7-Serpent: Cleansing life (14-Jan-17)

So this is how it is when old structures fracture.

The small maggots that chew at the sub-structure are invisible. They do their thing for decades undetected. As individuals, they are insignificant. Each small maggot looking out for its own, eating as much as it can, which is really a harmless amount of lost bone marrow.

But just like a derelict house, abandoned for years in some ghost town, a chance gust of wind can reveal ALL the maggots’ diligent work in one crashing thud of inevitable collapse.

Did you ever notice the difference between a lived-in home and a deserted house? Apart from noticing physical evidence of people inhabiting an abode, you must have noticed your innate ability to sense that a house is being lived-in or not.

When I live in a home, and I employ my handyman and homemaking skills and efforts, I can keep my home physically operative, clean, and tidy. A pleasant habitat for me and mine. But that aside, as a human being I cannot escape my concrete sense and experience that a house becomes alive when someone lives in it. When I examine the experience of looking at an empty house, I find that first comes the sense of it being abandoned, and only later comes recognition of the physical evidence that my slow mind requires to back up the foreknowledge (which itself needs no proof).

About five years ago, there were reports in the media about whole neighborhoods being built in Africa by the Chinese. “The $3.5 billion development covers 12,355 acres and was built to house about 500,000 people, and this is one of ‘several satellite cities being constructed by Chinese firms around Angola’,” wrote BBC’s Louise Redvers.

Image from Angola/Facebook/Business Insider

Kilamba projects (image from Angola/Facebook/Business Insider)

Brand new homes by the thousands, complete with roads, parking lots and utilities, schools, designated commercial malls and facilities – all waiting for real people to give them purpose. Let’s say the Chinese contracting firm is, to this day – 5 years going, employing an army of maintenance workers to keep this investment alive and going, for the sake of the future tenants. Could they succeed in curbing the effects of not having people actually live there?

The old power structures

Unlike the Chinese/African empty construction projects at Kilamba, which the Chinese hope to sell to someone someday – the structures that are currently in a rapid process of collapse cannot and will not be lived in anymore. They are ideological, so they weren’t real to begin with. They cannot be fixed, and it is questionable whether we wish to replace them. There’s a reason why they cannot be maintained anymore.

The many maggots and parasites that are consuming the ideological infrastructural bone marrow of the old guard are suddenly becoming visible. It becomes obvious that nothing is sick or dying – it’s been dead and gone for years. But for some odd reason, many of us are still afraid of the outer shell, of the memory of the authority it used to radiate when it was still alive.

Like Ed Cid’s corpse propped up on its horse, spreading terror among enemy ranks from beyond the grave.

“The difference between reality and fiction? Fiction has to make sense.” – Tom Clancy (7-Chicchan) on Larry King

But I need not relocate to rundown abodes, especially when it means giving life to things that are old and heavy enough to fall under their own weight, thank goodness. I used to think a big townhouse in a city of renown is what success means. Now, rather than consuming and recycling someone else’s old dream, I’m more inclined towards the fruit of my own labor and study. I’ll live inside my own construct, and fix it up as I go.

Terrence McKenna (3-Tijax) seems to have nailed it when he said all ideology is toxic and anti-human – a byproduct of social control and collective delusion. He’s also the one who said culture is not your friend. Make your own culture; consume nothing that’s ready-made and off-the-shelf. What matters is your highs, your orgasms, your associations, inquiries and discoveries.

Learn to trust yourself.

Yet it’s so easy to copy and paste. It’s how schoolwork is mostly done…

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