be interesting to investigate the possibility that the 13th stage plays the same role, maybe to a lesser degree, in all trecenas following, say, 1-Kan, where 13-Cib begins to gravitate the entire process down to manifestation and ascension. Well, I guess I have to wait and see (about 158 days until 13-Cib).

So let’s consider aspects of Ahau that might go hand in hand with those of Lamat. The first thing that came to my mind was Romance and beauty, and this is what you’re bound to find in this, the concluding episode of the 1-Imix melodrama (5th season coming up next!).

1-Lamat: Starseed

Born on this day: Roger Daltrey, Avril Lavigne, Willem Dafoe, Rene Russo, Tiffani Thiessen, Keith Allen, Engelbert Humperdinck


“Won’t you take me by the hand? Take me somewhere new! I don’t know who you are but I – I’m with you.” Avril Lavigne (1-Lamat)

1-Lamat begins the trecena of the Spiritual abundance embodied by the maturity of learning yesterday’s lessons to the letter. It is the last chance to gather insights and precious lessons from the current frame of awareness. Beginning mid July, the Tzolkin autumn will begin, and it’ll be time to manage the seeds that are collected Now.

It is the last trecena of the round, located in the 13th uinal a.k.a. Saturday. The resolutions I decide to focus upon are all going to be packed and shipped over to the next Tzolkin round. These will then be unpacked according to my personal sequence, and applied to my future reality.

Stage 13 is the equivalent of the Fruit stage of the natural cycle in the Flora domain. So what do I do with fruit? I can eat it, save the seed for next season, or let it rot on the vine or the on ground after falling under the tree.

So, metaphorically, these are my options regarding whatever my awareness picks up during the next 12 days. Let’s say I’m 3 months after finishing a house renovation. A good friend shares his experience and viewpoint and singles out an idea I can implement to make my home even more beautiful.

I can disregard it, I can “consume” it right now and get my ladder and tools, or I can just keep it for the next round of renovations.

BTW 1: the temporary synchronicity between the Tzolkin and solar seasons on the Northern hemisphere has more or less ended by now. Remember? We had the beginning of warmer days around March when 1-Chuen and 1-Kan – the first 2 spring trecenas were in the Tzolkin as well. Next time this happens will be in about 4 years, but it’ll be different.

BTW2: There are two gorgeous teen starlets from the mythological 90’s TV show Beverley Hills 90210 who have their birthday this trecena. One is 1-Lamat, the other on the other side. That other one shares the same sun-sign as her male partner through many of the earlier seasons (Brian Austin Green, 4-Cib). If you’re into that kind of anthropology, feel free to search them out…

Sk8r Boy Humperdinck

Going back to the above quote from Levigne – I thought of it as being a perfect statement for (one facet of) the current global consciousness.

I’d love for someone to take me somewhere new. I have no fear of the other anymore. I sense a new strand of trust gently washing over everyone, over me. I don’t know who’s waiting for me on the other side of this Tzolkin round, on the other side of the globe. But now I know that I’m with them already right now.

To establish this nearness with You I don’t’ need to know your name or envision your face. All I need to do is to emote, either internally or externally.

That’s it. End of story. No Skypes, no Galaxy threes, no airfare, no couch-surfing.

This concept resonates with Lamat. Every star has two sides to it – two observers. You never really know who’s looking down at you from the night sky. There are so many of them; there are so many of us. The multiplying aspect of Lamat means that the more convinced you are about something – the more surprised you’ll be one day when you realize that the opposite view can be just as convincing.

This Lamat duality is especially potent where Lamat rules – the 13th Uinal. It is the dilemma between fruit and seed, between One and Thirteen and back again.

To illustrate this duality, I offer two great singers who were both born 1-Lamat. An old-school male and a supposedly more current female. Naturally, the male speaks separation, and the female unites (rather romantically, don’t you think?).

Here’s Humperdinck asking you to release him:

As you were, Prince Humperdinck.

And here’s Avril Lavigne with that song I talked about.

2-Muluc: Wet Moon

Born on this day: Mickey Rourke, Madeline Kahn, John Travolta, Omar Hakim, Tom Seaver (MLB)

Wet Moon

“But the servant must wait, while the master bates.” – Madeline Kahn (2-Muluc), History of the World Part I

Boy, 2-Muluc. If there ever was a day in which José Argüelles came up with the idea that Muluc is the moon – it would be today.

The moon reflects the sun as water does. The moon draws and releases bodies of water.

