8-Akbal: Endless night (25 August 2016)


“The time is gone, the song is over. I thought I’d something more to say.” – David Gilmour (8-Akbal) singing Time from the Dark Side of the Moon

Born on this day: David Gilmour, Celine Dion, Arthur Schopenhauer, Liv Tyler, Beverly D’Angelo, Morten Harket, Rafael Correa, Rick Moranis, John Pilger

Remember the first time, as a teenager probably, when you first got really intimate with someone you really liked?

The sun was dropping slowly toward the sea when I began a conversation with you. The talk was deep to begin with, and it was getting better fast. Then, as a pause came about, I was suddenly left with you inside an evening afterglow.

Today’s sun had passed on.

It was getting dark fast, and I had no thought of getting off my seat. Darkness made me bold, a bit like the beer I didn’t have, and yet even bolder. There’s a comfort in facing the end of the day in good company. In love and receptiveness.

It resounds with growing old together. As friends engaged in mutual story-weaving.

The senses become acute as today fades into memory and then deeper into sleepy oblivion. I can see the waves come in from afar; as light grey wisps of foam on a black IMOX. The stars become bright and they multiply.

The rush of water is pleasantly loud and present. My suppressed olfactory faculties come back to life.

And all though this my conversing with you goes on. With words and without. With senses and spirit.

Akbal is the unique comfort which only darkness can provide.

The groping darkness which nourishes new discovery can never be altogether reconciled or vanquished. It sharpens my senses, and serves as the mental and spiritual “vacuum” which prompts me to really listen and be receptive.

Happy anniversary

And my own personal burner day: 8-Akbal

Nuts and bolts

All western sun-signs have something to do with learning and teaching, since they embody various forms of transformation. Akbal is the most basic form of this aspect. It has to do with the way wisdom and knowledge are constructed – one insight/lesson on top of the other (rather than one replacing the other).

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