3 Serpent / CHICCHAN – Transformation of Possibility: Day 3

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3 Serpent / CHICCHAN

Greetings Kin,

Serpent/CHICCHAN guides our first day of Movement on Tone 3. On Tone 3 we execute an agreement between a Point A and Point B by acting on an Intention to move forward. Through a movement or a communication, our Intention takes on an energy and vibration of its own. Through an Intention, an Ether moves from the realm of Spirit into a form we Experience in the physical world.

Our first Experience is the reality of something we imagined. Serpent/CHICCHAN offers us a fluidity and flexibility of movement that can adapt to the new understanding that movement brings.

CHICCHAN ignites our “Lightning in the Blood.” Our Supernatural Gifts are heightened by a Sense of Knowing. The Serpent triggers our gut instincts and sensations described as “hair-raising” that may accompany a revelation.  Serpents sense the presence of their predators and prey…

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3-Chicchan: Rhythmic serpent (24 April 2017)

Born on this day: Tom Jones (singer), David Cameron, Aaron Eckhart, Wilford Brimley, Carrie Fisher

Rhythmic Serpent

“I don’t want life to imitate art. I want life to be art.” – Carrie Fisher (3-Chicchan), Postcards from the Edge (1987)

1-Akbal (began 22 April 2017): Context

1-Akbal is like planting a seed and not knowing what would grow of it.

It represents the basic assumption that, on this plane of existence I’m called to constantly face the fear of the unknown within and without – and Learn! After unraveling a great mystery and coming out the other side it is time to enter another dark, scary and unknown cave and learn more.

This period in Time calls for a fair amount of courage and inner integrity. Akbal is the most basic form of transformation, since it means going back to the dark womb of creation, realizing its boundless potential, and emerging wiser at dawn to teach and inspire the Waking Ones.

under the hood

The 1-Akbal trecena spans most of the 10th uinal, which is the 20-day period in the Tzolkin round set aside for manifestation. Whatever I focused on since 1-Imix finally takes form in physical reality during this period.

This doesn’t mean that manifestation in general takes place only now and again – remember that each trecena has a 10th day of “localized” manifestation, and each longer/shorter period of time shares this milestone as well.

So, manifestation on the Tzolkin round scale takes place under the powerful and subtle influence of Akbal – the proverbial unknown. Ironic, isn’t it? The way things pan out in actuality cannot be foreseen during the extended period of incubation and preparation.

For 9 uinals my intentions fermented below the surface, feeding on imagination, memories, wishes, thoughts, prayers, and fears. During 1-Akbal these intentions emerge from the void out to the light, as I begin to actually get what I asked for. However, because it cannot be foreseen in all its beautiful details until it manifests – it is unknown.

This is why it makes sense to me that the 10th stage of each cycle of Mayan time is ruled by the Mayan god of destruction. The chrysalis of imagination and expectation is destroyed and cast aside like a child’s old T-shirt. 9 out of 13 days, the world outside the cocoon cannot be even remotely fathomed while I’m still growing within it.

A play of shadows, cast on mommy’s tummy.

Now’s the time to expect the unexpected; to assume responsibility for seeds sown  long ago and far away.

3-Chicchan symbology

After overcoming initial fear, and giving up the known-zone, the dramatic Serpent Chicchan, representing the spark of physical life on the material plain, provides enthusiasm (much needed at this early stage), invigorates, and puts the entire process in motion.

It is said that Man’s divine essence manifests in constant yearning, learning, and striving to solve the unknown. 3-Chicchan is actually this timeless itch to constantly “scratch” at new adventures, to learn, to unravel a mystery, and perhaps glimpse eternal youth.

In some cases, popularly called ‘extreme’ nowadays (which is a serpent hallmark), hard scratching cause unhealed scabs to come off and leave pain where it was so recently inflected.

In other, more ‘balanced’ and constructive cases, the physical itch is met with a silent reluctance to scratch. Attention shifts to trusting the body to do its own healing without my nervous interruptions. The itch remains unscratched and instead of become pain it becomes something else.

Which is how natural cycles are allowed to take place and complete, old skin is allowed to fall off, and the injured skin is made anew.

3-Chicchan is the stage in the journey when I say “hey, this is not that bad. I can make it!” It’s essential fuel and a gathering of courage that’s going to serve me well later on, when I’m less naïve…

Warrior Princess

Here’s an account of the final days of the most recently deceased Carrie Fisher (born 3-Chicchan), from Wiki:

On December 23, 2016, after finishing the European leg of her book tour, Fisher was on a flight from London to Los Angeles. She suffered a medical emergency around fifteen minutes before the plane landed. A passenger seated near Fisher reported that she had stopped breathing; another passenger performed CPR on Fisher until paramedics arrived at the scene… After Fisher was taken by ambulance to the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, she was placed on a ventilator.

Following four days in intensive care at UCLA Medical Center, Fisher died on December 27, 2016, at 8:55 a.m. (PST) [2-Manik]; she was 60 years old. Fisher’s daughter, Billie Lourd, confirmed her mother’s death in a statement to the press. News of Fisher’s death spread quickly online where fans from around the world responded with tributes and condolences. Many of her costars and directors from Star Wars and other works also shared their thoughts on Fisher’s death.

Carrie passed away on December 27, 2016. Her mother, Debbie Reynolds (4-Cib), died the very next day.

