New Orion midnight dawning

His "sword". His "Belt".

HIS “sword”. HER “Belt”.

The new Aquarian Orion, coming up the Eastern skies these nights around midnight, is a different kind of warrior. He’s definitely a male, as his 3-star phallus indicates, but he’s finally showing some promising signs of maturity.

Although this particular male still depends on his parents for support, well into his 40’s, he now knows when to listen to them and when to do his own thing. He’s declared independence within, and then witnessed liberation without.

Orion brims with a new kind of confidence. His heart is open to the point where he reaches for his baseball bat only to have fun and play. Violence was. Fun is.

Dawning for the first time in this new Aquarian age, he’s a very friendly kind of warrior. He plays fair and loves the team atmosphere. Although he shows every sign of being able to best any other fighter he never rushes to prove it. It’s all a game for him now, and a good game is always a fair one. He’s become a cosmic citizen.

Last time Orion was around he was still all about picking a fight and proving himself. He listened to his dad too closely and got hung up on authority. He boasted atomic capabilities, but clean forgot about one of the rules that holds sway down here in materiality, since many years ago:

After the flood the rainbow reminds me: Never Again.

"It's getting better all the time." - Ian Lungold (12-Ahau)

“It’s getting better all the time.” – Ian Lungold (12-Ahau)

After all, it’s October again. FALL is classic.

Experience – a must

Straying outside my house in the wee hours of the early morning I try to size up this new fighter that’s coming up to my rink. The title challenger. He looks like someone who’s gone past all the technical/cerebral background stuff, and ventured, bravely and steadfastly – into seeking experience wherever it takes him.

Now he looks for the stuff that really scares him: intimacy, honesty, fairness, nakedness.

He used to be all into Kung-Fu. Now it’s Tai-Chi pushing hands.

He’s the velvet hammer; the cool and current ladies’ pleaser.

He’s going to kick my ass.

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