2-Muluc is recognizing this feminine heartbeat that’s so easy to overlook. For the star (Lamat) to become a near source of Light (Ahau) it must first recognize the pattern of reflection in this world; the play of origin and destination. The key for achieving this realization lies in Muluc – one of the 3 Gathering signs in this trecena (and the other two are?).

Muluc tells me that gathering begins with a true intent of gratitude and sharing later. The Offering of water means that I’m gathering water not just for myself and my own, but as an offering to another or to the Divine. This liberation from personal indulgences creates a gap in mind and awareness.

When I gather just for my own survival my awareness is not the same. When I gather through Muluc I allow new available space in my being. This space wiggles and vibrates with refreshing overtones, as all new space does, and gives me the gift of adaptability. These two ingredients – the gap and the fluidity – are exactly what creation needs to present me with new abundance in places I never knew before.

RomancE by the shore

Madeline Kahn first impressed me when women in general began to draw my attention. Her depiction of the Roman queen picking partners for tonight’s orgy out of a squad of centurions stuck in my mind as a teenager.

Moving from screen to stage, here is Omar Hakim (2-Muluc) kicking ass alongside great musicians – Sting (3-Cauac), Branford Marsalis (4-Oc), Kenny Kirkland (4-Cib) and Darryl Jones (8-Ik, previous trecena):

When you have a rhythm section duo (Hakim and Jones) that has exactly 7 signs between them, going from North (8-Ik) to East (2-Muluc) you have strong foundations for any band.

And finally, for true romance, here’s Mickey Rourke (2-Muluc) and Kim Basinger (8-Caban) dancing to the voice of Joe Cocker (3-Lamat): [Click here when the kids aren’t around]

3-Oc: Omni-Love

Born on this day: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Nelson Mandela, Eddie Murphy, Chico Marx, Newt Gingrich


“(- Now, then, baboons, what is a corpuscle?) – That’s Easy. First ‘s a Captain, then ‘s a Lieutenant then ‘s a Corpuscle.” – Chico Marx (3-Oc), Horse Feathers

Yesterday’s dilemma is resolved by today’s sun-sign Oc and its message of Love and loyalty, along with the 3rd stage of rhythm and motion.

The Dog has similar meanings in various cultures. In Islam he’s the one animal admitted into heaven. In the Greco-Egyptian stream the Dog is Sirius the faithful dog-star (duo-star, to be exact) that faithfully affects affairs down here on Earth from millions of light-years away. According to other studies it is also associated with the planet Mercury, governing faithful communication of knowledge and wisdom.

In the Book of Numbers (12:4) Caleb Ben Yefune was one of the twelve scouts who went in front of the camp to tour the promised land. Of the twelve, he and Joshua were the only ones who told the people that the land is good, and that any adversaries there are no match for them. As a reward, they were the only two who were admitted into the promised land, as the old generation of the Desert all died away.

Caleb (or Kelev) means Dog, and the word itself can be meaningfully divided: Lev means heart and Ke-lev means ‘all heart’ or ‘as a heart’.

For the Maya Oc carries a torch in his jaws and leads the way for Man down the dark labyrinth  of the underworld.

All this symbolism makes perfect sense, and it comes together to stand for the kind of love and devotion that goes beyond death. When coupled with the 3rd stage, which is the fuel that drives the next 10 days – I get something very romantic and warm-hearted. It feels like a key ingredient during the current edition of Ascension on Saturday.

best-friend Comedians

Here’s Chico (3-Oc) and Groucho (6-Ahau, previous trecena) Marx in a Night at the Opera, questioning the existence to Santa and showing us how contracts and other written speeches should be treated:

Oddly enough, someone went out of their way to add symbolic captions during this snippet.

“… and when I say we don’t deserve it I know what I’m talking about.” – Chico the Aviator

Here’s Eddie Murphy (3-Oc) in Raw impersonating and resonating with Cosby (8-Kan) and Richard Pryor (11-Ik):

4-Chuen: Fantasia has no Boundaries

Born on this day: Trey Parker, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Marie Fredriksson (Roxette), Sean Connery, 1st Atomic Bomb (Hiroshima)


“But what is so alarming about laughter?” – Sean Connery (4-Chuen), The Name of the Rose

Chuen is the spirit of art and craft, and today it appears on the trecena of the Star to become a what’s called a Rock-Star. You know, like Ziggy Stardust.

