9-Kan: Pontentially abundant (26 August 2016)

Potentially Abundant

“Be realistic: Plan for a miracle.” – Osho (9-Kan)

Born 9-Kan: Leonard Nimoy, Henry Kissinger, Osho (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh), Oklahoma City bombing, Waco siege began

Well, well. If it isn’t ol’ Heinz Alfred Kissinger born on this powerful day 9-Net. If ever there was a living legend around which conspiracy and entanglements just happen without any effort on his part – it would be Henry K.

You know, conspiracies like the ones orbiting around the Oklahoma City bombing (9-Kan), or the siege at Waco (ditto).

And Osho, too? Any similarities there? Isn’t Henry, along with his living contemporaries like Peres (11-Chuen), Castro (13-Edznab), and George Bush senior (1-Cimi), the jaded Dalai Lamas of international geo-politics and intrigue?

Considering all the juicy gossip and rumors around these people, I call Osho’s parallel to Kissinger ‘Bingo’.

About the Nawal

9-Kan offers unique, reciprocal insights – both into the nature of the Seed sun-sign as well as the 9th stage/heaven.

All seeds represent one form or another of potential. When a plant reaches fruition, it produces a multitude of seeds. Each seed can become a slightly different variation of its sires and siblings. By natural courses, only a fraction of this multitude eventually takes root and becomes new plants. However, each seed is a unique plant in potential, and every sperm cell – a goddess.

In the same way in which Kan represents the Nature of potential, stage 9 of the trecena is an Expression of potential. It takes place when the process is on the brink of realization. Potential is expressed when action ceases; when gravity is allowed to operate.

Ian Lungold wrote in his codex that stage 9 is “The completion of cycles of action”. So 9-Kan means that 8 days after the summer begins the last thing on my list of actions is social networking and extra focus on the tribe’s potential fruits.

That’s it. It’s kick-back time from now on. The summer sun does everything else.


Evidently and thankfully, not all those born 9-Kan end up power-hungry sex offenders like the abovementioned gurus. Kan types are basically very inspiring, as they are easily able to see the potential in anyone they meet and talk to. They never lack good company around them, unless they are actively seeking their own nourishing solitude.

For example, here’s another 9-Kan legend, regretfully not among us living anymore. He passed on last year on 9-Edznab.

It’s always a shame to see the good ones go while the others never get it and just keep on minding other people’s business well into their deep 90’s.

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