3-Cimi: Change everything (29 June 2016)

Born on this day: Hugo Weaving (Matrix), Paul McCartney, Natalie Merchant, Faye Dunaway, Kurt Waldheim, Nick Swisher, Freeman Dyson (physicist)

"Tell me Mr. Anderson... what good is a phone call... if you're unable to speak?" - Hugo Weaving (3-Cimi) addressing Keanu Reeves (3-Edznab) in The Martix

“Tell me Mr. Anderson… what good is a phone call… if you’re unable to speak?” – Hugo Weaving (3-Cimi) addressing Keanu Reeves (3-Edznab) in The Martix

1-Kan is a very social trecena. It has 9-Eb in it, as well as 7-Oc, 10-Ben and other socially-related sun-sign/tone combinations. One of the prominent of these is today, 3-Cimi.

Cimi is a rudimentary sun-sign associated with the ancestors. Cimi natives are known for their psychic connection with remote grandfathers and grandmothers. Reflecting back to the seed (1-Kan) and its ancient journey through my agricultural heritage, 3-Cimi is the day I nurture my garden and give due attention to the seeds and young plants.

To tend the garden, I move my hands and legs in the same way my foremothers and forefathers did to attend to their plot of land. Although my technology is different, some of it isn’t necessarily better. I use the same tools, same methods, and consider the same administrative options. I cannot escape these deep connections. I have no reason to.

This used to be called husbandry. Our home planet yearns for it; agriculturally, environmentally and in every other way. All talents and life pursuits are welcome and desperately required.

This is where the omni-directional 3rd stage come into play: all cultivating efforts, even misdirected ones, are beneficial to a garden of ancestry and offspring. 3-Cimi is the engine of endless change which lies behind the fertility and networking symbol of the seed – Kan (Kat).

Dung Beatle

Very early in my Tzolkin research, when looking up the Beatles’ birthdays, I had a small laugh when I checked Paul McCartney. 3-Cimi (death) turned out to be the Tzolkin birthday of the Beatle that was rumored dead, reducing the band down to 3 members.

He wasn’t the one who eventually turned dead in reality, and that was lucky for him in a way.

Luck is one of the benefits of being dead every once in a while, and it is one of the key parts of the Cimi symbolism.

One response to “3-Cimi: Change everything (29 June 2016)

  1. Karen Majorowski

    SO COOL! Thank you In Lakech

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