Art assumes a stable expression on 4-Chuen; firm foundations of creativity to build upon. Hence – Rock (solid)-Star. It originates from love (Oc), transmutes loyalty to others into loyalty to a higher self, and thus enhances creation by adding a weaving motion to the flow of time. Chuen weaves ideas into the tapestry of existence, and turns mundane time into a play of destiny.

Going back to the cultural discussion under 3-Oc, it seems that Chuen embodies the other aspect of the planet Mercury (the first being faithful communication – Oc). This other aspect deals with the craftiness and ingenuity that complement and are the result of the first aspect.

Save some Books and Run!

Here’s Sean Connery (4-Chuen) as a progressive Jesuit along with a budding Christian Slater (7-Muluc):

Watching all that burning, I thought about the twin towers. Also about that Russian officer who rushed into a burning library to save what became the oldest and most authentic Mayan codex.

Then, I thought about all those thousands of Mayans who had to suffer the Flame of the Father on the stake, a century after the church did the same thing to heretics and whores in Europe (the plot of the movie supposedly takes place during the early 14th century).

But then, on a lighter note becoming of the Chuen nawal, I thought of Ron Perlman (12-Ik, 1-Chuen trecena), who was young during that scene when he got to experience the joys of immolation – only to reincarnate through Fire during the Nazi occupation of East Europe as Hellboy.

5-Eb: Man’s Stairway

Born on this day: Ron Paul, Dwight D. Eisenhower (34th US President), Fred Alan Wolf, Mike Myers, Matt Cain (MLB), Claus von Stauffenberg


“BIBLE – Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth” – Mike Myers (5-Eb), The Love Guru

5-Eb means knowing how to find and follow your one true path of integrity and purpose, which must always lead upwards and onwards, like a staircase. Having established Chuen in the previous stage, I now return to the theme cardinal direction for the first time (south) and incorporate the essence of Eb in order to walk the path of the Stars.

5-Eb also means knowing what moves you forward and what keeps you back, as the Buddha once said (Buddha being the Hindu name for Mercury). Since Eb is a sensitive and communal sun-sign, those boosters and obstacles can be the subtlest things – an orchard in bloom, a far-away snowcapped peak, an off remark.

Rather than keeping things hidden inside, today I share my thoughts about where I am and where I’m heading. I pin-point the landmarks that offer promise, and those that present challenge. I rally my tribe to follow me down the star-spangled path of the universe.

You know, like Ike.

6-Ben: Staff of Tradition

Born on this day: Andy García, Meat Loaf, Beck, John McEnroe, Mayer Amschel Rothschild


6-Ben: A free-flowing conduit

I think you have to be born on a Ben day to be the head of a distinguished family dynasty, like old Mayer was in the mid 18th century. He raised his five daughters and five sons – literally raised them, as any spiritual ladder/leader does; from the ghetto to the very top of the world.

Of course, the five sons in particular were his life-long project. In due time, he sent each son to a different country in Europe in order to establish a financial and political beachhead. All five sons succeeded beyond imagination. When the French Revolution came along the family business got a boost from supplying Britain with mercenaries – a business move many think they still use today.

In his recent book, Kenneth Johnson depicts Ben-types as being insatiable at their worst. They can never quite get enough of anything. Does this trait fit Mayer’s card by some strange coincidence?

Biographies aside, 6-Ben embodies a unique mix of tradition (6) and family (Ben). These two words seem to go along well together, and share a mutual web of meaning. As opposed to the example I gave above with Rothschild and the extremities of the Ben aspect, 6-Ben is a balanced and nurturing mother – the kind of guiding light of the family and home that Ian Lungold talked about. She draws her power from the last Eastern sign we had – Muluc, and her every action is dedicated to elevating herself and her family.

7-Ix: Magic Mountain

Born on this day: Muhammad Ali, Sarah Palin, Waco siege end


“I’m the greatest thing that ever lived. I’m so great I don’t have a mark on my face. I shook up the world.” – Muhammad Ali (7-Ix)

After Muluc, the second Gathering sun-sign in this trecena appears on stage Se7en. Ix is the sign of magic and of skill. It embodies a gathering of spiritual potential.

The Starry Shaman 7-Ix lives on the top of the Magic Mountain. He shows me the path that I’ve walked so far, through 19 trecenas, and teaches me that the ultimate purpose of the journey is something magical and profound, something that’s lying in ambush for me on the next Tzolkin round.