Here’s Johnny Carson (5-Seed, K’at) interviewing Carrie Fisher for the 1st time:

5-Lamat: Busy Bunny Stud

Born on this day: Liam Neeson, Salma Hayek, Paul Dano, Bobcat Goldthwait, Brian Blessed, Earl Warren, Peggy Lee, John Holmes

“Impetuous boy! Ah, well… who wants to live forever? DIVE!” – Brian Blessed (5-Lamat) as Prince Vultan in Flash Gordon

5-Lamat (star) is a day set aside to consider multiplication and its relation to abundance. The animal “totem” behind Lamat is the rabbit, whose hallmark is its ability to multiply.

In the Bible, God commands Adam and Abraham to go forth and multiply like the stars in the heavens. Like rabbits, stars are associated with multiplication. To further illustrate, try driving out at night from city to desert while stopping along the way to watch the sky. The stars will do that rabbit thing.

So at the very beginning of monotheistic religions there is a divine decree to bear as many children as possible, like rabbits and stars. How does that sit in with overpopulation?

Nature knows how to deal with rabbit overpopulation. It has a special vaccine called ‘Fox”, which also cures other similar conditions like Chicken and Fowl OverAbundance. So case closed, right?

When Fox thrives beyond its environment, Rabbit quickly vanishes. The environment doesn’t support another carnivore big enough to curb the fox’s success. So too many foxes get hungry quick and their success is cut short. In addition, to reduce fox population and regain equilibrium, nature moves to act within the fox community, by increasing competition and violence, splitting the pack up.

Another move by nature is spreading disease among its members. Trillions of tiny life forms go to work and obliterate a pack of giant life forms. Business as usual.

The deck is shuffled, and fresh hands are dealt.

Jewish roots

If God told most of the (religious) world to go forth and multiply, it goes contrary to nature. Our environment, looking at the world as science sees it, is at constant risk because it doesn’t seem to be the kind of world which is able produce life forms that curb human success in procreation.

The closest it gets to doing so is through other human beings who kill people, en mass if necessary . And ‘other humans’ is a whole other discussion.

Because of this dissonance, monotheists of different creeds share a common inability to reconcile between what nature teaches and rationally explaining their own belief and way of life. This is why catastrophes that dramatically reduce human population are automatically interpreted by monotheists as divine retribution, and the narrative or meme behind their rationale goes something like:

“We strayed from G-d’s path, succeeded to the extremes of decadence and disrespect to HIS world and Creation. Now we face judgement.”

And after the storm has passed, god’s 1st decree to multiply like rabbits will, naturally, make perfect sense again.

For comfort, if for nothing else.

Atheists say any catastrophe is either a mere accident of nature, or something humans are directly responsible for. The meme behind their rationale is the fully-automatic model of the universe, as Alan Watts used to call it. ‘Blind energy’ makes everything happen.

It’s just as bit as a myth as the monotheistic one.

Another myth involves Gaia-worshiping new-and old-agers, who might say Mother Earth intervenes now and again to level the playing field. As far as they are concerned, a virus killing off many people is nature’s version of dealing with Foxes who won’t starve off when all the rabbits are gone. It is a divine gift in a disguise of human suffering. A purging of the great Mother from those who would abuse her.

That’s Nazi talk, by the way – worshiping the environment over human concerns. The UN and all international bodies are still at it.

Moving on

God further decrees that bread is to be won by the sweat of thy brow. Now that’s more like it! Who is the atheist who would not agree to that? Makes perfect sense: Work – play, effort-reward, action – reaction… sentences getting shorter… thought reduced to…


To elaborate and refocus, this decree is about what’s called husbandry and agriculture. These foundations of work are what we humans use to multiply fruit, seeds, and livestock. This is what ultimately facilitates decree number 1. We work for surplus so we can have more children.

Since agriculture began (about 15-20,000 years ago), we managed to add to it commerce, industry, service, and, most recently – instant sharing and hyper-connectivity. When all these elements are combined on your everyday, mundane level – they multiply just about everything to infinity and zero cost.

Please note that I did not mention ‘technology’ as a pillar of work, since it is a tool. If I did that you would be right to accuse me of techno-theism (the face behind most atheist masks nowadays).

As far as work is concerned, the Bible’s word (not surprisingly) doesn’t seem to withstand the Zeitgeist once again. Elon Musk is now advocating universal income, knowing full well that most jobs are rapidly disappearing, with no hope of returning. Computers and robots are living up to their promise of taking our jobs away, and in direct parallel, governments and businesses are failing to live up to their promise of giving us something to do and taking care of us.

Unless you’re on a zodiac boat in the middle of the Mediterranean, bread is not to be won anymore. It is the basic right of every citizen.

The Deadline

But still, in the midst of abundance beyond what even our parents could imagine, many between us strongly feel we are constantly flirting with catastrophe. Whether these fears are based or not remains unclear. It might all be a mirage the media is still able to conjure, so unplugging from it might provide a fresh point of view, where I can accept abundance without guilt.

But let’s see if there’s something deeper.

Let’s go back to the fox analogy and say humans are the ultimate predator on this planet. We are a life form that’s been overly successful in reproducing itself for way too long, and all the cute, promiscuous rabbits (whoever they may be) are in grave danger of extinction.

Being much more complicated than mere foxes, scientific and technical humans manipulate the environment and avert the fox’s fate of death when the rabbit supply runs dry. Being the super-predators that we are on this planet, it’s natural to expect calamity when considering the way we have wronged other people, let alone other creatures and nature itself.

But it doesn’t really matter what is the source of this fear, because it could be anything. What’s more important is to experience fear. To be in fear and to dive into it.