We haven’t always been living legends, you know. It’s very different now.

I remember when we had to spell out the most obvious of life’s facts to an imbalanced crowd of sleepwalking people. They didn’t seem to understand the first thing about, well, all of the most important things. What good health means, what is nutritious, how does a good relationship feel like, how effort can be applied in good measure.

You name it.

It was like they were completely oblivious to and disconnected from some kind of source. A source we couldn’t deny, live without, nor even imagine being disconnected from.

Freedom, personal privacy and sovereignty, and many such obvious things were essential to us, all along. We persistently declined offers from people who tried to make us buy into their superstitions, and had to fiercely defend our own.

‘Opinionated’ was one label we got. ‘Disruptive’, ‘hedonistic’ and ‘anti-social’ were others. Luckily, none of the labels had glue on them that was any good. Labels began coming off, blowing in all directions by unseen winds, and sticking to the wrong people.

Now there’s nothing left to buy or own.

Torus vs. Scorpio

Torus vs. Scorpio

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