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8-Muluc: Waters above, Waters below (7 June 2017)

Born 8-Muluc: Michelle Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Joan Rivers, Salomon Mayer von Rothschild, Che Guevara (?), Thelonious Monk, Clive Owen, Eugene Levy, Frank Ribéry, Carles Puyol, Wilt Chamberlain

“The life of a single human being is worth a million times more than all the property of the richest man on earth.” – Che Guevara (8-Muluc), On Revolutionary Medicine (1960)

Back in the ancient era, when I was just beginning to learn how to manage writing projects, I understood for the first time what checklists are good for.

Any given project has its own rhythm and steps of development, maturity, obsolescence and demise. At the beginning of any given day, it is valuable to focus on the tasks at hand. What requires my attention today?

Today, 8-Muluc, I started adopting a new take on this old, useful habit. Instead of looking at my tasks through a technical prism, I shifted to a more gut-feeling approach.

It used to look like:




  • Charles
  • Guy + the accountant
  • Sarig, Julia/Cheryl
  • Brett


  • SGML, Javascript
  • Mayan day-signs and numbers: the Tzolkin
  • A fresh/entertaining conspiracy theory
  • Music theory and the dark side of the fret board


  • Write job description
  • Capture screens, graphic editing
  • Arrange project folder


  • Kickoff meeting with Joe
  • Electric bass lesson with Yair
  • Brainstorming session on the beta version of Alpha Centuri (Mitch &  Kurt)


Sometime between the late 90’s and the sudden appearance of hipsters I realized anything I do, withing my immediate sphere of influence, can be reduced to


It’s like I learned over time how to cancel variables on both sides of a very long math equation. Through gut-feeling and logic, it got shorter and shorter, until I got to X = Y.

And this “Y” is one of the things Muluc (Water, Offering) stands for, according to Ken Johnson’s books. Payment.

The ‘Giving’ scenario is a kind of theater in which I find myself acting and spectating at the same time. The kind where I come up on stage every morning and just go all out, giving my every ounce and inch. While at the same time, I’m watching parallel dramas unfold around me in other people’s lives.

Most people, myself included, are old enough to either raise and educate the young or comfort and support the old. We are the building blocks of families and communities in our finest hours. And in turn, I’m made up of the things I give.

But even when I’m only looking out for No. 1, as a devout egotist, I’m still giving my all to someone I love (ME), and writing the script to the selfie movie I’ll be watching in my memories before I depart.

So today, my checklist looked like:


7-June-2017, 8-Muluc


To love Sam

To love George, Tony, and Clair

To love Amnon and X-Plain

To love Eli’s pub and Jazz

To love [mom]

To love [my in-laws]

To love [dad]

To love [my sister]

To love [grandma]

To love and remember (the late) Elias, Guy, and Jacob

To love [my friend]

To love Chicago and the mid-west

To love preparing and eating food


The first thing I realized after reading it was that I didn’t mention any of my household members. It seems that this is mostly because I regard them as an invisible/default given, requiring less management and checklists and more actual action, involvement and experience.

The second thing was that the list had no particular order, so importance was not given or taken away from any item on the list. This ‘flat’ approach is useful regardless of what checklist I’m compiling. Before moving on to priorities and numbers, it is a good idea to first just make a flat, bulleted list, just to make sure I have everything there.

A great improvement over business checklists is the fact that time is irrelevant in this new type. I don’t have to update the checklist as often, and many items can be crossed off, and then uncrossed when they become relevant again. It’s a greener, renewable checklist

The way I’m using this new, feminine kind of list is also different. I scan over it and ask my gut what’s next. Then I decide for myself how I’m going to love this someone or something right now.

And this ‘how’ could really be anything at all.

Just like this now

10-Chicchan: Responsible living (14 May 2017)

Born 10-Chicchan: Eddie Gomez, Tony La Russa, Ulysses S. Grant (18th US president), John Dillinger, Will Ferrell, Lily Allen, Scott Pelley, José Argüelles, Dean Norris (Breaking Bad)

Responsible Living

“Hey, baby. I got him. Dead to rights… Yeah. I got him in handcuffs as we speak… I gotta go. It may be awhile before I get home. I love you.” Hank Schrader (Dean Norris, 10-Chicchan)’s last words to his wife Marie (Betsy Brandt, 11-Ben)

In this trecena, the serpent (Chicchan) embodies the inevitable destruction of 1-Cib and all consequent days leading up to day 9. However, it is important to keep in mind that this form of destruction does not mean starting from scratch again, at least not in most respects. It simply means a kind of “switch” in mindset, typical to manifestation.

10-Chicchan: Responsible Living means realizing the sacred potential power of life by uniting body and mind. This is powerful stuff. It’s not just the mind or just the body anymore. This is unified sanctity materializing as an experience NOW that cannot be denied.

It must now be recognized with responsibility.

No way Jose

When Jose Argüelles (born 10-Chicchan by GMT master Tzolkin) started peddling his own personal version of the Tzolkin called ‘Dreamspell’ (sold literally in a box) he made a decision to have the Dreamspell count be about 50 days ahead of the master Tzolkin count. His own birthday on the Dreamspell is 10-Chuen.

