5-Chicchan: LIFE (26 October 2016)

Born 5-Chicchan: Srinivasa Ramanujan, Andy Griffith, Marilyn Monroe, Demetri Martin (comedian), Sylvia Plath, Barbara Marx Hubbard


“Story of my life. I always get the fuzzy end of the lollipop.” – Marilyn Monroe (5-Chicchan) as Sugar in ‘Some Like it Hot’

The new trecena that began last Saturday with 1-Imox, considered by many (but certainly not all) followers of the Tzolkin to be the first trecena, is made precise in its process today, 5-Serpent.

Yesterday (4-Kat/Net) was the fourth and completing day of the trecena. In other words, during the first 4 days each of the cardinal directions is addressed, and the 1st full circle is made complete. In our case: East (Imox), North (Iq), West (Akabal), and South (Kat). Again, here Kenneth Johnson (a well-known Imox) might direct attention to a different sequence of cardinal directions and their corresponding Nawals – as they are observed in the Guatemala highlands. With that in mind, I’ll continue with the most well-known system.

After completing one round, it’s time to augment and distill the raw Eastern theme of 1-Imox with 5-Serpent today. Since my Tzolkin return is just 3 days away, I’ll let you in on my own understanding and view of this day.

The serpent is my body. It is my life in the most total and complete awareness to which I can give my attention. It begins with the first question I ask myself during my waking hours: ‘Am I OK?’ In other words – my health and wellbeing. It continues through all modes of daily experience, sensual ‘input’, physical response, emotions – the whole shebang.

It concludes and is understood when finally it reaches my mental faculties. The mind must not be regarded as being inferior to actual experience. It is the valuable and meticulous govern-mental clerk, placed at the end of the process, to write history and make sense of it all.

The integrating factor.

Only after all is aligned – from my experienced health below, through the motions and emotions, my primal reaction to them, and all the way up to my logical understanding of Nature and Reality – can I tap into, and make my will known in, the sphere of causes.

Until such time, I am bound to remain wandering around clueless, repeatedly trying to change reality through the sphere of effects – in vain.

The serpent who Did not offer any proof for most of his mathematical results

“12 years of age, mastered trigonometry, developing his own theorems” – about Srinvasa Ramanujan (5-Serpent)

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