For those of you out there with some extra time on your hands, I recommend watching this extensive documentary about the Waco siege, which ended on the kin 7-Ix.

8-Men: Forever Vision

Born on this day: Bryan Adams, Émile Zola, Gates McFadden (Star Trek TNG), Swami Vivekananda

Forever Vision

“In a day when you don’t come across any problems — you can be sure that you are traveling in the wrong path.” – Swami Vivekananda (8-Men), Pearls of Wisdom

Panoramic vision is one of the gifts that the Eagle was given by the Maker. This aspect is true for all Men days, but 8-Men has a special twist to it.

Let’s say I have panoramic vision but at the same time I’m also biased towards a particular course of action. I will probably use my vision to pursue that course without considering alternatives. Maybe it’s just because I’m used to it.

8-Men doesn’t have that problem. Since this kin is multiplied by Lamat’s energy, and ultimately leads to enlightenment (13-Ahau) it has no permanent bias to speak of. It is an idealized version of Men that is totally free on all levels because of its fine balance.

Jesus, meet Krishna

On September 11th 1893 (2-Men) Swami Vivekananda (8-Men) took the stage at the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Chicago, representing India and Hinduism, and gave the following famous speech:

Some say that this speech brought the spiritual philosophy of the sub-continent to the West for the first time. Well, I’m not too sure about that, but I’m pretty sure it’s the first time an Indian guru was recorded on tape, speaking to some seven thousand people in Illinois.

9-Cib: Wisdom of Patience

Born on this day: Tori Spelling, Warren Buffett, Marlon Brando, Gabi Ashkenazi (previous Israeli Chief of General Staff)

Wisdom of Patience

“After all, we’re not murderers, in spite of what this undertaker thinks.” – Marlon Brando (9-Cib), The Godfather

[That’s all the Brando I’m going to throw in here at this stage. Moving on.]

The cardinal direction of the trecena appears again today, 9-Cib. This day has a special emphasis on our ancestors and on honoring their memories and wisdom (even more than other Cib days).

Honoring fore-bearers and parents is a value that is common to all mankind, and it seems to be indispensable. If I thought I can do without it when I was a child, chances are I’ll have no choice but to do without it when I have my own children (because they’ll do the same to me, or because my parents are no more).

Since the next stage is manifestation, stage 9 stands for the actions and factors that lead to it. It is always close to the now, but not quite (t)here. The wisdom and tranquility of our ancestors (Cib) is the same. It is available to me through reminiscing at any given time, but it’s already disembodied and above the material plain, so it’s never here.

Maybe this is the reason why Kenneth Johnson points out that the Nine days are usually reserved for remembrance  rituals, taking place in graveyards and memorial sites. I assume (I’m still in the opening pages of his book) that 9-Cib and 9-Ahau are especially devoted to those, and for good reason.

Old Roles Models of the 30+

Many of the things I didn’t pick up at school came from music lyrics and TV (thank goodness I had the former to balance off the latter!). One of the shows I watched regularly was Beverley Hills 90210. Although we talked about yesterday’s episodes during recess, it wasn’t all admiration and mimicry. The common vibe around the table was that it’s all imported Americanism, that should be consumed with caveats.

Looking at some clips the other day, I realized how much indoctrination went into the many scenes and dialog created for the series.

For example, here’s daddy’s girl Tori Spelling (9-Cib) discovering her steady boyfriend Brian Austin Green (4-Cib) with the bad girl Tiffani-Amber Thiessen (1-Lamat) in the back of a limo. Classic, right?

To those who don’t know the show, Tori Spelling is type-casted as daddy’s girl who doesn’t give her boyfriend anything beyond 2nd base for the first 15 years of acquaintance or so. A moral dilemma is presented to the young stud, born under the 1-Ben trecena (Austin-Green). He’s dying to manifest his sexual desires, but at the same time he’s going steady with a promising JAP prospect who’s daddy owns the network.

Enter the temptress – Thiessen (1-Lamat), who’s probably subconsciously tailoring herself to be a very successful Manhattan female executive. She pursues her pray like a seasoned negotiator, slowly drawing the male sucker down to her den of sins. Lamat is known for its insatiable thirst for its pet indulgences (referring to the black hole/drunken God symbolism).

Note that in this romantic triangle, all three actors are born under southern sun-signs (Lamat and Cib), but the steady girlfriend shares the same sun-sign with her b/f (Cib), while the mistress is a different aspect of the South (Lamat), and, crucially – much less “heavy” (stage 1) than the old bag Spelling.

