2-Chicchan: Cure to cancer (15 March 2017)

Born on this day: Yasser Arafat, Noam Chomsky, Enid Blyton, Dutch Schultz, Richard Bach (Jonathan Seagull), Ben Carson

Cure to Cancer

“The difference between the revolutionary and the terrorist lies in the reason for which each fights.” – Yasser Arafat (2-Chicchan) splitting hairs at the UN general assembly (13 Nov ’74, 9-Ik)

The challenge of this generation is abundance. Choice has been multiplied over and above my physical and mental needs. Yet I want more. I feel I need more. I don’t feel a 100% secure, and my TV tells me I’m probably right.

My daily existence resembles a medical procedure:

I begin my day, waking up, already worried about chores and tasks I didn’t catch up with yesterday. That’s the malady.

I think about how to tackle this day, usually while getting cleaned up and having breakfast. That’s the meeting I have with the doctor, discussing the remedy.

I get to work and administer my favorite substances right to my vein. Usually it begins with coffee. That’s anesthetics.

I do what I do at work. I dive into and then yank myself out of distractions. I’m nice to people. I swallow little pains. I sympathize. This is the procedure.

I log off and get my sore lower spine back home to my family. That’s rehabilitation.

I fall asleep, eventually.

That’s the healthy break between maladies.


Every MD in almost every hospital around the world wears 2-Chichan on his doctor’s robe. That symbol consists of two snakes coiled around the medicine staff of authority. It’s in the old testament, it’s the DNA in modern genetics. It is an ancient symbol of life, given and taken away.

If and when you find yourself in hospital staring at that symbol, remember that it signifies the doctor’s ability and skill to help you, as well as the well-established skills and knowledge of your own innate doctor (your Body) who’s been healing you since day one.

Hence – dual serpent.

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