1-Muluc: One dedication to offer (30 August 2016

Born 1-Muluc: Brooke Shields, David Schwimmer, Jean-Benoît Dunckel (Air), Gary Cooper, David Suzuki, José Valverde, Steve Vai


“I’m not trying to be a hero. If you think I like this, you’re crazy.” – Gary Cooper (1-Muluc) as Marshal Will Kane in High Noon

Seventy fiver per-cent water

When considering symbolism of several different world cultures, Muluc closely resonates with Water (and purification), Illusion, the Moon, and reflection as a broad concept. It is also appreciation and payment, which have their cultural equivalents elsewhere, but these aspects are beyond the scope of this article.

In the Dreamspell system he invented, José Argüelles (10-Chicchan, last trecena) called this sun-sign “Moon” for good reason. The crescent moon is the bowl or vessel by which the moon goddess draws holy water for her rituals of purification and regeneration. The moon also governs the waters of the earth, tides and ebbs, as well as the waters of women. A woman has 13 moon cycles each year.

According to a famous Buddhist parable, the moonlight is reflected on the surface of the water, contained within many bowls. It appears that there is a moon in each bowl, so there are many moons. But this, of course, is an illusion. The moon doesn’t have to do anything to be multiplied. It just reflects the sun, and the water does the rest.

In Sanskrit, “Maya” means illusion, and it refers to the symbolism of this parable. In Hebrew water is “Ma’im”, in Arabic “May’ya” and in English this ancient root is where the words Mire and Mary originate.

So if the planet consists of roughly 75% water, and my body is more or less the same, and if the law of analogy holds true in this world, then it all adds up to some understanding about this particularly mysterious and occult archetype, known as Maya or Muluc.

It could vindicate those among us who truly believe existence is pure illusion. A play of Shiva, Shakespeare, or Stanly Kubrick (11-Batz).

Nuts and bolts

1-Muluc takes place during the 11th uinal of resolution, and is therefore associated with adaptation. The previous (10th) uinal revolved around manifestation and destruction of the unnecessary. Now Muluc (water) is called for to adapt the old to the new and vice versa.

1-Muluc marks the beginning of the last 52-day period of the Tzolkin round. 260 days are divided into 5 equal periods of 52 days (four trecenas). Each such period begins on an eastern sun-sign and ends on a southern sun-sign. The first period begins 1-Imix and concludes 13-Eb, then 1-Ben to 13-Kan, etc. The last of these begins today 1-Muluc and concludes 13-Ahau.

Fifty two is a quintessential Mayan number. According to Hunbatz Men, any wo/man in line to become a tribe elder must be at least 52 years old. Around that age women end their minstrel cycles, and men undergo their own physical transformation. It is said that at that age the focus of energy shifts in the body from the reproduction and lower realms up to the crown. That’s when one is able to see, judge and decide wisely.

Fifty two is four times thirteen. Many cultures (ancient and present) mark the completion of the first 13 years somehow. It is the coming of age, the successful completion of childhood. It is First Communion, Bar Mitzva, and any such initiation rite into adulthood.

This 13-year cycle continues to be observed in the Mayan culture. At twenty six the wo/man is ready for parenthood. At thirty nine another phase of adulthood comes to the fore. Then comes fifty two. Next is sixty five (retirement year in many countries) which is the first quarter of a new cycle, then seventy eight, ninety one and beyond.

During the height of the Mayan culture the fifty two-year mark was celebrated as the Great Year. That’s when all the lights everywhere went out, and later rekindled to remain ablaze until another fifty two years elapsed.

Lost in trnaslation

Here is Jean-Benoît Dunckel (born 1-Muluc), one half of the French chill-out duo AIR in one of my favorite tracks: Alone in Kyoto

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  1. Thank you! I’ve been looking at the 13 uinals and you brought some confirmation to that. I’ve been wondering if 11th uinal was meant to be an uphill climb.

  2. https://earnestlydebra.wordpress.com/ Your article is featured on today’s Doggy Pack Share. 🙂

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