This seedy scene leads to Spelling kicking Austin-Green out and breaking up with him. He doesn’t have a word to say. This, though, doesn’t prevent them from getting married much later.

My point here is that, as a teenager exposed to such blatant West Coast propaganda in relatively formative years (and, BTW, as a Projector in the Human Design system) I had to place myself within one of the type-cast categories firmly established in the show, and also do the same for my peers (and they did the same to me). I could be the biker, the loose girl, the chaste and serene boy – whatever. They were all there lined on the shelf for me to pick up, mix and match.

You’re wondering what’s happening on Wall St.? It’s infested with cloned Walshes, Taylors, Sanderses, Silvers, and McKays.

10-Caban: Universal Heartbeat Now

Born on this day: Chris Noth (Sex and the City), Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Avigdor Lieberman (Incumbent Israeli Secratery of State), Recep Tayyip Erdoğan (Incumbent Turkish PM), Marco van Basten


The Star (1-Lamat) manifests as the Global Heartbeat (10-Caban)

One aspect of Caban has to do with frequencies, modulations, and harmonics. The rules that govern these sciences seem to permeate and remain relevant on all planes and spectra.

For example, in harmonics there is a term called resonance. Resonance appears in music as well as in color. It manifests in network meetings under pavilions and during live performances on stage.

It happens when I write something and you know what I mean.

But always, every time the trecena chimes Ten – responsibility dawns. Other 10’s might take a break. Not 10-Caban. Since it carries within it the resonant message of all previous manifestations, 10-Caban chooses responsibility every time. It’s very logical to do so. It is the only thing conceivable.

Now the Banks in Madrid can Fall. We’re the Champions. Again!

As I write these words Spain is celebrating its successful defending of their European title in football. The Spanish national team beat Italy 4-0 in the finals to win the Euro title for the second time in a row. In between these two wins they also won the World cup, and just now became the first team to ever win three major international titles in a row.

Watching a final always has this uplifting sensation attached to it. I know that I’m watching something that millions are watching with me at the same time. It’s like a global heartbeat that goes “Ooo!” and “Ahh!” in unision, rippling through the fabric of collective experience.

This is one aspect of 10-Caban.

I wonder if it’s the same when the Miss Universe pageant goes live…

In tribute to the Netherlands, who splashed out way too soon this year, here is one of my all-time favorites Marco van Basten (10-Caban) scoring his most famous goal. It was the finals match against the USSR, during the Euro ’88 football championship. It’s a rare, clutch goal indeed.

It’s amazing how many famous footballers these days were born either on Caban or Muluc days…

11-Edznab: Tomorrow’s Mirror

Born on this day: Britney Spears, Condoleezza Rice, Kiefer Sutherland, Dominic Monaghan (portraid Merry in LOTR 2001-3), Chris Farley

Tomorrow's Mirror

“I can get a great look at a t-bone steak by shoving my head up a bull’s ass but I’d rather take the butchers word for it.” – Chris Farley (11-Edznab)

I wouldn’t bet on an end-date if I wasn’t willing to gamble on the extraordinary off-chance. You know, like Van-Basten’s shot in the finals.

But then, coming back to reality, I count numerous “end dates” that came and went in the past. The usual example would be the Y2K bug, but there were famous men and women of divination that clearly marked a certain date for something extraordinary to happen, on cue. And then that date came and went into obscurity, followed by the fame and name of the professed prophet.

However, I only need one end-date to be correct in order to manifest this long-awaited “Event”. I’m sick of waiting and I have no more fear of catastrophes. But most of all, I’d like an end-date to be true in order to, ultimately, have it behind me, already!

I can go on and on, by the way – going back and forth between heart and mind, cause and effect, Orient and Occident. The mirror does that to me.

In essence, 11-Edznab means Reality as a twist in the plot, as an anti-climax. The key question 11-Edznab asks me regarding my preoccupation with end-dates and prophecy that works is – Then what? You still need to clean up, remember? Don’t you know the destiny of Man?

I mean, think about it. Just about now – aren’t you in a mood for another Adventure?

“- So you’re staying?

– I’m staying.”

