11-Cib: Reborn Antiquity (20 April 2016)

Born on this day: Henry Winkler (The Fonz), Zack de la Rocha (Rage against the machine), Tupac Shakur, Emmanuelle Seigner, Anthony Hopkins, Eli Wallach, Patricia Quinn (Rocky Horror Magenta), Calvin Coolidge (30th US president), Bo Jackson, Klaus von Bülow

Reborn Antiquity

“The fifth sun sets get back reclaim. The Spirit of Cuahtemoc alive an untamed. Now face the funk now blasting out your speaker, on the one – Maya, Mexica. That vulture came to try and steal your name but now you found a gun. This is for the people of the sun.” – Zack de la Rocha (11-Cib), People of the Sun, from the album Evil Empire.

The change that was initiated 1-Cimi and manifested yesterday left some fallout in its wake. The fallout is made up of childhood friends, debilitating habits, detrimental diets, red Marlboros, and everything else that falls under the category of old skin.

Transformation must be destructive. The butterfly taking flight for the first time cares not for the destruction of its broken cocoon.

However, since man is only part butterfly, the confusion that follows a sudden death (like getting fired) takes time to sort out. Solace is called for, to smooth over the wrinkles of worry and loss, and on 11-Cib this is gently offered to me by the grace of my forefathers.

They are the only ones that can truly claim that they’ve “been there, done that.” They all underwent many difficult transformations in their time. Many had to migrate to other countries and work hard to deepen their family roots. But their children had their own view on reality, and their environment might have contributed to their drive to leave the house in hard emotions, strike a new path and leave behind ancestral tradition. The result is that much karma has been left as residue on the children’s and grandchildren’s psyche.

And sometimes rage is the most appropriate reaction against a heartless machine of greed and self-interest. That is, if reaction is what I’m into.

Clearly solace and comfort are in order at this point of the journey. Some might find it within their community settings, some at church or mosque or synagogue, some in nature, some in the quietude of their own living room, and some by running fingers through the dirt, or through the fur of their pet. These are all Cib.

The need for change is evident in all walks of life, and the lessons offered by this culminating trecena are desperately absent from the current global operating system (64-bit) and culture. To illustrate one aspect of this absence, I once again offer poetic verse from Zack de la Rocha (11-Cib).

Weapons not food, not homes, not shoes
Not need, just feed the war cannibal animal
I walked the corner to the rubble that used to be a library
Line up to the mind cemetery now
What we don’t know keeps the contracts alive and moving
They don’t have to burn the books – they just remove them
While arms warehouses fill as quick as the cells
Rally round the family – pockets full of shells

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