1-Chuen: Seed of imagination (14 June 2016)

Born on this day: Ronald Reagan (40th US president), Roland Orzabal (Tears for Fears), Dave Gahan (Depeche Mode), Neil Tennant (Pet Shop Boys), Winston Burdett


“The United States does not start fights. We will never be an aggressor.” – Ronald Reagan (1-Chuen) Address on the Strategic Defense Initiative (1983)

Being well aware of his/her own little imperfections and evils, the artist finds a sublime/sublimated way to harness maladjustment and flaw to create something new, beautiful, and meaningful with slender fingers – something that’s a little closer to perfection.

Both the artist and artisan (who are considered to be one and the same according to the Mayan tradition) share this trait of truth-seeking. Some artists dedicate their talent to exposing and accentuating what’s wrong in their world. Their presented artwork is an original and fresh display of sanity and truth for everyone to digest, within works of prose, comedy and art. Others simply feel like tools in the hands of an unseen craftsperson, a vessel that carries new perspectives and value to the artist’s immediate community.

The artist’s hallmark is an innate ability to rearrange existing materials and ideas in a unique and imaginary way, which actually creates a new reality. S/he takes ideas and perspectives, which were collected during 1-Edznab and before, and weaves them like fresh and colorful threads to create a new tapestry of existence. When existing threads are entwined with new ones – patterns that were never seen before begin to take shape.

1-Chuen is the right time to begin viewing the old and mundane through the curious eyes of a child, who cannot accept a fossilized definition of reality and needs to experiment. It is the perfect time to reinvent myself and redefine the meaning of innocence. To a child, most of reality is interesting and engaging. It seems that there are always new things to create out of the old, and novel experiences are waiting just around the corner.


Here’s Ronald Arzabal (1-Chuen) and Tears for Fears singing about the next trecena.

3 responses to “1-Chuen: Seed of imagination (14 June 2016)

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