12-Muluc: Appreciation (12 June 2016)

Born on this day: Martin Heidegger, Herbie Hancock, Amy Winehouse, Sean Paul, Woodrow Wilson (28th US president), Julianne Moore


“A general association of nations must be formed under specific covenants for the purpose of affording mutual guarantees of political independence and territorial integrity to great and small states alike.” – Woodrow Wilson (12-muluc), The Fourteen Points Speech (1918)

In the 13-day trecena the 7th day is the absolute midpoint of the process (the crest of the wave). Likewise, the entire 260-day Tzolkin is divided into 13 equal periods of 20 days each (uinals), and the 7th uinal constitutes the midpoint period of the Tzolkin.

The 20 days of the 7th uinal were named in Jose Arguelles’s Dreamspell system “core days”. These 20 consecutive core days begin in the current trecena on 4-Imix and end in the following trecena (1-Chuen) on 10 Ahau. Unlike portal days (another Arguelles invention), which appear on every uinal except the 7th, core days appear only on the 7th uinal.

A separate article on the reason I’m using past tense when referring to Dreamspell is forthcoming.

If the first half of the Tzolkin is inhaling, the second half is exhaling. If the first half is accumulation and planning the second half is release and execution. In between there is a mid-point. This point can be viewed as a switch between going away and coming back. The way this heightened period is experienced is very subjective and subtle, but the main theme is introspection and reflection.

It is the silent eye of the storm that has been slowly gathering since 1-Imix (5 February of this year), and it is a time to come to terms with whatever’s been sown and planted since then.

This trecena ends on 13-Oc and the next one begins on 1-chuen. These two days are the point when the ball stops rising and begins dropping.

I’m going to get under it.

Keyboardist Herbie Hanckock (12-Muluc)

When I was 18 I took my father’s car and drove alone to Tel-Aviv to watch this following band. It was my first world-class Jazz concert, and I never forgot it. Twenty years later I learned that my music teacher Yair was also there at the same concert. He was also all praise about it, which is quite atypical of him.

Here’s Herbie Hancock (12-Muluc) playing in a tribute to Miles Davis (12-Cauac) with Tony Williams (2-Cauac), Wayne Shorter (8-Manik), Ron Carter (4-Men), and Wallace Roney (2-Caban):

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