7-Eb: Purposeful Paths (16 April 2016)

Born on this day: Victoria Beckham, Hu Jintao

Purposeful paths

7-Eb is the path from Death back to Reality

Stage 7 is all about purpose. The purpose of the 1-Cimi process (Death, change) is to find a new path, which is 7-Eb. However, in this process it is obvious that finding a new way happens halfway through the journey, and there’s much more to come down the road.

I’ll take the 13-day trecena period as the framework of a process. Let’s say I get fired from my job on 13-Chicchan (the day before 1-Cimi). That’s it. That job is DEAD. I’ll never do what I used to do, and never be who I used to be.

Naturally, it takes me time to realize what I lost, and go over the things I could have done differently to keep my job. I must first shed my old habits (skin), and get used to a new routine. As time goes by, I reach 7-Eb, when I begin to see the outlines of what lies ahead, and gain a better perspective of what I left behind.

Because the past tends to haunt me like a wolf, I’ll be busy sulking for quite some time. This must come to pass and play out before I can fully realize why I couldn’t possibly stay in that dead-end job, and why getting fired was the best thing that could ever happen to me.

When considering the above example, please note that the Tzolkin is out-of-time. In other words, any realization and understanding regarding the death process of being fired can take any measure of Time. In the Timeless Tzolkin round, the 1-Cimi paradigm of change lasts 13 days minimum. It usually takes much more, and I might find myself spending years of regret and perceived failure, out of work, out of meaning, and out of divine purpose.

This is due to the Error in Time.

An authentic taste of living Tzolkin culture

Steve Shore (1-Oc) and Mitch Melnyk (3-Kan) lately have been hosting and posting podcasts about living the Tzolkin calendar. Much like me, both Stve and Mitch have been following and ‘living’ the Tzolkin calendar for over 6 years now, and also like me – they weren’t successfull in losing interest in the calendar, or putting it aside as just another new age fad.

I think that Kenneth Johnson’s work and publications went the furthest in spreading the word about a real living Mayan community in Momostenango, which maintains a day-to-day link between the calendar meanings and symbolism and everyday life. This for me is one of the reasons I can find real meaning and purpose in using the calendar and integrating it into my life. It can never again be relegated to a passing thing of fashion.

Click here to listen to their latest podcast: 3-Lamat, where they interview the eminent Ken Johnson.

I’ve also had the pleasure of recording a podcast with them. Here is a link to 11-Caban.

2 responses to “7-Eb: Purposeful Paths (16 April 2016)

  1. This is ringing true on many levels. I’ve been following the Tzolkin for four years, getting close to six rounds. My life has changed dramatically over these four years with yesterday marking another true shift taking me closer to the land and growing things. This post helps put this all in perspective.

  2. Thanks Eagle for sharing your wisdom!

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