13-Chuen: Tomorrow’s Art (5 May 2016)

Born on this day: Barbra Streisand, Missy Elliot, Ray Romano, Jeremy Irons, Holly Johnson, Burt Lancaster

Tomorrow's Art

“The World is my Oyster” – Holly Johnson (13-Chuen) in ‘Welcome to the Pleasuredone’

The Gregorian and all other calendars, along with the wristwatch, have totally convinced me that time moves on all the time, and that consciousness is a one-way street from cradle to crematorium.

The Tzolkin is obviously a deeper map of human consciousness and experience of time and reality. This depth allows for different dots in time to be connected using different lines of context and meaning.


Yesterday was 12-Oc. The loyal and loving dog appeared in the Cauac trecena on its 12th day of understanding and retrospection. I came to a complete understanding that the rainstorm, although devastating and unsettling – was ultimately a blessing of love. The final piece of the jigsaw puzzle was placed, and I saw how each stage of the trecena contributed in its own time (and duration) to the entire process. In this trecena, the loyalty and unconditional love of the dog guided me in this process of retrospection and closure.

Fruition comes today on the 13th and last day of the trecena, and in this process the artisan monkey Chuen represents the ripe fruit which carries within it the seeds of the next step of creation.

On 13-Chuen artistic expression and innocent curiosity is called for to carry the successes and failures of the past to the benefit of future endeavors down the road.

The rainstorm has passed, old patterns have been washed away, and the Road to Life (Eb) can now begin to unfold.

To wrap the rainstorm up, I offer you a Jeremy Irons (13-Chuen) you didn’t know about. An artisan in every way:

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