Tom Hagen (7-Kan) to Michael Corleone (12-Ik), The Godfather Part II

A legend in his time

Here’s Chris Farley (11-Edznab) interviewed by Jay Leno (1-Caban):

12-Cauac: Purple Rain

Born on this day: [music]Prince, Miles Davis, Antonín Dvořák, Alban Berg, Butch Vig (Garbage, “Nevermind” producer), Jonas Hellborg; [stage/screen] Steve Martin, Peter Sellers, Kyle MacLachlan, Ewan McGregor, Tim Allen; [politics] John C. Breckinridge (14th US VP)

Purple Rain

“There is something liberating about just having what you need, on your bike… A tent, a roll mat, a little bit of food, a bit of petrol in your tank and a vague idea of where you’re going and that’s all you need.” – Ewan McGregor (12-Cauac) voicing Cauac’s Abode in Freedom

The third and last Gathering sign is Cauac – rain clouds are collecting water and bringing a storm of Purification and freshness.

Here’s my story about getting caught in a rainstorm, and the valuable lessons I couldn’t have experienced and learned otherwise.

About 7 years ago I had a motorbike and I used to drive it to work and back every day for two years. Work then was about an hour’s drive away from home, and I drove through everything but snow.

One cold and wet February evening I was running a fever, but felt obliged to attend a masonic meeting in Haifa. I was really into Freemasonry back then. So I wore my suit, packed my regalia, donned my storm-proof suit and helmet and took the drive through heavy rain.

On my way back I remember I had fever shivers. Rain kept falling, and the serpentine Haifa roads were running like rivers. At one point the car in front of me made an abrupt stop. I saw it too late.

I hit both front and rear breaks emphatically, and immediately lost control of the bike. It fell away from me and started spinning on the road, sparks flying. I kept sliding on my knees, just like Elvis, holding my palms in front of me. I then used the rear bumper of a parked car to stop my slide.

Besides a couple of tears in my nylon over-pants, I was unharmed. I didn’t know that right then. I just got up and caught my breath. A couple in a car rolled their window down and asked me through the rain if I was alright. I waved thanks and started looking for my bike.

I was lodged underneath a parked car by the pavement. I yanked it out, straightened the handle bar and bent leg levers, and tried to start it.

It wouldn’t start. This was the opening my awareness needed to suddenly flood me with cold sweat and apprehension. What did just happen? Are you sure you want to ride that thing just now? 35 miles to go, raining, the bike might have lost a vital organ… After adrenaline slowed time enough for me to know exactly how to avoid injury, my mind proceeded to slow me down even further with speculations of what could have been, and what’s best to do now.

[Ian Lungold described this phenomena beautifully when he talked about the mind’s speed limit, and how intuition takes over when it has to. Without this bike experience, I wouldn’t relate and identify with his description as much as I do.]

Thankfully my bike started after a while, and I rode it through the rain all the way back home. A tow-truck and a taxi were out of the question.

Later, when I sold the bike, I thanked the Gods of the Road for the huge discount they gave me on my tuition fees.

We’ll stay up all night

Butch Vig produced the following masterpiece track from the album “Version 2.0” by Garbage. I used to watch this video almost every day back in the late 90’s, but I didn’t get some of it till I watched it again just now.

As a novice dad of a 1-year-old, I just laughed my lungs out when I saw the kids riding their parents in the parking lot (around the 3 minute mark). 13 months ago I wouldn’t have got it:

13-Ahau: Everything is Satisfactual

Born on this day: Ethan Jesse Coen (younger brother of filmaker duo), Ron Howard, Alan Arkin, Nigel Terry, Arjen Robben

Everything is Satisfactual

“Why did you let me kiss you if you didn’t want to go steady?” – Ron Howard (13-Ahau) as a broken-hearted Richie Cunningham

13-Ahau. Clock strikes 13, it is almost tomorrow.

Stage 13 undoubtedly affects the following stage 1. One is never a beginning. It is a seed of yesterday’s fruit.

Could it be that 13-Ahau is the fruit of the entire round that’s ending? Could it be exercising its effect on the entire round to come?

If it does, then any other day on the Tzolkin must do the same.

The Tzolkin round is circular and endless. I apply beginning dates and end-dates just so I’ll be able to grasp its dance somehow. A dance that cannot be frozen inside a word for more than one day.

However, taking this powerful masculine sun-sign Ahau and coupling it with number 13 must mean something. The same goes for tomorrow: 1-Imix – the young alligator in the swamp marks the beginning of Fall.

To conclude this round with a rainbow, and with a bunch of cute furry rabbits (Lamats) being kicked around by 13-Ahau, here’s Alan Arkin in the Muppet show.

“I’ll catch you on the flip-side.”



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