3-Kan: Natural rhythm (15 September 2016)

Born 3-Kan: Marilyn Manson, Queen Elizabeth II, Steven M. Greer, Joseph Goebbels, Arthur Conan Doyle, Paul Melnyk, Brian Eno

Natural Rhythm

“Is adult entertainment killing our children? Or is killing our children entertaining adults?” – Marilyn Manson (3-Kan)

3-Kan represents fertile seeds that the wind (1-Ik) carries to distant locations. Because it’s a very energetic and unrestrained 3-day, the seeds travel in all directions. There are so many of them, so it doesn’t really matter where they end up, or whether they strike root or not. When distribution is carried out by the wind in all directions, the law or avarages ensures that at least some seeds will become successful new plants.

Other seeds may lay dormant for years until their opportunity comes along. Time means little to good, fertile potential.

Caught in a net

“Kat” in Kiche’ means a bag made of a net, taken by Mayan  shoppers to markets for many centuries as a means to carry abundance back home. The grocaries are bunched together inside this net bag, vegetables next to flour, next to oil. They are entnagled inside the net, this specific mix of ingerients arranged by a shopper. They will soon mix with each other even more closely inside a big pot or pan on the family hearth.

This day represents the entanglements which bring people together. They are the responsibilities parents have for their offspring, the relationships they maintain with their neighbors and town council. Individuals who happen to live together in the same place, sharing resources and talents.

While it is often demanding and even annoying to be entangled with other people, it also always carries potential. Knowing that my neighbor is committed as much as I am to making his home here, right next to me, I can trust his judgment and efforts and he can trust mine. I choose to communicate with him responsibility and respectfully, since I know that if I don’t none of us is going anywhere…

However, the strength and potential of a social network come directly from the ability of each member of the network to know and learn  him/herself, and define and guard their individuality. People born on a Kat day are known for guarding their privacy, and for their quirkiness. Although they naturally serve as warm social hubs, they always need time to keep to themselves and explore their own little private realms, alone.

There is no dilemma here. Individuality does not stand in contrast to community. It is the very source of its cohesion and endurance.

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