10-Ik: Palpable Change [6 April 2016]

Born on this day: Lou Piniella, Tom Selleck, Richard Dean Anderson, James Hetfield (Metallica), Egberto Gismonti, Boy George, Billie Joe Armstrong, Beth Gibbons, L. Ron Hubbard, George Lucas, Christopher Cousins (Breaking Bad)

Palpable Change

“The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them.” – Lafayette Ronald Hubbard (10-Ik)

What began in the stalk of the Reed (1-Ben) manifests today on the breath of the boundless Wind (10-Ik). The ideals and morals that established leadership and family during the first stages, the same ones that make the Reed rigid (the proverbial ackbone) all get blown away and diluted today by the complications of language and meaning.

I’m faced with a constant bombardment of information and entertainment, all competing to gain my attention for just 2 minutes. They guarentee rewards and discounts, laughs, chills and cries; cheese and traps. In spiritual hunger, I browse them to find some meaning, good ideas, some fresh points of view.

I search in vain.

When I request inspiration on an Ik day, my request is processed during the night. When I wake up the next day I receive Akbal’s inspiration and structural reasoning.

And it is indeed a completely vain endeavor, on the salesmen part as well as on my own. They are doing their thing as vain people, and I do mine as another faceless customer in a crowd. But it is not for our mutual benefit by any measure. The house, after all, always wins. I’m therefore bound to either submit and buy, or resist it as the mass control mechanism that it is.

This is what Mr. Hubbard was talking about when he uttered the above quote, at least the way I see it. First you lie, then you have control.

Hubbard might go down in history as one of the prophets of his time. I don’t have to like his work or join his cult in order to recognize that. When a 10-Ik type fathers a new philosophy of living (Scientology) it’s bound to produce new points of view and ideas, well worth their implementation and further development. However, Ben’s rigidity and nerdiness are also evident in his faith…

The wind bends the flexible reeds and breaks the rest

Today is perfect for communicating and thinking about whatever plans I have. As the rigid reed roots me to the ground of now my other, mental end can be thrown around and blown wherever my best ideas may visualize. It’s the best day to use social media in a way which empowers me and my friends.

I’ve already learned to tell the difference between media which empowers and inspires me and media which is used as an ends to a mean, financial or otherwise. The former is fathered by a sole visionary who has no choice but to share his visions. The latter is spawned by countless faceless and soul-less minions whose very existence completely depends on my own energy and willingness to participate. It’s a reciprocal scenario of parasite and host, plasma screens and potatos.

Being true to leadership, family, and my own destiny, I only need to go to myself to find sane and suitable answers, which are custom made for me and my clan. So, rather than stress and resistance, maybe I should try non-participation.

It is the name of a club empty of all its members.


Here’s Beth Gibbons (10-Ik) singing Tom the Model.

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