Assuming the obvious fact that he looked up his and his wife Miriam’s birthdays in their concocted count, I still wonder why he picked to change nawals from being a serpent to being a monkey?

Was it because he saw himself first and foremost as an artist/artisan?

Was it because Chuen is known as a typical daykeeper nawal?

Was it stemming from his talent for show business and extravagance?

I’ll never know. From my own direct experience I do know, however, that acquiring a cursory understanding of an ancient culture, and immediately rushing to the keyboard to tell the world about it – can lead anyone into some wield and misguided mind-jobs.

Like aboriginal walkabouts in the Australian desert, mirages are part and parcel of the deal. Every time.

From the little Argüelles had keened from living among the Maya in the 80’s, I think it’s safe to say he went far-far beyond the words he heard from the actual elders. Being ultimately a serpent, Argüelles must have had a gift for the dramatic. He also probably was the kind of person who, when requesting something be done, exhumed the kind of vibe that made other people feel happy to simply oblige.

Much like Osho (9-Kan, yesterday), Argüelles had all the hallmarks of a 90’s new-age guru.

My gratitude, Jose. You made a multitude notice Guatemala. Misguided means are easily forgiven in my book.

Ian was just a tad more… Ahau-ish about it 😉

UNDER THE HOOD: the 1-Cib trecena

With 1-Imix as the beginning of autumn, 13-Men is the last day of the Tzolkin spring, and 1-Cib is the first day of summer. It is the first day of the last 65 days in the current Tzolkin round. It is also the Tzolkin’s summer solstice.

I begin the Tzolkin summer by pondering the holy place that is mother earth, as well as my own body – the best vehicle I can have, speeding through the material plain. Summer is when both body and earth celebrate the fruits of the labor of the preceding arduous seasons.

This 4th part of the 260-day cycle is represented by southern (typically yellow) sun-signs which appear more than other cardinal directions during this period. It has to do with kicking back and taking it easy. This laid-back sensation has to do with manifesting results that seem to independently unfold now, as I sit back and watch. Now gravity itself pulls the sheer weight of the previous 10 uinals of my intention and toil down to reality.

Cib is also called “Vulture”, an eater of carcasses and a purifier of karma. As the trecena kick-starting the fun of summer, 1-Cib is a suitable way to get a clean slate and draw a line between the karma that prevailed before and a fresh sequence of causality. Without this spiritually purifying period I would have stayed focused on my old debts, kept on working at the same job through the summer, and missed all the fun.


1-Cib is the only trecena in the Tzolkin round that has the first 4 sun-signs of the uinal neatly adorning the crest of the trecena, populating stages 6 through 9. There is therefore a unique balance between the tenth uinal’s last 5 sun-signs initiating the trecena (Cib, Caban, Edznab, Cauac, and Ahau), and the first 8 of the eleventh uinal completing it.

Therefore, this trecena, which teaches me about the sanctity and holiness of both spirit and matter, begins with the complex and abstract aspects of the uinal, and is “turned around” by the most basic aspects of prehistory, raw reality, early teachings and understandings.

9-Chuen: Macro-art (30 April 2017)

Born on this day: Serena Williams, Bastian Schweinsteiger, Dustin Hoffman, Austin Nichols


“The plight of the actor, even if he’s a star, is the plight of the women’s movement. They’re saying the same thing to us: get into bed, give me a good time, then give me something to eat, go get the laundry, be a good girl.” – Dustin Hoffman (9-Chuen)

Remember the biggest jigsaw puzzle you’ve ever completed.

The final piece of a puzzle remains a mystery, right untill the very last stages. Any piece I find can prove to be the final one, until I connect it. Once it’s connected it becomes part of the reality which assists me to complete more of the puzzle.

In other words, I connect some sky pieces and come up to where the house and trees are. Then I can begin on those pieces.

Problem is, in real life I get all the pieces, but I can’t find the game’s package and cover, where the complete image is shown.

All I stumble across are other peoples’ game packages, or more precisely – the ones they are hoping to put together.

This is exactly when today’s day-sign and stage both come very handy. Chuen is a new beginning, a rearrangement of existing materials, like the artist does. Chuen is the day-lord that might tell me: “first, connect two pieces that fit each other, pick up another piece, then repeat”.

9-Chuen is about a patient way of art. It requires a deep devotion to the craft and its intricacies. It’s the kind of devotion that makes actors change their daily routines completely to gain weight, for months on end, just for that perfect scene.


And now for some Dustin Hoffman (9-Chuen), in tribute to Laurence Olivier (10-Men), Inside the Actor’s Studio with James Lipton (11-Men):

Chuen-types are born for the limelight. They can be anyone they want to be, and convince you every single time. Some prominent Chuen examples from the silver screen are: Ford (2), Connery (4), Roth (5), Jacobi (7), Hoffman (9), De Niro (12) and Irons (13). All these stand out in their versatility, professionalism, and magical touch.

(And I didn’t even have to mention their first names.)